Vampire Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Vampire Dream. Did you know that a word vampire is one of the rare words in English language that originates from Serbian language? Vampires are beings that feed with human blood according to a myth. People have believed in vampires for centuries while the oldest interpretations of dreams about them exist over 300 years. Because of a popularization of vampires through movies, dreams about them are relatively common across the world. These dreams are positive because they are often connected to love. If you have watched a movie about vampires recently you shouldn’t interpret dreams about them.

To see a vampire in a dream

If you see a vampire in a dream it means that you should expect a love offer. It is possible that someone will admit to you that they like you. Since you won’t expect that you will ask for some time to think about your decision. You will ask for an advice from people close to you and then decide to give that person a chance.

vampire dream
Vampire Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of being attacked by a vampire

If you are attacked by a vampire in a dream that symbolizes dissatisfaction. You are probably fed up with someone who is constantly underestimating you and who is complaining all the time. That person can be related to your work place or your home. You are not able to please them which makes you frustrated and angry so you snap at people that don’t deserve it. An alternative meaning of this dream is that you are dissatisfied with your love situation.

Dreaming of being bitten by a vampire

This dream has two meanings. The first one suggests upcoming love pleasures while the second one symbolizes sickness. It is possible that you will have serious health issues that will require hospitalization. You won’t be able to function normally which will make follow your doctor’s orders strictly. You will recover successfully and you will do everything not to end up in that situation again.

Dreaming of being a vampire

If you are a vampire in a dream it means that you feel emotionally empty. It is possible that nothing has happened in your love life for a very long time. Because of that you often think of your past and decisions that you can no longer change. You are not able to move forward and break free from burdens that make your and life of people close to you miserable.

Dreaming of your loved one being a vampire

This dream suggests that you can’t resist someone. You are probably aware that someone is manipulating you but you can’t say no to them. Even though you don’t want to you always end up doing what they ask you to.

To morph into a vampire

This dream suggests that you are emotionally fed up with your current relationship. You long for changes or even a new partner.

Dreaming of a vampire drinking your blood

This dream symbolizes love difficulties that you will overcome successfully. If you dream of this dream often it means that those difficulties could last until you change your behavior.

Dreaming of drinking blood

vampire dream
Vampire Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You are flirting with someone excessively. You need to let them be, otherwise your behavior will do more harm than good regarding a future relationship with that person.

A vampire in a coffin

You will get rid of great worries and problems. An alternative interpretation of this dream symbolizes a very bad love life.

To shoot a vampire with silver bullets

For people that are single this dream suggests that their efforts regarding a loved one who is not returning their love to them are in vain. It is time to give up. For people that are in a relationship this dream suggests that you are trying to revive your current relationship the wrong way. An alternative meaning of a dream suggests that you are not trying enough to revive your existing relationship.

To pierce the vampire’s heart with a stake

This dream symbolizes a possible end of a romantic story thanks to some kind of your mistake. It can be an adultery or a lie.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have read a book or watched a movie in which vampires show up that has surely made an impression on you.

Definition of a vampire

Vampires are mythological beings who feed with human and animal blood.

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