Prisoner in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Prisoner dream meaning

If you see a prisoner in a dream, it warns that you will get scammed in real life. The person you trust might present themselves falsely to you. When you discover it, you will want to distance yourself from them. You will not be able to act as before because you will question everything that person says.

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To dream that you are imprisoned

If you dream that you are imprisoned, it means that other people will take care of you. They might perceive you as an immature person not capable of walking alone through life. Such an attitude will bother you, but you will not dare to do something to change anyone’s opinion.

To dream that a prisoner gets tortured

It symbolizes injustice. Your superiors pr colleagues will probably criticize you, even though you have done nothing wrong. You will try to prove them wrong, but you will only anger them more, so those people will become stricter and intolerant.

To dream that you are a political prisoner

It means that you have ideals. You are a principled person that has never broken a promise. You don’t agree to compromises that you would be ashamed of. Even though you would get some privileges and a better life that way, you care more about having a clear conscience, which doesn’t have a price for you.

To dream of escaping captivity

If you dream of escaping captivity, it symbolizes an end of a relationship, marriage, business collaboration, etc. You might be dissatisfied and have to make a change in your life. You will cut every contact with people that don’t make you feel good and feel like you are reborn because of it.

Prisoner in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of other people escaping captivity

It means that you will change. You will probably realize that you were selfish by stressing your loved ones out with your problems that need not anyone’s attention or time. You will make an effort to hear them out and give good advice the best you can.

To dream that your loved one is a prisoner

If you dream that your family member, partner, or one of your friends is a prisoner, it suggests that you will rebel against injustice. You might have a chance to decide on someone’s future with a group of people. You will make a decision that is unfair, in your opinion, by voting, and you will decide to fight it, but you will not be able to do anything since you will get outnumbered.

To dream about helping someone escape captivity

Helping someone escape captivity in a dream means that you are in a dilemma. You probably have to make some decisions significant for your future. It will not be easy to make a cut, which will change your life from its core in this case and make you start over. However, you know that you don’t have much choice and that you are only postponing the inevitable.

To dream of someone helping you escape captivity

It implies that some of your friends will disappoint you. They probably didn’t give you a hand when you needed it, and you had to fight alone. That might be a sign to start looking for new friends and let the people who will respect your friendship into your life.

Prisoner in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of drinking with prisoners

Drinking with prisoners in a dream means that your courage will be on a test. You like to believe you are a brave person, but a specific situation will make you question that claim. You will probably realize that you don’t have the gut for it and stop bragging about your fearlessness.

To dream of dancing with prisoners

Dancing or singing with prisoners in a dream means that you will find a dose of optimism in yourself during a difficult situation. Numerous worries and problems might hit you at once, but you will make sure to look at them from a brighter side. If nothing else, you will get out of it much stronger than before.

To dream about kissing a prisoner

It means that you are bored. You have probably fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you. You fantasize about an exciting event, but that will not happen if you continue spending every free moment in front of the TV. For starters, you can take a walk, exercise, grab coffee with friends, and then plan what you want to do in the future.

To dream of marrying a prisoner

If an unmarried woman dreams of marrying a prisoner, it implies that bad boys attract her. You might have had a chance to be with men who would do anything for you so far, but such people don’t interest you.

If an unmarried woman dreams of marrying a prisoner, it suggests that she has an obedient spouse. That person rarely argues because they obey your decisions and demands. You have to know that such behavior will not last forever.

Prisoner in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of marrying a female prisoner

When an unmarried man dreams of marrying a female prisoner, it suggests that he likes one woman from his surroundings but hasn’t admitted it yet.

If a married man dreams of marrying a female prisoner, it symbolizes sexual fantasies that he has never spoken about with his partner out of fear of judgment. However, a marriage based on lies doesn’t have a bright future.

To dream about insulting a prisoner

It means that you have a reputation as an arrogant person. That is the result of your behavior and attitude toward some people. Even though we might be talking about the defense mechanism that helps you not get hurt or tricked, you have to change if you want your image to change.

To dream of prisoners insulting you

It means that people from your surroundings will not like some of your decisions or actions. They will perceive them as selfish and will openly say it to you. If you believe your behavior is right, you need not pay attention to other people’s opinions about it.

To dream of torturing a prisoner

When you dream of torturing a prisoner, it means that you suffer from a lack of confidence. Deeply rooted insecurities make you someone you are not. You have to work on it if you want things to change for the better and to build a more quality and beautiful future for yourself and your loved ones.

To dream of getting accused of torturing prisoners

If you dream of someone accusing you of torturing prisoners, it means that you are afraid that your secret might see the light of day. We are probably talking about the sin from the past that you are silent about so that you don’t hurt the people you love. You have to know that they would be even more hurt if they found out the truth from someone else instead of you.

Prisoner in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream that you are a witness for the accused of torturing a prisoner

When you dream that you are a witness in a trial against those accused of torturing prisoners, it implies that you need not get involved in risky business ventures. Someone might have promised easy money to you, but the job comes with danger. It would be better to look for another way to earn the money that you need.

To dream of representing a prisoner

It suggests that you will get a demanding task at work or have to tell the painful truth to someone. It will not be easy, but you don’t have a choice. When it comes to working, you can always ask your colleagues to help you. However, you will have to take care of the bad news yourself.

To dream about questioning a prisoner

Questioning a prisoner in a dream suggests that you have approached one problem that bothers you wrongly, and you will not manage to solve it. You have to change your point of view and not be afraid to ask for advice from someone you trust. A different perspective might lead to good solutions.

To dream of arguing with a prisoner

It means that you have to find a way to channel the negative energy that you feel. Thinking about someone offending, hurting, or damaging you all the time will destroy your psyche. A wish for revenge is present, but it need not be your main motivator in life.

To dream of fighting with a prisoner

It means that you are paranoid. You like to believe the whole world is against you, which is why you can’t make progress. However, the truth is much simpler and more brutal. When you accept the responsibility for your mistakes and start learning from them, everything will change for the better.

To dream about killing a prisoner

It suggests that the consequences of some past mistakes might backfire on you soon. You might have missed some opportunities and regret it now. However, you have to turn to the future and learn something from the situation that you were in.

To dream of a dead prisoner

When you see a dead prisoner in a dream, it suggests that you have to stop shoving some problems under the rug, hoping that time or someone else will solve them. Time is not your ally in this case but an enemy.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a prisoner or gotten imprisoned, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a prisoner

A prisoner is a person captured by enemy forces during an armed conflict.

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