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To dream of a wrinkly face
If you are dreaming of someone’s face that has wrinkles, it means that you will be in trouble. You will probably worry everyone around you, because you will start to hang out with people who have a bad reputation. Only you will not be aware of the negative influence that they will have on you. You will be unrecognizable and doing things that you could never thought of before. You will have a feeling that you can relax only in company of those people, because they understand you the most.

To have wrinkles
Dreaming of having wrinkles on your face means that you are not thinking of old days. You believe in a saying ‘Youth is reckless’. You will want to take advantage of it the most you can, so that you don’t regret anything when you come into the old age. You will live fast and try to fulfill all your whims. You will not listen to people’s comments that you should settle down and create a family.

To remove wrinkles from your face
Dreaming of removing wrinkles from your face implies that you don’t want to accept the truth. You will not want to believe into something, even though you will have obvious proofs of it being true. You would rather pretend that nothing happened. That will last until you lose your nerves and react a lot more violently than at the beginning.

Forehead wrinkles
If you are dreaming of having wrinkles on your forehead, it means that you will finally become aware of your qualities. You are someone who observes things pretty realistically. You don’t have a hard time with accepting the fact that others are better or more successful at things they do. Because of that, you can sometimes underrate yourself, which is really bad for your self-esteem. However, one event in the future will make you finally realize that you possess a lot more qualities than you have believed.

To remove forehead wrinkles
A dream in which you are removing forehead wrinkles warns you to straight out your priorities. You have invested a lot of time and money into something that is destined to fail. Put your health first, so that you are not sorry for neglecting your body, in the future.

Neck wrinkles
Dreaming of having neck wrinkles implies that you are too burdened with other people’s opinions of you. It is really important to you to have support and understanding for everything you do, which is why you care more about what other people will say than about being happy and satisfied. It is really hard to live with that burden. It is time to relax, and trust yourself and your instincts, even if they lead you into a wrong direction sometimes.

To tighten up skin on your neck
Dreaming of tightening up skin on your neck means that you have the need to be the center of attention all the time. It often seems to you that family and friends are neglecting the fact that you have done so much for them. Because of it, you are constantly searching for reasons for them to take care of you. You believe that it is completely natural to be the most important person to them and it bothers you if they don’t notify you of everything that is happening in their life. Luckily, they are used to ignoring your possessiveness and selfishness, so don’t take all those critiques too harshly.

Chest wrinkles
If a woman dreams of chest wrinkles, that symbolizes the lack of self-confidence when it comes to physical appearance. If we take into consideration that every woman has moments when she doesn’t feel attractive and good in her skin, this dream is a direct result of thinking like that. If this dream repeats a few times in a row, you will have to work on complexes that you have.

Hand wrinkles
Hand wrinkles in a dream symbolize your caring nature. You enjoy in helping other people and you never have a hard time with being there for friends and other people when they need you. Because of that, everyone loves and respects you, but it often happens that your colleagues use you. Doing their job will help you to make them love you, but they will not respect you. Don’t let other people take credit for the job you have put your time and energy into.

To gradually age
If you are dreaming of your face becoming older and wrinkly, it means that experience will help you to deal with an unpleasant situation. It is possible that you will be in trouble because of the lack of knowledge, but you will get out of that situation. However, be careful, because this little trick will not work every time.

To dream of gradual hands aging
If you see your hands becoming covered in wrinkles, it means that you will have to put a lot of effort and hard work into something, in order to achieve success. That will be a long and difficult process that will ask for a lot of energy and patience. You will sometimes feel less motivated and you will believe that it would be the best to give up from all of it, but your close friends will help you to continue. You will learn to never give up from your dreams.

To dream of many wrinkled faces
If you see many wrinkled faces in your dream, it means that you will have more patience and tolerance with age than when you were young. You will realize that you were often stressed out and nervous because of the things that you couldn’t change before. Because of it, you would often jeopardize your health. However, you have learned to save your energy and time, in order to direct them to the right things.

To dream of wrinkly babies or kids
Even though these dreams are very scary and disturbing, they don’t have a negative meaning. If you are dreaming of a baby or child whose face looks old, that symbolizes beautiful moments that are expecting you in the near future. It is possible that you will meet with your friends or family, or you will see someone you have missed a lot. Anyhow, upcoming moments will be very nice and pleasant.

If a man dreams of a wrinkly woman, it means that he is sorry for missed opportunities. You are probably often wondering if you have made right decisions in certain moments, because it seems to you that you could achieve a lot more in life. However, this is just a temporary phase caused by the lack of motivation and will.

If a woman dreams of a wrinkly man, that symbolizes the need for protection. You lack a father figure or someone you can always count on.

These dreams are usually followed by various emotions like sorrow, disappointment, rage or even hatred. We usually have them out of fear of aging.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have noticed your first wrinkles or you are trying to fight them off, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines carved in people’s faces and they are a natural sign of aging.

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