To dream of an empty pocket
If you see an empty pocket in a dream, it means that you will have a big gain. Despite bad predictions from people around you, you will be persistent in your intent to start a job that you find profitable. You will plan your every move carefully and have realistic expectations that will stop you from getting disappointed. You will make a plan that will bring you success and stability in the long run.

To dream of full pockets
When you are dreaming of full pockets, it means that you will be in trouble. The previous period was prosperous, and you managed to relax or stop thinking about potential problems. People that you are close with will resent you for not paying more attention to them and taking your friendships or a relationship for granted.

To see a torn pocket
If you are dreaming of a ripped or torn pocket, it means that you are trying to hide your flaws so that everyone would like you. You are putting everything that is accepted and attractive to the foreground. You could do a disservice to yourself by acting like that because you will have to show your true face sooner or later, even if you seduce someone. That will disappoint them even more, and you know that a relationship like that doesn’t have a future.

To sew in a pocket
This dream means that you are aware of your problem and that you can’t manage money. You are capable of spending everything you have quickly, so you are sorry later for not knowing how to manage your budget. In the long run, this could be a big problem for you and your future. If you end up in a situation where someone will depend on you financially, you will be in trouble.

To sew someone else’s pocket in
When you are dreaming of sewing in someone else’s pocket, it means that you are angry with your loved one or family members because they spent more than you believe they should. You probably have an agreement on how you will manage your monthly budget, but they didn’t stick to it. The hardest thing for you to accept is the fact that your hard-earned money went to a completely wrong cause. This is a sign that it is time for a change of tactics. If you have a joint account, make sure to have access to it all the time. Otherwise, things like this will keep happening.

To see someone sewing in your pocket
If you dream of someone sewing in your pocket, it means that it bothers you when other people meddle in your life. That can be an older family member who is trying to keep every aspect of your life under control. They often question your actions and decisions, criticizing you for everything you do. You lack the freedom to make decisions that you lost since you depend on someone else. If you don’t contribute to the family budget at the moment, it is time to change that so that you would gain a little more independence.

To stick your hand in someone’s pocket
A dream in which you are sticking your hand in someone else’s pocket means that you doubt your partner’s fidelity. They have been acting strange lately, hiding where they are going and who they are meeting with. Before you accuse them of cheating on you, try to talk about your problems. You might be the reason for their absence. Don’t blame yourself for your partner’s affairs, but don’t blame them for something without proof either.

To see someone sticking their hand in your pocket
If you are dreaming of someone sticking their hand into your pocket, that is a warning to watch out who you are collaborating with when it comes to business. One of your colleagues or business associates will try to take advantage of you to achieve their goals. The fact that you are a hard-working person doesn’t mean that you should accept every job that someone offers. Some of those offers could be too risky or illegal. Besides, don’t sign any contracts before you read every point and make sure that they are right.

To find money in a pocket
When you are dreaming of finding money in your pocket, that symbolizes expenses. You might have to invest money into a repair or car registration, or one of your house appliances will break down. There is also a chance that your budget will get decreased because of some celebrations like weddings, christenings, and birthday parties. If you manage to organize the amount you have properly, you will not have to take a loan.

To find weapons in a pocket
If you are dreaming of finding a weapon in your pocket, it means that you are someone who needs stability and security in your love life. Reliability and responsibility are the most valuable traits in people to you, so those are your main criteria when you are looking for a partner or friend. You know how to manage your business obligations with your private life and spend your hard-earned money. Many people admire you because of such talents, but there are those who believe that you are a robot with a completely programmed life.

To find a pen in your pocket
If you are dreaming of finding a pen in your pocket, it means that you will encounter someone who you were close to in the past, even though you are not in touch anymore. Nothing special happened, but life has simply taken you on different paths. You will decide to go to lunch since remembering memories from the past will suit you. Besides that, you will realize that you missed them and that you would like to see each other more often. You will probably stay in touch and continue hanging out after that.

To find cigarettes in your pocket
Meanings of dreams like this depend on the fact whether you are a smoker on not in real life. If you are, there is a chance that you smoked before going to bed, so you have transferred that scene into a dream. If you don’t smoke but dream of finding cigarettes in your pocket, it means that someone who was your role model will disappoint you. You will realize that they have many flaws that you don’t like, so your amazement with them will decrease. After that, you will make sure to be the person that you wanted your idol to be.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently found something in your pockets or sew them on, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a pocket

A pocket is a piece of clothing similar to a bag that can hold money, a phone, key, or any other small item that we need daily.

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