To fornicate in a dream
Dreaming of fornicating symbolizes good health. You will have an active sex life, because a partner you are in a relationship with will satisfy all your needs. You will be happy, since you have finally met a person who suits you in everything. It is possible that you will be afraid that they will see you as an immoral person, at first, but you will become freer with time, since you will realize that no one is judging you.

Dreaming of other people fornicating
If you see fornication in a dream, that warns of shame. You are probably thinking that your partner is cheating on you, for a long time. It is possible that you are overburdened with it, since you don’t have a reason to worry. On the other hand, your intuition is rarely wrong, so you are afraid that you are right this time, as well. You will check all their messages and calls, while you will also track every step that your partner makes. Your friends will suggest that you are panicking for no reason, but you will not be at peace until you clear up every detail that is making you suspicious.

Fornication in a dream can also suggest that you are feeling fettered and that you are acting according to norms forcefully. You would like to be able to relax and be freer in your relationship and in the society, in general. You are often overwhelmed with fear that people from your surroundings will not accept you, if you don’t behave as you are expected to.

To see others fornicating in your bed
If you see other people fornicating in your bed, in a dream, it means that someone will try to hurt you. Someone from your surroundings doesn’t want you to be happy. It is possible that they are jealous or envious, anyhow, be careful what you are talking in front of them, because it could backfire at you. You have probably noticed some signs that are pointing at it, but you have decided to ignore them, because you have a hard time believing that something like that is possible.

To dream of fornication in a public place
Dreaming of fornication in a public place suggests that you really care about other people’s opinions. You are always trying to represent yourself in the best light possible and you enjoy when people are praising you. You are always trying to be the best at everything, but that is greatly burdening you. In order to overcome it, dedicate yourself to your life and stop searching for validation for everything you do.

Definition of fornication

Fornication represents immoral sexual thoughts or behavior.

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