What Does It Mean to Dream of a Coconut?

Dream meaning

Coconut is a strange plant, and believe it or not, some people don’t consider it to be fruit, vegetables, or even nuts. All of that makes this plant somewhat mysterious, so no wonder that dreams about it predict strange and unexpected events.

To dream of eating coconut or coconut flour
Usually, coconut in dreams represents positive things, and if you dream of eating its juicy fruit, that is often a sign that you want to be the center of attention, at least for the moment. You are not planning on achieving that in a bad or unjust way, but you are probably a lover of beauty and aesthetics, which is why you want other people to notice you that way as well.

To dream of a coconut tree
If you see a coconut tree in a dream, it means that you will have long life full of pleasures. If the tree is rich in fruits, it means that you can hope that you will be healthy, have many business successes, and gain wealth. Dreaming of a fruitless coconut tree also symbolizes a long life and good health, but you will not experience success and wealth. However, it will not be late to change some business habits and decisions and achieve success in that field even then.

To dream of an already opened coconut
When you are dreaming of an opened coconut with visible white insides, it means that you should get ready to receive a nice present. That gift can be in the form of money, or you will get something nice, a quality piece of clothing, etc. Anyhow, this present will be strictly material. If a person who hasn’t been intimate for a long time is dreaming of a cracked coconut, it means that they will probably satisfy their huge thirst for that passionate pleasure.

To dream about someone wanting to smash a coconut against your head
If you happen to have this slightly unpleasant dream, it means that similar unpleasant situations are expecting you in real life as well. That can mean that one person or a group of people might try to accuse you of doing something you haven’t done. It is possible to avoid that terrible experience, but you will have to invest a lot of effort and put up with many sacrifices to get out of trouble.

To dream of separating the edible part of the coconut from the shell
When you are dreaming of separating the white or edible part of the coconut from its shell, it means that you will overcome every obstacle life puts in front of you easily. This dream represents your persistence and clear goals that you strive for, and it suggests that there are only a few challenges that you will have a hard time dealing with. If you are dreaming of other people trying to separate the edible part from the shell in front of you, it means that someone is trying to tame, weaken, and humiliate you in the end. You will have to fight for that prediction not to become reality, but you will succeed since there is hardly anyone more powerful than you on that path.

To dream of being a coconut
If you are dreaming of some weird reality in which you are a coconut or feel like it, that is a sign that you are trying to present yourself as a strong and cold person to everyone, even though you are far from it. This dream suggests that you have to work on your image and the way other people see you since you are only losing friends this way and will end up being lonely. Open your heart to someone, but choose carefully to who, and find a partner who will share the good and bad with you without fear.

To dream of buying coconut
Dreaming of buying coconut is a bad sign, unfortunately. It often symbolizes marital problems or a financial crisis. If you have recently had arguments with your partner, try to reconcile if you want to stay together, of course. If you don’t do anything about that issue on time, there is a big chance that all of that will end painfully for both of you.

Problems with money might emerge if you didn’t save when you had enough of it.

To dream of selling coconut
A dream in which you are selling coconut means that you will go on a trip. You will probably finally manage to treat yourself to going to a destination that you have fantasized about for a long time. Many things have been stopping you from doing it so far, like work, obligations, and even money, but your dream will come true soon, and you will be able to pack your bags.

To dream about receiving coconuts as a gift
Dreaming of someone giving you a coconut as a gift means that someone from your surroundings is rude and harsh with you, but they actually like you. That is just that person’s childish way to hide their emotions. They are waiting for you to make the first move and show interest. If you have figured out who that person is and want to do something about it, you have to know that a lot of time will pass before they open up and admit their feelings.

To dream of bestowing a coconut to someone
When you are dreaming of bestowing a coconut to someone, it means that you have feelings for a person that is not for you. That can be someone already taken, or they don’t have a good reputation in the society. You are afraid of the way people from your surroundings would react to your relationship, which is why you have decided not to do anything about it but wait for those butterflies in your stomach to pass.

To dream of stealing coconut
If you are dreaming of stealing coconut from the supermarket or some other store with fruits and vegetables, that is a sign that you have let a wrong person into your life. Someone you have recently met affects you badly. You probably don’t even notice it, but since you have been hanging out with them, you have become a completely different person.

To dream of finding a coconut
If you are dreaming of finding a coconut while walking on the beach, that symbolizes happiness and gain. There is a chance that you will have a baby or that one of your loved ones will find out that they are expecting. The gain can have something to do with material things as well, like a better job or an increase in income.

To dream about picking coconut
Dreaming about picking coconut symbolizes unexpected gain. There is a chance that you will get a short-term stimulation at work, an increase of salary or retirement, or you will get a scholarship that will help you continue your studies. Also, people who love playing games of chance could soon win a valuable prize.

To dream of throwing a coconut away
A dream in which you are throwing a coconut away means that you are a pretty traditional person who doesn’t enjoy the things that modern society offers. Family, religion, customs, and culture are the holy grail for you, and you can’t understand why some people agree to be slaves to their job and money instead of dedicating their attention to true values. However, that doesn’t give you the right to judge them. Everyone can live their life the way they want. Your priorities don’t have to be the same as other people’s.

Dreaming of other people throwing a coconut away symbolizes your need to change your loved one. You have realized that some of their traits don’t suit you while forgetting the fact that they are the same person you have fallen in love with. Accept them the way they are or give up on that relationship. Everything else could lead to getting completely distant and destroying your love.

To dream of coconut milk
If you see or drink coconut milk in a dream, that is usually a sign that you should listen to your intuition more instead of heart and reason. Many good things could come your way because of that, especially when it comes to your private life. If you are in an unstable relationship or marriage at the moment, you have to know that your gut will not betray you this time. Do what you think you have to because you will not regret it.

To dream of coconut oil
Coconut oil in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. It usually means that you have lost control over some situations. It is time to face that and start changing to go back on track.

To dream of a coconut cake
This dream carries a strong message which is to give advantage to spiritual instead of material things. You are probably frustrated with work and making money, and you have started neglecting the people you love. Dedicate your time to family and friends and don’t let your personal relationships suffer because of numerous business obligations.

To dream about a rotten coconut
A rotten coconut in a dream means that you will need help in the following period to overcome some obstacles and challenges. The support of your partner and family will be extra important to you, which is why you will not be able to deal with those problems alone. If you have had some conflicts with your loved ones, it is time to forget about them because the people you love will be the key factor for your mental, physical, and even financial stability.

To dream of a dry coconut
A dry coconut in a dream means that you have become the victim of someone’s manipulation. There is a person in your surroundings who has a huge influence on you. You can’t make any decisions without consulting them and asking for approval. You probably don’t see it, but you are doing what that person wants instead of what you want more and more often. Trust those who have warned you about becoming a puppet in someone else’s hands because they don’t want to hurt you but help you.

To dream of an unripe coconut
An unripe coconut in a dream symbolizes good health. If you are worried about the problems you have at the moment, you have to know that your health will improve soon. You will feel a lot better, be stronger, have more motivation and the will to work, and even have fun or hang out with people.

Definition of a coconut

Coconut is a tall woody plant from the palm family that is characteristic of the tropics. The coconut tree is used for many things, while its fruit looks like a large walnut that has an exotic and unforgettable taste.

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