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To see a wizard in a dream
If you see a wizard in a dream, that is a warning that you will be tricked. Your insecurity will be obvious in many situations which some people will misuse in order to harm you. You will give your trust to someone who is a sweet-talker and who will promise you a lot of things. With time, you will see that they are only good with words, while their actions will not be able to be found.

To be a wizard
When you are dreaming of being a wizard, it means that people from your surroundings have too high expectations from you. It is possible that your loved ones at home and colleagues from work act like you have a magic wand or like you are almighty. They will expect you to manage to achieve everything on time and give them as much as you can, while you will get very little or almost nothing in return.

To see a magician performing tricks
Dreaming of a wizard or magician performing tricks means that you will be lucky in love. You know that you can always count on your partner if things go wrong. You can hardly wait to finish all the obligations that you have and rest in their company and charge batteries for new challenges.

To talk to a wizard
If you are dreaming of talking to a wizard, it means that you will solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. You will finally be able to relax because a huge burden will fall off your chest. You will be in a better mood and you will also have more will to face new challenges. Use your free time to hang out with family and friends that you have neglected because of those obligations.

If someone else is talking to a wizard in your dream, it means that you will have to miss a loved one’s wedding. Business obligations will not let you support them on such a special day. You will be sorry because of it, but you will find a way to make it up to them some other time.

To have an argument with a wizard
Dreaming of having an argument with a wizard suggests that your subconsciousness is warning you to give up from a risky or illegal business. You have decided to accept a business offer because of money, but you are not sure if it is in accordance with the law. However, you should maybe think about it one more time and ask yourself if that risk is worth the money you are promised.

A dream in which someone else is having an argument with a wizard means that you will defend a friend who will be verbally or physically assaulted. Since you will be sure of their innocence, you will believe that the right thing to do is to defend them. However, there is a possibility that both of you are wrong, so make sure to find out what this whole situation is about before you end up in a fight with someone.

To have a fight with a wizard
Dreaming of having a fight with a wizard suggests that you are in the race with time. You need to do a lot of things in a short stretch of time which creates even more stress. It sometimes seems to you that you are standing still and wasting precious time on trivial things but that is not true. That is only the panic you are creating talking. Try to plan out what and for how long you will do something every day. Stick to that plan and make sure to accomplish even more so that you can start a new day unladen.

If someone else in your dream is having a fight with a wizard, it means that you are dissatisfied with your love life. Your partner is not giving you enough attention or you often have arguments about trivial things. It is possible that both of you are just tired of the work you do. Try to dedicate at least one day a month to being alone and doing things that both of you love. That will improve your relationship.

To kill a wizard
When you are dreaming of killing a wizard, it means that you will face big changes. You may get a job offer in another country or you will decide to move in together with your life partner. Anyhow, you will be getting used to the new situation for the next couple of months. There will be days when you will ask yourself if you have made a mistake with making such big decisions, but with time, you will realize that everything is just the way it should be.

A dream in which someone else is killing a wizard means that you will be accused of mischief that you didn’t do. It is possible that a colleague from work will start to believe that you are trying to sabotage them or that your partner will accuse you of being unfaithful. Don’t justify your actions too much. Explain everything once and put an end to that situation.

To kiss a wizard
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a wizard symbolizes your need for a love adventure. Your relationship with a partner is probably not the best. It is possible that you have distanced from one another or that communication is bad, so you are often imagining a life with someone else. If you are single for a long time, you may lack love and attention.

To see a magic wand
When you see a magic wand in a dream, that symbolizes nostalgia for the past. It is possible that you often think about more carefree and happier days. You are sorry for a missed opportunity or the fact that you didn’t make bolder decisions.

To find a magic wand
Dreaming of finding a magic wand suggests a nice upcoming period. Everything will go the way you want. You will be satisfied with your job and happy when it comes to love. You will radiate positive energy which will attract attention wherever you go.

To break a magic wand
If you are dreaming of breaking a magic wand, you will probably be sorry for saying or doing something. It is possible that you will hurt someone you love with words or actions. You will try to fix your relationship, but that will not be as easy as you have imagined. This is an important lesson that will teach you to watch your behavior when it comes to your loved ones.

To steal a magic wand
Dreaming of stealing a magic wand means that you will makeshift in some trouble. You will manage to get out of the problem and pull through without bigger consequences. You will actually realize that you had a lot of luck and you will decide not to test faith again.

To see a magic ball
A dream in which you see a magic ball suggests that you should change your life perspective and start looking at things, problems and people from another angle.

To break a magic ball
If you break a magic ball in a dream, it means that you are a creative person, but you are not using that trait enough. Start doing some hobby.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently watched a magician’s show, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a wizard

Wizards are people who use illusions to twist reality.

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