What Does It Mean to Dream of a Powder Mill?

Dream meaning

To dream of a powder mill
Dreaming of a powder mill implies troubles with the court. It is possible that you will be involved in illegal businesses or that you will not pay debts that you have made. That will put you in an unpleasant situation and your reputation will be ruined. You will have a hard time with it, since all the blame will be on you, while other accomplices will get out of it without bigger consequences.

Powder mill can also symbolize an argument with a friend. You will have a feeling that your friend is only calling you when they need something. You will resent them for never being there for you to give you an advice or be supportive of you. You will be sorry for not having anyone you can count on and for not having other people to do for you what you would do for them.

To be in a powder mill
Dreaming of entering a powder mill means that you need to be careful at work. If you work in a high-risk environment, it is possible that you will suffer a minor injury. You will have to be more concentrated in the following period, because constant weather changes will affect your mood. You will be distracted and unable to efficiently do your everyday activities. Be extra careful around fire.

To sleep in a powder mill
Sleeping in a powder mill, in a dream, means that you are burdened with big worries. Your problems probably have something to do with children or elderly people. Someone’s behavior or health condition is stressing you out lately. You feel like you don’t have enough strength to face new challenges and you need help. Trying to be strong is wrong, because you need to talk to someone and tell them how you feel. After that, you will be able to overcome every problem you have, more easily.

Dreaming of other people sleeping in a powder mill means that you should visit a doctor. You have been neglecting certain symptoms for a long time, while you are diagnosing yourself and searching for medications on the Internet, which is making the whole situation even worse. You will have to change that, and consult with experts about health issues, in the future. Possible teeth problems.

To hide in a powder mill
Hiding in a powder mill, in a dream, implies that you are lonely. People you are usually hanging out with probably don’t have much time for you lately. You feel like they are neglecting you, while you are not someone who makes friends and acquaintances easily. If you are in a relationship, it is possible that your partner is working a lot and they are not dedicating a lot of time to you. It is possible that you have pointed it out a few times, but you have quickly realized how wrong that was of you. You will have to get rid of fear and take a walk by yourself sometimes, go to the pool or to grab coffee alone. Be sure that people won’t see it as something odd, so you just need to get out of your comfort zone. Your life will be more fulfilled, so you will be a lot happier.

Dreaming of other people hiding in a powder mill means that you are avoiding conflicts. You don’t like arguments and heated discussions. You believe that everything can be handled with a conversation. On the other hand, you try not to disagree with other people, because you think that you wouldn’t be able to defend your opinions properly.

Dreaming of hiding someone in a powder mill means that you have feelings for someone who is unavailable. You probably like someone who is married or in a serious relationship for a long time. You haven’t tried anything yet, but that doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about them. Since your paths mostly cross at the same locations, you will start organizing your time so that you encounter them. You hope that they will realize how much you like them, but you are afraid that you don’t have a chance with them.

To demolish a powder mill
A dream in which you are demolishing a powder mill symbolizes bad mood. You are very irritable and sensitive at the moment. You are not sure what has caused it, but your loved ones are stressing you out even more with insisting on talking it out. You are hoping that that phase will pass soon, because you are tired of listening to the same questions all the time. Don’t be worried for having the need to be alone, especially if you are usually a very social person. Those are moments which every person goes through at some point in their life.

If someone else is demolishing a powder mill in your dream, it means that you will cut every contact with a person who is extremely close to you. It is possible that this refers to your partner. You will realize that your opinions differ too much, regarding many topics, and you will be hurt by their attitudes about things that matter to you a lot.

When you see a demolished powder mill in a dream, it means that you will feel relief because of joyful news that you will hear. You have probably been worried for someone, but you will find out that the crisis is over and that everyone can relax now.

To burn a powder mill
Dreaming of burning a powder mill implies that you are dissatisfied with your sex life. If you are single for a long time, it means that you want to find someone who will satisfy your desires when you need it. If you are in a relationship or marriage, things with your partner are not functioning the way you want, for a long time. Your communication is bad sometimes, so you don’t know how to approach them, while they are often so tired that it is pointless to initiate anything. Anyhow, that is affecting your self-esteem so much that you are starting to believe that you are undesirable. You will have to work on yourself and your relationship with a partner, if you don’t want that crisis to prolong.

Dreaming of other people burning a powder mill symbolizes big expenses. It is possible that you will experience unexpected losses that will affect your budget horribly. There is a possibility that you will ask a friend for help or that you will take a loan from the bank. That will stress you out a lot, since you are not used to dealing with problems in such a way. Anyhow, there wasn’t a way to prevent any of it, but you can make sure that you don’t make a wrong or impulsive decision.

To see an inflamed powder mill means that some investment of yours will fail, or you will realize that you were tricked by a skillful salesman.

To buy a powder mill
Dreaming of buying a powder mill means that someone has hurt you so much that you want to take revenge on them.

To sell a powder mill
Dreaming of selling a powder mill implies that you will invest a lot of work into a job that will not pay off.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been in a powder mill, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a powder mill

A powder mill or gunpowder storage is an establishment used for making gunpowder.

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