To dream of an unfamiliar city
If you see an unknown city in a dream, it means that you will move. You will probably leave your homeland, family, and friends that you are truly close to because of love. You will have a hard time deciding to take such a step, but you have realized that you want a family and that you are ready for sacrifices to make that happen. At first, you will not be used to the environment, but you will like people you meet, as well as their culture and customs as time goes by.

To dream of wandering the city
Dreaming of wandering the city implies that you are indecisive. You will have to choose between two options in the following period, even though they will seem equally good to you. You will be worried about not knowing what you want the most and afraid of making a mistake. You will be confused and liable to fall under the influence of people who will give the advantage to a more profitable option while you will be in favor of the one you love more.

To dream of an abandoned city
When you are dreaming of an abandoned city, that symbolizes separation with a loved one. After many attempts to save your marriage or relationship, you will realize that both sides need to be interested and ready for a fight. Your feelings will start to fade, but you will leave before they turn into hatred and regret for lost time.

Interpretations of these dreams are connected to your inner world, feelings, thoughts, and actions that you analyze yourself. Dreams with city motives depict a social and mental state of the person who has them often.

To dream of a small city
If you see a small city in a dream, it means that you may get judged for some of your decisions. People from your surroundings will not have understanding for you, so they will gossip about you everywhere. Everyone will have a better and smarter solution for your problem and try to let you know what they would have done in your situation. Don’t let malicious people make you think badly of yourself. Ignore everything that could bother you and dedicate your attention to achieving your goals.

To dream of a big city
If you see a big city in a dream, it means that you will get a chance to find out useful information regarding the job you do from experienced people. Their pieces of advice will help you understand not only the way you should do things easily but the psychology of work itself. After that, you will not avoid education courses, seminars, and other opportunities to learn something new.

To dream of a city that you were born in
A dream in which you see a city you were born in symbolizes nostalgia. You have probably remembered some nice events from your childhood or youth recently that brought you to the old, carefree times. If you don’t live in that city anymore, but you dream of it, it means that it is time to achieve the goals you fantasized about when you were younger.

To dream of a city in which you grew up
If you are dreaming of a city in which you grew up, but you don’t live there anymore, it means that you need some peace. You are probably going through a turbulent phase in your life. You will face many challenges and obstacles that you have to overcome, so you feel tired. Spend some time with your family members, relatives, friends, and other people you love to get your dose of positive energy.

To dream of an abandoned city
When you see an abandoned or empty city in a dream, it means that you should go and visit a doctor. The symptoms you have had for a long time won’t disappear on their own probably. It is not smart to look for diagnoses and meds on the Internet. Instead, make an appointment with an expert.

To dream of a destroyed city
If you see a destroyed city in a dream, it means that you will face financial or emotional loss. A person you truly love may decide to move to another state, which will be a huge blow for you. Even though you will promise each other to talk regularly via social media, you will be aware that distance will affect your relationship.

Another meaning is that you will suffer financial loss because of bad decisions. However, this will be an important lesson about the things you shouldn’t do in the future.

To see a city in flames
A dream in which you see a city in flames means that you will have an argument with someone you know your whole life. You will decide not to contact them again ever. Your vanity will probably make you start talking bad things about them. However, that move will represent a literal burning of bridges. You are not aware that your actions talk more about you than about that person.

To see a flooded city
Unfortunately, this dream has a very negative meaning. It predicts trouble in real life that will lead to a serious crisis. If you prepare yourself on time, you will reduce the risk of all of it jeopardizing your mental health. Don’t let stress gets to you.

To dream of a big city at night
If you see a big city illuminated by lights, it means that you have a bright future. You will finally manage to achieve your dreams and get in a position to start thinking about some investments and bigger projects. You may decide to turn your talents into something profitable since you have expressed them through hobbies only until now.

To dream of being lost in an unfamiliar city
When you are dreaming of being lost in an unfamiliar city, that symbolizes trouble at work connected to new instructions that you didn’t read. Your superiors have probably given you new rules that you didn’t have time to read because of the amount of work you have. It is possible that they didn’t interest you, but you could have many problems now. Don’t be stubborn if you want to keep your job.

To dream of flying over a city
If you are dreaming of flying over a big city, that symbolizes your ambition to become popular and respected in the society. You are someone who likes to prove themselves, and you enjoy when people admire you. You are not modest at all since that seems like hypocrisy to you. Because of it, you are not afraid of showing what you know and can whenever you get the chance for it. You have been fantasizing about getting a reward or recognition one day for everything you have achieved in life. That will come true only if you do something useful not only for you but for people from your surroundings as well.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been to the city, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a city

A city is a big urban settlement in which people live from industry, trade, and similar activities.

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