Elephant in a Dream Meaning and Explanation

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Elephant dream meaning

If you see an elephant in a dream, it symbolizes something unexpected. We might be talking about an important event you could have only fantasized about until recently. You will be shocked because many of your wishes will start to fulfill, and you will decide to take advantage of the favorable period ahead of you.

To dream of a domesticated elephant

If you see a domesticated elephant in a dream, it symbolizes a clear conscience. You have selective memory and make an effort to remember the good things only. You know that the bad things will not bring you anything else but suffering, which is why you don’t let them disrupt the peace you have fought for.

To dream of an elephant chasing you

It means that you are upset. You haven’t had time to rest lately, which affects your mental and physical state. You have some obligations that you have to finish that are a burden and a waste of time for you.

To dream of an elephant at the zoo

It symbolizes injustice. You disagree with many actions and values that get celebrated as the right and desirable ones today. You think that everything was different when you were young, which is why you don’t envy those whose role is to educate the youth and take it on the right path.

elephant in a dream
Elephant in a Dream Meaning and Explanation

To dream of feeding an elephant

It means that you will have financial gain. You might sell a property or start a profitable business. You will not let new opportunities change you but continue living as you have been until now.

To dream about an elephant in the jungle

It symbolizes luck. You might visit your hometown or be in the company of people who make you feel good. You will not feel the need to pretend to be something you are not, which is why you will honestly say what you think about everyone and what bothers you.

To dream of an elephant in your home

It means that you are too ambitious. You are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. You will burn many bridges in the process, which is why you have to ask yourself who you will celebrate the success with once you achieve it.

To dream of an elephant in your yard

It means that you have to watch out for the competition. You might have a rival or colleague who wants to take over your job. Another possibility is that someone will try to jeopardize your relationship with family members or friends.

To dream of an elephant on the street

It symbolizes an important meeting. You might apply for a job or promotion in the company you work for at the moment. People who have been thinking about starting their business for a long time will soon find a potential partner.

To dream of a couple of elephants

It usually symbolizes relationships out of interest. You might get close to someone just because you believe that the person in question can help you solve a problem. However, you will soon start hanging out even privately, which is why your acquaintanceship will turn into a friendship or even relationship.

To dream of a herd of elephants

It means that you have a powerful protector. That can be your family member who takes care of you or even a partner. A professor at college or a superior at work who recognizes your hard work and effort and wants to help you make progress can have the same role.

To dream about a mother elephant and its babies

It symbolizes your need to become a parent. Women have such dreams more often than men. If you already have children, you have to pay more attention to their behavior. They might be facing a problem that they haven’t told you about yet.

To dream of an elephant bathing in the river

It means that the upcoming danger will scare you but that you will avoid getting in trouble. You might think about the worst possible outcome of one event, but things will turn out to be better than you have expected. You need not panic.

To dream about elephant fights

It symbolize financial problems. You might invest money into something entirely unprofitable. Another possibility is that your expenses exceed your earnings, which is why you will have to find an additional job or source of income or take a loan.

To dream of other people feeding an elephant

It means that you will inherit property or money. You will have to share it with other rightful heirs, but make sure to settle the issue outside of court because of high legal costs.

To dream about petting an elephant

It means that you will manage to charm a cold person. We might be talking about your partner’s parent or a new boss that everyone is afraid of. Your directness will amaze them, which is why you will melt their icy heart.

elephant in a dream
Elephant in a Dream Meaning and Explanation

To dream of other people petting elephants

It means that one person will get under your skin. You are not someone who lets others get close to you. We are probably talking about inborn skepticism or fear of getting hurt if you let new people into your life. However, you will soon meet someone who will amaze you quickly.

To dream about riding an elephant

It means that you will soon gain big respect from the people from your surroundings and further. You will manage to do it because you are a big professional and a kind and empathic person. You have the will to listen to everyone’s problems and offer solutions, which means a lot to other people. You don’t give false promises, which is why you can expect to have even a better reputation with years.

To dream of other people riding an elephant

It means that a powerful and influential person might help you solve one problem. We are talking about a relative, friend, or acquaintance that will manage to solve some things thanks to their connections. You will be grateful for it for the rest of your life and will make an effort to repay them properly for such a favor.

To dream of hunting elephants

It means that you need not get involved in risky business ventures. Someone might have promised easy money to you, but the job is not per the law entirely. You need not fall for such stories but make sure to achieve everything you want legally.

To dream of other people hunting elephants

It means that you are worried about a loved one. One of the people you care about has told you about their decision that is horrible, in your opinion. You have tried to talk them out of it, but you have realized that the person in question doesn’t intend to listen to you.

To dream about a sick or hurt elephant

It means that you need not start big projects now. Some ideas are running through your head, but now is not the right moment for their actualization. You have to wait for the situation to stabilize, not to risk too much and jeopardize your future.

To dream of a dead elephant

It is a very bad sign. Such dreams symbolize upcoming trouble. If you plan on signing any form of contract soon, make sure to read every point in the document and, what’s even more important, understand what you get obliged to do. You could regret your actions in the future because of recklessness if you don’t do it.

Interpretations can differ depending on what kind of an elephant you see in a dream.

To dream of a black elephant

It means that you have to change your tactic to achieve your goal. What you do at the moment doesn’t bring you good results. You can ask for advice from someone who has a lot more experience than you if necessary.

To dream of a white elephant

It symbolizes the improvement of your financial situation. Younger people could find a way to achieve their goals soon. You might go to college, change your profession, or go through training to gain more skills necessary for your future job.

To dream of a stuffed elephant

A toy shaped like an elephant in a dream symbolizes joyful upcoming moments. You might spend some quality time with your kids, which will help you recharge your batteries for the challenges ahead of you.

To dream about a porcelain elephant

elephant in a dream
Elephant in a Dream Meaning and Explanation

A porcelain elephant in a dream symbolizes positive changes in your life. Some positive things will happen to you in the following period. You will have enough energy and will to achieve everything you have wanted.

To dream of an elephant statue

Dreaming of a statue of an elephant symbolizes joy and prosperity.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or fed an elephant, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of an elephant

An elephant is an animal that belongs to the family of higher mammals. It has a trunk which it uses to defend itself, drinks water with, and so on.

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