Potatoes in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To harvest potatoes
If you are dreaming of harvesting potatoes, that symbolizes gain. Thanks to the persistence and effort you are investing, you will manage to find a job with which you will be able to afford everything that you have always wanted. No one will expect you to support them, so you will spend your hard-earned money solely on yourself and your needs.

To see others harvesting potatoes
A dream in which you see someone else harvesting potatoes can have multiple meanings. If there are many of them, it is a sign that you will achieve success in the business world. A bad harvest symbolizes a financial crisis and worries at work.

To eat potatoes
Dreaming of eating potatoes symbolizes poverty. You might face financial problems in the following period that will make you save every dollar and think about whether the things you are buying are truly necessary or not. You will feel like the quality of your life has decreased, so the best thing you can do is to make peace with reality at that moment.

To see others eating potatoes
If you see someone else eating potatoes in a dream, it means that someone else’s success or joy will make you happy. You will hear that someone has fulfilled their dreams and be truly happy for them. We are probably talking about a loved one like a friend, family member, work colleague, etc. Anyhow, you will accept their success and praise them without a trace of envy or jealousy.

To plant potatoes
When you are dreaming of planting potatoes, it means that you will make good business deals. You are someone who believes that you know everything the best, so you believe in yourself and your abilities the most. We could say that you meddle in everything, but that is probably the only way to make sure that everything gets done the way you imagine it.

To see others planting potatoes
If you see someone else planting potatoes, it means that you will have to put in extra effort to fulfill your wishes. That can be related to the progress of your career, better success in school, or even a relationship with your loved one. There is a chance that your partner will admit to you that they are not ready for the next step in your relationship, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you and want to be with you.

To peel potatoes
If you are dreaming of peeling potatoes, it means that you will be in a bad mood. You will probably have to do something that you don’t like, or that is below you, in your opinion. Even though you are not vain, you will feel like you have been unfairly punished for something that didn’t depend on you and that you couldn’t control.

To see others peeling potatoes
If you see someone else peeling potatoes, that is a sign that you should watch out for envious people. Someone from your surroundings has bad or unclear intentions, so you shouldn’t talk to them about your secrets, ideas, and fears. Jealous people are ready to minimize everyone’s success sometimes or even destroy someone’s happiness. Be careful when talking to people that you have recently met and let in your life because of it.

To buy potatoes
Dreaming of buying potatoes symbolizes a good investment. You will invest your money and time into something that will bring you success or profit. Buying an expensive appliance might pay off to you, even though you were in a dilemma on whether to buy it or not. Its functionality will amaze you since it will make your life a lot easier.

To sell potatoes
Selling potatoes in a dream means that you will sacrifice yourself for others. You might put your resources and time at the service of people that you love. Parents act like that when it comes to their children. There is also a chance that you believe that someone from your surroundings needs protections, or you want to help them solve one of their problems.

To receive potatoes as a gift
Receiving potatoes as a gift in a dream is a sign that someone will gladden or surprise you with a nice gift. That might not have a great material value, but it will be something that you have wanted for a long time but couldn’t afford alone. You will be happy that they know you so well and that they can pick something that you need the most at the moment.

To bestow potatoes
Dreaming of bestowing potatoes means that you will do someone’s job. You will realize that projects will not finish themselves alone and that you can’t count on your colleagues. You care about the company you work for doing well since you will benefit from it too, and you also love your job and would like to keep it.

To steal potatoes
Stealing potatoes in dreams means that you will have to change something in your life to make it better and more quality. You will have to get rid of some bad habits or cut down on expenses and save some money for something that will bring you profit in the future. Don’t be afraid to listen to pieces of advice from people that mean you well.

To dream of someone stealing your potatoes
This dream symbolizes smaller damage. Your car or one of the house appliances may break down, so you will have to invest money into a repair or replacement. Luckily, you have enough money for emergencies, so this will not be too stressful for you.

To carry potatoes
Dreaming of carrying a sack of potatoes symbolizes material or spiritual wealth. The following period will be great, so you will enjoy everything you have, including good earnings or love and support of your loved ones. Use this phase of your life the best you can.

To dream of others carrying potatoes
When you see someone else carrying a sack of potatoes in your dream, that is a sign that you will help a stranger solve one of their problems. Even though you see that person for the first time in your life, you will make sure to be there for them the best you can. You will not think of it as of an obligation since you know that that is the right thing to do. They will be grateful to you until the rest of their life.

To cook potatoes
Cooking potatoes in a dream means that you are pretty modest. You don’t need a lot to be happy since you appreciate love, attention, and spiritual things more than material, so your friends and acquaintances’ behavior is sometimes strange and pointless to you. You are simply born at the wrong time when some other things that are not familiar to you get more respected.

To see others cooking potatoes
If you see someone else cooking potatoes in a dream, it means that someone that you have expected more from will disappoint you. You have probably believed that one job or project that your loved one started will succeed, but the opposite happened. You will be sorry for them but not be able to understand how they could let such oversights happen and jeopardize everything that they have built for years.

To bake potatoes
Dreaming of baking potatoes is a sign of hedonism. You are someone who loves to please themselves. Because of it, you are not sorry for spending your money or time on something that you truly enjoy. Those that don’t know you well believe that you are selfish, but your friends know what you are like, so they don’t resent you for acting like that.

To see others baking potatoes
If you see someone else baking potatoes in a dream, it means that you will envy someone on something. When it comes to women, that symbolizes jealousy because of someone’s appearance usually, while men care about some material things like expensive technology, luxury cars, and so on.

To make mashed potatoes
A dream in which you are making mashed potatoes means that you need a bit more to be happy. There is one problem that you can’t solve, which is why you can’t say that everything in your life is the way you have imagined. That is a small rock in your shoe that everyone has, and that will probably get replaced with another one over time since that is in human nature. Because of it, it would be better to think about positive things that are happening instead of worrying about something that will change soon.

To see others making mashed potatoes
When you see someone else making mashed potatoes in a dream, it means that you will not agree with a decision that your partner or a loved one will make. That might affect you directly, or you simply believe that they could jeopardize their future. Anyhow, what’s done is done, and you need to make peace with it. If you can help them somehow, do it, but if you can’t, then stop criticizing them since you will not achieve anything with it.

To dream of rotten potatoes
Rotten potatoes in a dream suggest that you still haven’t found balance when it comes to relationships with people that you care about. It sometimes seems to you that you are too harsh with them, while you also believe that you didn’t react harsh enough on some of their mistakes. Don’t be too cruel to yourself since finding balance is a work in progress. Do what you believe is best. You will make mistakes sometimes, while you will do the right things at other times as well. People that love you will not resent you for the honest and good intentions that you have.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, eaten, planted, or peeled potatoes, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of potatoes

Potatoes are perennial herbaceous plants used in human nutrition.

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