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To see a pineapple in a dream
Dreaming of pineapples symbolizes great fun. It is possible that some sort of celebration is coming soon. You are happy when you can spend time with friends and host them. If the weather happens to be nice, you will go on a short trip. You will have a good time, relaxation and enjoyment.

Dreaming of eating pineapple
This dream symbolizes progress in the society. You will have more self-confidence than before, which people from your surroundings will notice as well. You will go out and hang out with people more. Everyone will love to have you in their company, so they will invite you to every celebration they organize. You have probably resolved some problems regarding work or college, so you can finally relax now and enjoy in things that you had to sacrifice before.

To pick pineapples
Dreaming of picking pineapples means that you will recover form an illness quickly. If you have health issues, in the following period you will feel a lot better. You have an opportunity to travel somewhere where you will be able to dedicate some time to yourself. You will be able to take walks in the fresh air, eat healthy food and get rid of stress that has piled up. All of it will have a positive effect on your body and mind, so you will have better results regarding health.

To cut or peel pineapples
Dreaming of peeling or cutting pineapples symbolizes a pleasant upcoming period. Everything you do will be successful. It is possible that you will meet someone with a high social status who could help you. You will decide to take advantage of that acquaintanceship in order to achieve your goals.

You can expect excitement regarding your private life as well. You will probably encounter someone who you’ve had a crush on in the past and realize that you still like them. You will make an effort to spend as much time as possible with them, in order to show them that you are attracted to them. If you are in a relationship, be careful because simple flirting could become cheating, which will cost you a lot. However, if you are single, you don’t have a reason to hold back, simply show them that you are interested.

To plant pineapples
A dream in which you are planting pineapples symbolizes success and wealth. It is possible that you will get a raise as a recognition of your effort, which you are investing in that job every day. On the other hand, it is possible that you will win the lottery or get an unexpected heritage.

Unripe pineapples
Dreaming of eating unripe pineapples implies that you need to take care of your health. Your body is telling you that you need to watch what you eat if you don’t want to have serious health issues. Sudden weight gain or loss can also be connected to stress, but if that is not the case, you need to change your habits. Start being more physically active and work out.

If someone else is eating unripe pineapples in a dream, it is possible that someone close to you will have a health issues that will worry you a lot. You will try to spend more time with them, but you will make an effort for them not to see that you are worried. Be careful, a stressful period is in front of you, so you could damage your health as well.

Rotten pineapples
Dreaming of eating rotten pineapples means that you could have problems related to work, school or family. It is possible that your superior will give you a task which will cause a lot of stress and headaches. There is also a possibility that you have a problem which you don’t know how to solve. You are probably nervous and moody because of something. It would be good to lower your expectations and start solving your problems, one at the time. In the long run, this phase will be turbulent but short, so be patient.

If someone else is eating rotten pineapples in a dream, it means that you will be disappointed by a loved one. Your partner, friend or family member will be disrespectful to you. That will hurt you and make you think that you should stop communicating with them for good. However, don’t make impulsive decisions. Ask yourself if one unpleasant conversation can make you cut every communication with them.

To receive a pineapple as a gift
Dreaming of getting a pineapple as a gift symbolizes good news. It is possible that your friend or an acquaintance will gladden you with information that means a lot to you. There is a possibility that a long-desired wish will come true soon.

To bestow a pineapple
Dreaming of bestowing a pineapple means that you want to be famous. You have been thinking about it for a long time, but you couldn’t find a way to achieve it. However, be careful, because fame that you get over night will not bring you satisfaction for long. You will realize that you need to work a lot harder to get recognition from a large group of people.

To buy pineapples
Dreaming of buying pineapples symbolizes unexpected expenses that will bring you many headaches. You will not be sure if you’ll be able to make it, since your needs have surpassed your earnings a long time ago. Be careful how and where you spend money, otherwise you might be in a situation to have to take a loan.

To sell pineapples
Dreaming of selling pineapples symbolizes a difficult and challenging upcoming period. You will probably be in a situation where you’ll have to make important decisions that could determine your life in the future. If you are planning of moving or changing profession, you will try to adapt to it in the following period, but you might also regret taking that step. After many doubts, you will realize that all of it was inevitable and the right thing to do. After you realize that, everything will be easier.

To steal pineapples
Dreaming of stealing pineapples means that you are jealous or envious. It seems to you that everyone is more successful in their private and business lives than you, but instead of working on yourself you are trying to realize how did they make it. It is time to stop thinking that the grass is greener in your neighbor’s yard and turn to yourself. You should have made a plan a long ago and stick to it, instead of fighting with obligations passively.

To dream of someone offering pineapple to you
If you dream of someone offering pineapple to you, it implies that you could get an interesting business offer. You might get a chance to continue your career in another company or city. Someone might even suggest that you start a business together.

To dream of offering pineapple to someone
Offering pineapple to someone in a dream suggests that you will soon decide to implement one of your long-term ideas finally. You will realize there is no point in waiting for a favorable moment and letting time pass. You will make a realistic plan because of it, and the results will follow if you stick to it.

To dream of making pineapple juice
Making pineapple juice in a dream means you will invest a lot of effort into something that will not bring the results you expected. You are pretty devoted to something or someone, but you will not get what you want in return. Now might be the right moment to turn to more constructive things in life.

To dream of drinking pineapple juice
Drinking pineapple juice in a dream symbolizes short-term happiness. Someone or something will probably cheer you, but you will hear bad news soon after. You can’t let that discourage you or get you off track because everything beautiful in your life will stay that way despite the bad things that happen in the meantime.

To dream of making pineapple juice
If you dream of making pineapple juice, it implies that unannounced guests will visit you. Family members or friends you haven’t seen in a long time will visit you. They will come to your door just when you want to rest, but you will not let them know they have interrupted your routine or that they are not welcome.

To dream of eating pineapple cake
If you dream of eating pineapple cake, it implies that you could soon visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You might have neglected your relatives or friends because of business obligations, and you will decide to change that.

To dream of throwing a pineapple away
Throwing a pineapple away in a dream symbolizes damage. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a lot of money for the repair or replacement. Luckily, the damage will not be major, and you will manage to cover the expenses without waiting or falling into debt.

To dream of other people throwing a pineapple away
When you dream of someone else throwing a pineapple away, it implies that you will criticize your family member or friend for their lifestyle. You probably believe they spend money on unnecessary or trivial things, and you will probably openly say so. You have to know that the person in question might interpret your move as a direct intrusion of their privacy and could get angry at you.

To dream of someone throwing a pineapple at you
If you dream of someone throwing a pineapple at you, it means you will misinterpret someone’s words or actions. One person might be kind to you, and you will perceive it as a seduction attempt. Another possibility is that you will take someone’s advice or suggestion as criticism. You have to refrain from overreacting.

To dream of throwing a pineapple at someone
Throwing a pineapple at someone in a dream suggests that one person will get angry at you because of your suggestion or criticism. Their reaction will surprise you because you didn’t have a bad intention.

If you have recently eaten pineapple or watched an article about it on TV, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted, because you are under the impression of what you saw.

Definition of a pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit from the family of Bromeliaceous. It is also the only representative of this family that is commercially cultivated as a fruit.

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