To see a fur coat
If you see a fur coat in a dream, it means that you will get a large property. Your life will change completely and you will be able to enjoy the luxury that you could never dream of. You will provide your family with everything they need and you will have a lifestyle of a celebrity. It is possible that you will forget where you come from, so you will look back on that part of your life with disgust.

To sell a fur coat
Dreaming of selling a fur coat warns of a difficult financial situation. Troubles will force you to sell all your valuable things, in order to cover the costs and make ends meet. You will be faced with many comments that will vary from support to compassion or judgment, as well. You will have a hard time making such a serious decision, but you will have clear priorities that will be above everything else.

To buy a fur coat
If you are dreaming of buying a fur coat, it means that you need protection. You are going through a difficult period and it seems to you that you are being attacked everywhere you go. You don’t feel safe when it comes to work or emotions either. Some event has ruined your self-esteem and faith in other people. Because of it, you feel like you don’t have as much support as you need. However, don’t despair but find a way to fight with your demons and things will move forward.

To bestow a fur coat
When you are dreaming of bestowing a fur coat to someone, it means that your wish will not come true. You have invested a lot into a relationship with someone, but you feel that that love and attention are not reciprocated. You thought that you will grow old with your partner, but now you feel like they are not the right person for you. Try to find reasons that brought you to such conclusions, and if you really can’t see another way out, look for happiness somewhere else.

An alternative interpretation of this dream is that it symbolizes a persistent wooer. Someone will do everything they can to attract your attention and show you how much you mean to them. Even though you are aware that they want to make you happy, you will not be entirely sure if you can reciprocate those feelings.

To receive a fur coat as a gift
If someone gives you a fur coat in a dream, it means that you worry too much about the way other people see you. You are afraid to express your opinions and attitudes, especially if they don’t match those of the majority. Thinking like this can be fatal, in the long run. You will lose identity and consciousness of yourself, which will make you even more dissatisfied with your life. It is time to change the habit of looking for applause for your every action.

To lose a fur coat
Dreaming of losing a fur coat symbolizes damage that you will experience because of recklessness and carelessness. It is possible that you have made a decision impulsively in the past, but you will pay for it now. That will be an important lesson that will teach you to stop making big decisions like that and to always let your impressions settle before you make the next move.

To throw a fur coat away
If you are dreaming of throwing a fur coat away, it means that you will face many challenges in the future. You will have a hard time fighting off problems in your business or emotional life, so you will search for comfort in vices. However, don’t let yourself lose control completely, but find another way to channel the negativity that you are experiencing and feeling. It is easy to give up, but your true character will be shown through the amount of strength you have to fight for yourself.

To tear a fur coat
If you are dreaming of tearing a fur coat intentionally or accidentally, it means that you will experience great injustice. It is possible that your partner will accuse you of cheating or your colleague will put the blame on you for doing a job badly. In both cases, you will have to invest a lot of effort and time into proving that you didn’t make a mistake, so apologizing will not help you a lot. However, don’t be a vengeful person and let people show you how sorry they are.

To set a fur coat on fire
When you are dreaming of setting a fur coat on fire, it means that you will lose trust in a person that is very important to you. They will show you their true face and only then will you realize that you shouldn’t have confided in them. More than anything, you will be upset about the fact that they are not sorry for doing you wrong, so it is possible that you will get depressed. Don’t let that make you lose faith in people, because you know that everyone is not the same.
Interpretations of dreams depend on the color of a fur coat that you dream of, as well.

black fur coat symbolizes a change. You will decide to work on your physical appearance or change your hair or the way you dress. That will boost your confidence and bring you many admirers.

A white fur coat symbolizes innocence, harmony, and peace. It is possible that your peace was disturbed by an unpleasant event, so you are trying to restore it. Look for serenity among those you love, since they are understanding of your wishes and needs.

yellow fur coat symbolizes joyful upcoming moments, related to your love life. It is possible that you will meet a new person that you will like or you will spend a wonderful evening with your partner. Considering that yellow represents optimism, those who dream of a coat of that color will finally realize that everything is not black and white.

red fur coat symbolizes passion, both in your business and private life. Those who are dreaming of it are very dedicated to their job and their life partner, as well. You are investing a lot of strength, will and time into everything you do, and you are hoping that your investment will pay off in the end. You are rarely disappointed with people since you understand their needs and the fact that everyone can’t think the same as you.

If you see a green fur coat in your dream, it means that you are a very rational person who stands with both feet on the ground. You are not impressed either with money or fame. You are trying to make your life the best it can be and you don’t care about others. You have a really healthy relationship with yourself and other people.

When you are dreaming of a brown fur coat, it means that you are very protective when it comes to people you love. You are able to get into an argument or even a fight for them if that is necessary. Many people love you because you appreciate family values, but they often resent you for being so aggressive.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought or received a fur coat, that definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a fur coat

A fur coat is one of the oldest pieces of clothing that has a protective role at low temperatures.

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