What Does It Mean to Dream of a Paddle?

Paddle dream meaning

The paddle is a rare symbol in our dreams, but fishers and people who live near the coast or work on the sea dream of it the most. A paddle is one of the rare motifs that gets interpreted even if you used it or made it a couple of hours before sleeping.

To dream of a paddle

If you see a paddle in a dream, it means that you will go on a short trip. You might finally visit a destination that you have fantasized about. You will be very excited and complete the experience with an acquaintanceship that will leave a strong impression on you. You will exchange numbers with that person and stay in touch.

To dream of holding a paddle

It means that you will be successful at everything you do. You will probably finish all the obligations you have postponed for a long time in the following period. You will properly organize your time and be able to focus on your job and the people you haven’t seen in a while.

dream of a paddle
What Does It Mean to Dream of a Paddle?

To dream about peddling or directing with a paddle

The interpretation of this dream is identical to the explanation above.

To dream of other people holding a paddle

It means that you will share responsibilities with others. You will probably be tired of taking care of everything and decide to dedicate time to yourself. Many people will support your decision, and you will regret not thinking that way sooner.

To dream of breaking a paddle

It means that you will be upset. You might not want to listen to someone who lies to you anymore, which is why you will tell that person everything you were holding back. That person will be surprised and believe you are exaggerating. Since neither of you will be ready to let things go, you will avoid each other for a while.

To dream of making a paddle

It means that you will come up with an efficient way to overcome a practical problem that stresses you out or for which you have asked for help or advice from a loved one or professional.

To dream about losing a paddle

Losing a paddle in a dream warns of trouble. You might be responsible for the business failure in your company, which is why your bosses and colleagues will stop trusting you. Your confidence will get shaken up, but you will do your best to prove that you are a responsible person and that you will not repeat the mistake again.

To dream of sucking on a paddle

This dream means that someone will trick you. An alternative interpretation is that you will buy something that will turn out to be useless or of bad quality.

To dream about hitting someone with a paddle

It means that someone you know has a practical problem that you can solve in ten minutes. However, that person refuses to ask for your help because they are stubborn.

To dream of someone hitting you with a paddle

It means that you are too prideful or vain to admit that you can’t solve one problem alone. It is admirable that you are still battling it, but you would reach the solution much faster if you talked to a specific person and asked for advice, suggestion, or help.

To dream of snatching someone’s paddle

Snatching someone’s paddle out of their hand in a dream means that you will manage to beat an enemy, rival, or competition. You have been facing various sabotages and problems recently because someone wants to harm you or ruin your relationship with your loved ones. Luckily, you will see through their intentions on time and not let the person in question actualize their plans.

To dream of someone snatching your paddle

It means that you are prone to blaming other people for your failures because you don’t want to admit that you are responsible for everything that is happening to you. Once you accept that you have made a mistake, you will learn something from it and stop repeating it, after which everything will change for the better.

dream of a paddle
What Does It Mean to Dream of a Paddle?

To dream of swinging a paddle

Swinging or spinning a paddle in a dream means that you will not succeed in persuading someone in the rightness of your attitudes. You might believe what you are saying, but that person is not prone to manipulation and demagogy. The only thing you can do in that situation is to stay away from that person and give up on your intentions.

To dream about other people swinging a paddle

A dream wherein you see someone else swing or spin a paddle means that you are not naïve. You don’t see yourself as an especially smart or skilled person, but you are pretty well informed, which is why you don’t fall for other people’s empty promises. You are not prone to believing in attitudes without clear evidence and arguments, which is why uneducated people avoid having any kind of conflicts with you.

To dream of finding a paddle

It is a good sign. Such dreams predict positive changes in your life. You might get or change a job, meet an interesting person of the opposite sex, or finally travel to a destination you fantasize about for a while. Anyhow, beautiful moments in your life expect you.

To dream about hiding a paddle

It means that you have let jealousy and vanity jeopardize your relationship with a partner or friend. Something might be happening in their life, and you secretly envy them for it but can’t hide it. If you truly love that person, you have to support them instead of sabotaging them.

To dream of buying a paddle

It means that you will finally start the actualization of your idea or project. That has been on your mind for a long time, but you didn’t dare to put it into action. Luckily, everything will fall into its place soon, and you will go on an interesting adventure with a positive outcome.

To dream of selling a paddle

It means that you are prone to sabotaging yourself. You often set some ideas to failure even before trying to actualize them. Of course, you will not make progress and fulfill your dreams if you continue obstructing yourself. You have to work on your confidence because that is the solution to your problem.

To dream of bestowing a paddle to someone

It means that you are in a dilemma. One person has recently come into your life, and you are not sure if you should give them a chance and let them get close to you. It is natural to be afraid of getting hurt, but you will never find out what that person’s intentions are if you don’t try.

To dream of someone bestowing a paddle to you

It means that you are secretly in love with someone unavailable to you for some reason. You or that person might already have a partner, but that doesn’t stop you from often thinking about them. You have to think about the possible consequences of your decisions or actions before you do anything.

To dream about stealing a paddle

It means that you have chosen the wrong way to solve a specific problem. If you change your point of view or ask for advice from someone you trust, you will realize that you have gone on the wrong path and figure out what you have to do.

If you dream of stealing a paddle from someone else, it means that you can’t let go of some friendships just like that. You might disagree with the decisions or attitudes that your friends have at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that your opinions are entirely different.

To dream of someone stealing a paddle from you

It means that you will ruin something. You might jeopardize your relationship with someone that you have built for a long time just after that person gains your trust. Let that be a lesson on how not to behave in the future.

To dream about dropping a paddle into the water

This dream means that you are prone to panic and exaggeration of the situations that happen to you. When things don’t go the way that you have planned, you cannot hear out what good-hearted people say to you, and instead, you come up with the worst possible developments of events. You have to change for your own mental and physical health.

To dream of throwing a paddle into the water

Throwing a paddle into the water in a dream means that you will give up on something. You will probably realize that your plan can’t bring wanted results, and you will dedicate your attention to more constructive things in life.

To dream about other people throwing a paddle into the water

dream of a paddle
What Does It Mean to Dream of a Paddle?

This dream means that you are under a strong influence of a malicious person. Someone has persuaded you to do what is in their interest, even though it has a negative effect on your life and your future. You might avoid a horrific scenario if you open your eyes on time.

To dream of throwing a paddle away

Throwing a paddle away in a dream means that you will experience failure, but that will not shake you up much. Luckily, you have a plan B that will help you get back on your feet.

To dream of someone else throwing a paddle away

It means that you will help a loved one get out of an emotional, moral, or financial crisis. You will fight to avoid the negative consequences of that situation together.

Definition of a paddle

The paddle is the lever with which the rower moves the boat.

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