Pot in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of a small pot
If you see a small pot in a dream, that symbolizes prosperity. You believe that if everyone in your home is happy that everything is right. There are harmony and understanding among your family members, which makes you proud of the successful upbringing you have transferred to them. You always try to have time for your loved ones and show them love to be able to point out their mistakes politely but reward and motivate the positive traits.

To dream of a big pot
Dreaming of a big pot means that you will argue with your business partner. There is a chance that both of you believe that you contribute more to the company, which is why you will demand extra recognition and higher earnings. Vanity will blind you, so you will not be able to see that you have even more than you need, while your relationship will start to go downhill.

To dream of an empty pot
If you see an empty pot, it means that something will disappoint you. You are someone who would do everything for your friends, which is why you always have a hard time accepting that they don’t feel the same for you. You would like to put yourself and your needs first, but then you feel guilty, which makes you give even more time and attention to other people.

To dream about a full pot
Dreaming of a pot full of something means that your work environment will become unbearable. You will probably get new colleagues that are totally different from the ones you worked with, so you will get forced to adjust and make various compromises. You will have a lot of issues when it comes to communication, which is why you will look forward to finishing work and going home as soon as possible every day.

To dream of a pot without handles
If you see a pot without handles in a dream, it means that you will face many difficulties while trying to achieve your goal. You will come across many obstacles and challenges that you couldn’t predict, which is why you will deal with them on the go. You will learn a lot from those situations and be able to use that experience in the future.

To dream of a dirty pot
A dirty pot in a dream means that you will make a mistake that will bring many negative consequences. That mostly has to do with the decisions you will make impulsively or without thinking things through. You might do something stupid at work, or you will offend or disappoint someone you love with your actions.

To dream of a burnt pot
A dream in which you see a pot burnt from high heat means that you have to watch out for your behavior if you don’t want to lose the people you love. You have been stressed out lately, which affects your relationship with your family. Be careful not to say something out of anger that you could regret later.

To dream of breaking a pot
Dreaming of smashing or breaking a pot means that you are trying to spite someone. There is a chance that you will do something not because you want to, but because other people believe that you are not capable enough to finish it successfully. You will feel the need to prove yourself, but when you look at the whole situation honestly, you will realize that you are not as satisfied as you have thought you’ll be.

To dream of carrying a heavy pot
When you are dreaming of carrying a heavy pot, it means that you are not a resourceful person and don’t know how to pick the easiest way to achieve your goals. Instead of hard labor, you only have to figure out how to shorten or simplify something sometimes. Use logic and analyze the problem, and you will finish some tasks faster and more easily.

If you are dreaming of not being able to pick the pot up from the floor, it means that you will have to ask for advice from other people regarding a problem you have. Turn to someone you trust, and you will not regret it. In the end, two heads are always smarter than one.

To dream of buying a pot
Dreaming of buying a pot means that you will decide to take a course or training to expand your knowledge in certain areas. That topic has interested you for a long time, but you didn’t have time to dedicate your attention to it. You will finally be able to do that now and use your knowledge in the future to achieve business success.

To dream of selling a pot
Selling a pot in a dream symbolizes immense expenses. You might decide to buy or renovate a house or change your car or house appliances. Even though you have put a specific sum of money aside for that, that will not be enough for everything that you have planned. There is a chance that you will even take a loan, but make sure that the conditions are favorable so that you wouldn’t have headaches later.

To dream of receiving a pot as a gift
When you are dreaming of someone giving you a pot as a gift, it means that someone’s criticism will offend you. Your boss will probably hurt your vanity with comments related to your work. On the other hand, your friend or partner might suggest that you change something in your life, which you will take the wrong way.

To dream about bestowing a pot
Bestowing a pot to someone in a dream means that someone will misinterpret your words. You might accidentally offend or hurt a colleague or business partner. You will say something before you think, which could create a chasm between you two.

To dream of stealing a pot
Stealing a pot in a dream symbolizes poverty. If you don’t take care of your expenses, there is a chance that you will experience bankruptcy. You are used to not thinking about every dime you spend, but spending lavishly on unnecessary things can only create immense problems for you in the long run. You have to learn to save money before it is too late.

To dream of someone stealing a pot from you
If you are dreaming of someone stealing a pot from you, it means that your friend will ask you to lend money to them. They probably need it for something of an essence, which is why they will turn to you for help. If you can do something about it, don’t turn them down.

To dream of finding a pot
Finding a pot in a dream means that you will get lucky. There is a chance that you will solve one problem without trouble. On the other hand, it is even possible that you will win some money on games of chance. You will use that to pay off some debts or buy something that you have fantasized about for a long time.

To dream of washing a pot
Washing a pot in a dream means that you can’t ignore the malfunctions in your household or car because that could cost you a lot later. If you need to repair something but repeatedly postpone it, that thing will end up not working, and you will have to buy a new one.

To dream about other people washing a pot
If you see someone else washing a pot, it means that you will help a friend with a big project. Manual labor will suit you because the mental one has been exhausting lately. You might dedicate your free time to a hobby that would take your mind off of the stress that you experience at work.

To dream of washing something in a pot
When you are dreaming of washing clothes or dishes in a pot, it means that you are quite good with money. You don’t spend only to spend but plan your monthly or even annual budget. This way of thinking helps you be in a position not to have to think about how you will survive.

To dream of other people washing something in a pot
A dream in which you see someone else washing something in a pot means that you will meet a very cheap person. We are talking about someone who doesn’t like sharing and always tries to hide how much money they have. You will not ask that person a favor because you know that you would have to pay it back double. Unfortunately, that negative trait of theirs will overshadow all the virtues they possess, and you will probably distance yourself from them.

To dream of throwing a pot away
Throwing a pot away in a dream means that you are tired of everyday obligations both at home and work. It sometimes seems to you that 24 hours in a day are not enough for you to do everything you need. Maybe you should share those chores with someone, include your family members in everyday tasks, or ask your colleagues for help regarding a high-priority project.

To dream about other people throwing a pot away
This dream means that someone’s laziness will surprise you. You will realize that you have always believed that that person is organized, neat, and hard-working, even though they are the complete opposite. Their way of thinking might even disappoint you a bit, but you will not pay attention to that because nothing in your life depends on that person.

To dream of throwing a pot at someone
If you are dreaming of throwing a pot at someone in the heat of the argument, it means that you are stressed out and nervous and don’t know how to channel your negative energy. You can’t deal with yourself lately, let alone other people. It is time to think about what is happening to you and start working on finding a solution to that problem.

To dream about someone throwing a pot at you
If you are dreaming of someone throwing a pot at you, it means that your consciousness is restless because of something. You have probably said or done something recently that you are not proud of. If you have offended a loved one, ask for forgiveness. If you have made a mistake, make sure to fix it.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen or smashed a pot, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a pot

A pot is a kitchen utensil used for making food.

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