BBoots – Dream Meaning and Interpretation
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Boots – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To dream of boots
If you see boots in a dream, that is a warning that you shouldn’t quit your job. You may be dissatisfied with your current job position and you are thinking of quitting. However, that wouldn’t be a good idea since your financial situation is not great. Everyone will advise you to be patient and not make impulsive decisions that you will regret later.

To put boots on
When you are dreaming of putting boots on, it means that you will be successful in love or business. The following period will be more than suitable for you and all your qualities will come to the surface. When it comes to business, you may get a permanent contract because your boss will be satisfied with your work. As for your love life, you will have many wooers and you will be in a dilemma about who to choose first.

To take boots off
Dreaming of taking your boots off symbolizes death in your surroundings. That person is probably older or sick for a long time. You will be hurt when you hear the news but you will still try to help with funeral arrangements as much as possible.

New boots
If you are dreaming of new boots, that symbolizes happiness. You may find your first serious job soon. You will be truly enthusiastic regarding every task that will be expected from you and you will try to learn as much as possible. The first salary will enable you to buy things that you have always wanted but couldn’t ask your parents.

Old boots
When you are dreaming of having old boots on, it means that you will suffer financial loss. You have probably been postponing to pay debts off and now they have piled up. You will be forced to reduce all expenses to the minimum and give up luxury that you have lived in. This situation will be hard on you, but all of it will be a useful experience that you will not want to relive in the future.

Dirty boots
If you are dreaming of having dirty boots on, it means that someone will slander you. You were not even aware of the fact that you have been surrounded by people who want to present you in the worst light. They will try to assign you with traits that you don’t have or actions that you didn’t do which will make you fight back and learn to stick up for yourself.

To buy boots
Dreaming of buying boots means that you will change your opinion about someone. You will probably realize that you have judged someone wrongly and that the first impression has tricked you. It will turn out that that person has more positive traits than you thought.

To sell boots
Dreaming of selling boots implies that you are ready to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve your goal. At first, you will sacrifice your family and friends for work, but then you will realize that you have made a mistake. Don’t let money be more important than the support and love of your loved ones.

To bestow boots
When you are dreaming of bestowing boots to someone, it means that you will spend a lot of money in order to make a loved one happy. You will make sure to find the best and the most beautiful gift you can because they deserve it.

To receive boots as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting boots as a gift, you may be obligated to travel abroad for work. At first, you will be there shortly, but then you will get used to the new environment and you will wish to stay there forever.

To lose boots
If you can’t find your boot in a dream, it means that you are confused. You are in a phase when you have to make important decisions, but you don’t have any idea what to do. On one hand, you would like to have a career, while on the other, you want to start a family. Try to find a way to achieve a balance between those wishes. If you have the right person by your side, you will be able to have both.

If you are dreaming of losing both boots in your dream, your friend will probably criticize you for forgetting their birthday.

To dream of tight boots
A dream in which you have on tight boots means that it is time to stop acting like you are something that you are not. You want everyone to like you and you are trying to present yourself in the best possible light while forgetting that many people from your surroundings know you well. You will start losing old friendships instead of making new ones.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the type and color of boots you are dreaming of.

Rubber boots
Rubber boots in a dream suggest that you are a truly hard-working person. You don’t have a problem with doing anything since you even enjoy it. However, you can’t let people use you. You don’t have to take over every task all the time. You will have to learn to be in charge. That will make you a good leader and you will be able to motivate others who will follow your lead.

Cowboy boots
When you are dreaming of cowboy boots, it means that your strong personality will stop you from becoming closer to someone you like. You will not want to back down and make the first move, which will make them doubt your feelings. They will simply give up on you. That will help you learn that being stubborn doesn’t pay off every time.

Military boots
This dream suggests that you will outsmart and beat your opponents in something.

Black boots
Black boots in a dream symbolize victory over your enemies. You will realize on time who is trying to hurt you when it comes to your business or private life. You will come up with a good tactic and beat them using their methods. The victory will not bring you wanted satisfaction, but at least you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Brown boots
Brown boots in a dream symbolize strength and power. You are probably well respected in the society and you know that everyone would help you if you asked them for something. Try not to misuse the influence you have on other people.

White boots
A dream in which you have on white boots means that you have set big goals for yourself and that you will have to work really hard to achieve them. Many obstacles will stand in your way, but if you stay patient and hopeful, you will overcome them easily.

Different colored boots
Dreaming of yellow, beige, orange or red boots means that you are going through the identity crisis. You have tried so hard for someone to like you that you forgot who you truly are. This will only teach you not to try to be someone else because people will fall in love with you the way you are if you decide to give them a chance.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought boots or had them on, or you even saw a model that you like, that has probably made an impression on you.

Definition of boots

Boots are the type of footwear that covers legs from ankles to knees. Their size can vary, so some of them reach even hips.

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