To Dream about Feces Meaning and Symbolism

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Dream about Feces. Feces are a common dream. They are one of ten commonest dreams. Dreams of feces in dream books usually have something to do with finances. They can be positive when they represent financial gain, or they can be negative when they symbolize financial loss. Dreams about shit are extremely common as well. They are often caused simply by our desire to go to the bathroom or the need to be relieved. If a dream about feces is caused by this need, this dream shouldn’t get interpreted since it doesn’t have any meaning. It is caused by our basic human needs. If, however, you are dreaming of feces but don’t have the need to go to the bathroom, read the following text to find out the meanings.

To see human feces or shit in a dream

If you see human feces in a dream, it means that you will experience financial gain that will have something to do with a job you do. It usually symbolizes a paycheck or some sort of financial reward for a job well done.

To step into human shit

When you are dreaming of stepping into shit, that symbolizes prosperity. You may start a job that you don’t expect anything from, especially because it seems like a failure to you. However, you will realize that the first impression can be wrong and that it is possible to make progress anywhere with the help of hard work and effort.

dream about feces
To Dream about Feces Meaning and Symbolism

To see a child or a baby pooping

If you see a young child or a baby pooping in a dream, that symbolizes financial gain in the family, through the games of chance possibly. If the child is pooping in your hands, that symbolizes big financial gain.

To poop in the toilet

A dream in which you are pooping in the toilet means that you are an honest person, which is why people respect you. The more poop in the toilet, the bigger your honesty, and morals.

To dream of the smell of the feces

If you are dreaming of the smell of the feces, the dream symbolizes a business opportunity that you can’t see yet, but it will appear. If you manage to get that job, you will get financial gain as well.

To splash yourself with feces and shit

This dream has a negative connotation, oppose to the rest of the dreams related to feces. It suggests that you have a business opponent or someone jealous of you because of your business success. That person will try to harm you, and they will probably succeed in it.

To eat shit in a dream

If you are dreaming of eating human shit, that is a warning that bad people want you to fail. In the following period, you will be in the company of those who envy you and who will do everything to see you fall. You will need a lot of strength to stay strong mentally and not to let such a treatment discourage you or make you give up on the path you have chosen.

To dream of others stepping in human shit

Dreaming of someone else stepping or falling in human shit is a good sign. If you are having doubts regarding something that you have fantasized about for a long time, it would be best not to waste energy in vain but to get to work. Indecisiveness and fear can only stop you from taking the matter into your own hands and living the way you want to.

dream about feces

To dream about shiting in nature

If you are dreaming of shitting or already having shat in nature, it means that you will soon get rid of a financial problem that has affected your budget tremendously.

To roll in shit

This dream symbolizes a celebration regarding some events that your family or friends will organize.

To dream of diarrhea

If you are dreaming of diarrhea, it means that your job and effort are not appreciated. No one notices the things you do.

To be constipated

Dreaming of being constipated means that you can’t see a business opportunity that can bring you financial gain. Asking for advice from your family regarding business could help you.

To dream of droppings

If you are dreaming of droppings or any other kind of animal shit, the dream symbolizes upcoming wealth or possible heritage.

Animal shit

If you see feces of domestic animals in a dream, from dogs, chickens, pigs, for example, the dream symbolizes some sort of an item you love but want to sell. That will turn out to be a good decision since it will soon lose on its value a lot.

Cat feces

If you are dreaming of cat feces, it means that you are pushing some things under the rug instead of facing them right away.

To dream of someone throwing feces at you

If you are dreaming of someone throwing feces at you, it means that you should change your relationship to people. Your arrogance is so noticeable that you have realized that you have fewer and fewer friends each day. Even your family members don’t want to tolerate such behavior anymore. If you don’t change something soon, you will stay completely alone.

To throw feces at someone

When you are dreaming of throwing feces at someone, it means that you can’t control negative feelings. You believe in a motto don’t do anything that you don’t want other people to do to you, and you stick to it your whole life. Because of it, you are especially sensitive to rude people and injustice, which is why you violently react when you face such human traits. It is time to realize that not everyone is the same, which you should be grateful on. If you can’t tolerate someone’s behavior, avoid it instead of arguing and entering conflicts.

To smear feces on yourself

A dream in which you are smearing feces all over yourself means that you are your own biggest enemy. The lack of self-confidence and will, as well as laziness, are stopping you from achieving the things you want. You find it easier to blame others for your own mistakes instead of snapping out of it and finally doing something for yourself.

dream about feces
To Dream about Feces Meaning and Symbolism

To smear feces on someone

This dream symbolizes the fact that you are ready to do anything to keep your loved one by your side. Even though they are often humiliating and minimizing you while offending your feelings and intelligence, you are ready to put up with that to stay with them.

To see others smearing feces all over themselves

If you see someone else smearing feces all over themselves, it means that you will have a conflict with a bunch of people. You will be ready to argue with everyone and everything to defend your attitudes.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen feces or you fell in it, that has made an unpleasant impression on you.

Definition of feces

Feces is what humans and animals excrete while pooping.

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