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To Dream About Bulldog – Meaning and Symbolism

Bulldog dream meaning

If you see a bulldog in a dream, that warns of troubles with the law. It is possible that you did something that you are not especially proud of, and it might cause problems for you in the future.

You will be forced to hire a lawyer and prepare a defense that will get you the smallest punishment possible.

Even though you don’t get scared easily, you will get cold feet while waiting for the verdict.

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To take a bulldog for a walk

When you are dreaming of taking a bulldog for a walk, that symbolizes strength. Your self-confidence will grow in the following period because one person will give you a sense of security.

It is possible that they are your friend or even a partner. The attention that a person is giving you will suit you, as well as comments from people around you who will not be able to wait to find out who that person is.

To Dream About Bulldog – Meaning and Symbolism

To see others walking a bulldog

If you see someone else walking a bulldog in your dream, that symbolizes the lack of self-confidence and deeply rooted complexes.

You will have to work on that because you have many qualities that you are not even aware of. When someone gives you a compliment, it doesn’t mean that they want to flatter you, it is possible that they truly mean it.

To be attacked by a bulldog

A dream in which you are attacked by a bulldog reflects your behavior toward other people.

Your subconsciousness is warning you that it is time to stop being arrogant and rude and that you should get down from your high horse.

Even if you are successful or rich, you can’t let yourself become arrogant. Modesty is a positive people’s trait. Keep that in mind.

To see others being attacked by a bulldog

When you are dreaming of other people being attacked by a bulldog, it means that someone is trying to use you, in order to achieve their goals.

You have become close to someone who cares about their interests only, so friendship doesn’t mean a lot to them.

It will turn out that they are trying to get a better job position or to become more respected in society thanks to you. Luckily, you will notice it on time and you will get rid of them quickly.

To be bitten by a bulldog

Dreaming of being bitten by a bulldog implies that your friend will hurt you. Even though you know what they are like, you were hoping that they wouldn’t treat you the same way they are treating other people.

Your friend probably has a bad reputation, but you have believed that they hold a special place for you in their life.

To dream of others being bitten by a bulldog

This dream means that your current job is smothering many of your talents. You are not able to show what you can do at the moment, which has started to bother you.

You are a creative person and you have good ideas. Try to transfer them into a hobby, which could even bring you profit with time.

To Dream About Bulldog – Meaning and Symbolism

To be chased by a bulldog

That symbolizes restlessness, anxiety, and fear. It is possible that you will experience problems in your love life, which will make you want to get out of your relationship or marriage.

If you are not happy, don’t hide it. Try to talk to your partner and find a solution together. Give yourself and them a chance, and if you see that there is no help, do what is necessary.

To see others being chased by a bulldog

It means that someone has offended you and you decided to react. Your response caused an argument, which made you think that you will lose your loved one.

Watch out for your behavior and don’t justify harsh words with your character. No one will tolerate such an excuse.

To buy a bulldog

Dreaming of buying a bulldog means that someone will betray your trust. It is possible that you will start doubting your partner’s fidelity, so you will dedicate your time to searching for proof.

The best thing to do is to talk to them openly, and you will know whether they are telling the truth or not, considering that you know them really well.

To sell a bulldog

This dream means that you will have a lot of problems with passing an exam or mastering a skill that you need for work.

However, even though you are known for it, it is also known that you become an expert in that field once you overcome it. Make an effort to stay motivated in order to finish it on time.

To bestow a bulldog

It means that you have a protector. Someone from your surroundings is watching out for everything that is happening and they are trying to protect you from injustice.

It is possible that they are your older colleague or professor from college who sees your qualities and appreciates your unobtrusiveness. Make sure to be honestly rewarded for your effort because of it.

To receive a bulldog as a gift

This dream means that you are a social person that has a lot of virtues which are appreciated by people.

You can always count on your friends’ support. You have earned such treatment thanks to the fact that you are always ready to help to support those you love, as well.

To Dream About Bulldog – Meaning and Symbolism

To feed a bulldog

If you are dreaming of feeding a bulldog, your subconsciousness is warning you to stop being so judgmental, because that is preventing other people from seeing who you truly are. You let yourself judge without proof, based on your beliefs only.

It is time to stop doing that and give a second chance to people so that they can show you what they are actually like.

If someone else is feeding a bulldog in your dream, it means that you will be scared for your loved one’s health condition for no reason. Tests will show that the illness is not serious and that it will disappear completely with the right treatment.

To lose a bulldog

It means that you will need help or protection from family, friends or colleagues. Besides that, it symbolizes feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

It is possible that you will lose someone who has been protecting and supporting you your entire life, so you transferred the feeling of sorrow into your dreams.

It is also possible that a close friend of yours has decided to move to another city, which is why you are tormented by these dreams.

If you are dreaming of other people losing a bulldog, it implies that you should give up from investing money into property, or a purchase of an expensive car or house appliance. That investment will not pay off at the moment.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have a pet bulldog, that has definitely made you dream of it. If you have recently seen a bulldog or if it scared you, that event reflected onto your subconsciousness, as well.

Definition of a bulldog

Bulldog is a medium-sized dog that has a short and chunky body and strong teeth. It is originally from England.

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