To Dream About Bottle – 30 Meaning and Symbolism

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It is common for both sexes and people of all ages to dream of a bottle. Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details that follow them.

To see a full bottle
It is a warning that someone will slander you. You will probably have to face the lies that will be spread at your expense because you will be an advocate for the things that you believe are right. Your attitude will bring you many troubles, but you don’t know how to act differently, and you wouldn’t be able to look yourself in the mirror knowing that you are doing something that you judge other people for.

To dream of an empty bottle
It means that you should watch your mouth. You probably react impulsively in many situations without thinking about possible consequences that you can create by acting like that. After that, you feel remorse and think in vain about the things you could have done if you could turn back time. People who know you well have an understanding of such behavior, but those who see you for the first time usually get the wrong impression.

To dream of a big bottle
It means that you will fall in debt. You probably had temptations in the past that you couldn’t fight off, so you have reached for the options that seemed the easiest since they didn’t require any effort or work on yourself. However, it will turn out that the hard way is the only right way, like in most cases, so you will need a lot of time, patience, and money to get back to normal.

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To dream of a vial
When you are dreaming of a vial or small bottle, it means that someone will surprise you. Your partner might organize a celebration regarding a date that both of you care about. At first, they will pretend that they have forgotten about it, which will disappoint and anger you. After you realize what the whole thing is about, you will be over the moon with happiness and gratitude for having someone like that beside you.

To dream of a broken bottle
It means that someone will verbally attack you. You will probably experience an unpleasant situation while doing everyday activities, so you will do everything to protect yourself the best you can after it. You will realize that there are many people who are ready to do anything and that the best thing to do is to not pay attention to them.

To dream of opening a bottle
It means that you will make important decisions that could change the quality of your life. You might stop smoking or drinking, or you will finally go on a diet. You will realize that you have been jeopardizing your health for too long and start changing yourself. This can also be related to your decision to save money to have enough for something that you enjoy. The support from family and friends will be crucial during this time to put words into action.

To Dream About Bottle – 30 Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of closing a bottle
It means that you will probably stop confiding in someone who has been the closet to you until now. You may realize that every gossip you hear about yourself comes from them, so you will decide not to tell them anything anymore after the initial shock and disappointment. That will officially prove to you that they have been slandering you wherever they went, so this could mean the end of a long-lasting friendship.

To dream of not being able to open a bottle
A dream in which you are trying to open a bottle in vain symbolizes despair. You are probably in a situation where you can’t change some things, which makes you feel like you have lost control over your life. It is possible that you are trying to seduce someone who is not interested in you.

To dream of not being able to close the bottle
If you are dreaming of trying to close the bottle, that symbolizes your attempt to hide a big secret. You have probably been quiet about something for a long time because you are afraid of the consequences that your family would have to deal with. On the other hand, you might be trying to keep a secret that your friend or a family member has confided to you. Since you are a talker by nature, you are afraid that you will say something in front of the wrong people.

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To dream of someone stealing your bottle
It means that you will face injustice. One of your colleagues will probably get a raise or promotion that you have been hoping for. It is also possible that you will have to fight for something that belongs to you in court. Someone will try to take over your property or resign your heritage to their name.

To dream of taking someone’s bottle
This dream suggests that you are arrogant. You are aware of your abilities and possibilities, and you are not afraid of showing them to other people. However, you are always expecting a big reward for that, of course. Other people don’t interest you on your way to success, so you don’t have a hard time jeopardizing them if that brings you a profit. You have crossed the line of good taste with your ambitions. You have burned many bridges to make progress in your career, but you will be sorry for all of it one day.

To find a bottle
It means that you will see through someone’s bad intentions. You will probably find out on time who is trying to sabotage you, and you will know how to react. When you are driven with intelligence more than emotions, you are capable of beating every enemy so don’t react violently when someone offends or hurts you but make sure to come up with the best way to repair the damage.

To Dream About Bottle – 30 Meaning and Symbolism

To break a bottle on someone’s head
If you are dreaming of breaking a bottle on someone’s head during a fight, it means that you have let negative emotions overrule the things that make you satisfied in life. You have focused entirely on the things that don’t suit you while neglecting everything good in your life. Thinking like that is affecting your health negatively. You need to find a way to relax as soon as possible because stress could cause bigger problems from those you currently have.

To open a bottle
If you are dreaming of opening a bottle, it means that you have decided to improve the quality of your life. You will get rid of vices and start saving, in order to have enough money for traveling and hobbies that you enjoy doing. Your family will support you in your decision, which will be really motivational for you.

To drink from a bottle
Dreaming of drinking from a bottle symbolizes the need for independence. You depend on other people for the majority of your life. Because of it, you need to listen to them and respect them. That hasn’t been a problem for you, so far, but you have realized that you want a change. It is high time to take your life into your hands and finally realize what it means to be a grownup, no matter how much obligations and responsibility scare you.

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To break a bottle
If you are dreaming of breaking a bottle, it means that you are in danger because of someone you don’t even know. You are probably not even aware that you have an enemy, but they are trying really hard to hurt you. Watch out who you are talking to about your plans, problems and wishes, because they will do their best to ruin your plans.

A broken bottle in a dream symbolizes the lack of determination. You are a person who gets bored with their ideas easily if they realize that people disagree with them. Also, you often give up on something before you even try to achieve it. You know that that is a big flaw of yours, but sometimes, you can’t fight it. However, some situations in the future might make you change.

A full glass bottle
Glass bottles in a dream symbolize hidden feelings. You probably like someone who is unavailable. You know that nothing will come out of your potential relationship, because they would never cheat on their partner. You appreciate them because of it even more, but all of it doesn’t stop you from fantasizing about them from time to time.

An empty glass bottle
If you are dreaming of an empty glass bottle, it means that you are exhausted both physically and emotionally. You have been under a lot of stress lately, which has left a mark on your body and mind. Try to find a way to recover as soon as possible.

An empty plastic bottle
If you see a plastic bottle in your dream, it means that you are ready to do everything so that you don’t get hurt. You have been hurt by your loved ones many times in your life before. Because of it, you have learned how to protect yourself, so now you are a lot more careful when talking to others. Even though a certain amount of caution is desirable, it can also stop you from enjoying in life.

A full plastic bottle
If you see a full plastic bottle in a dream, it is possible that you will soon get an interesting business proposal. You will probably get a chance to travel abroad and continue your career there. If you are currently unemployed or retired, your hobby could become the main source of income for you.

A baby bottle
Dreaming of a baby bottle means that your family member or a friend might be in an unpleasant situation. It is possible that they will ask you to help them get out of it, so you will do everything you can to achieve that.

The contents of the bottle can often symbolize your emotions.

A bottle filled with alcohol
If you are dreaming of a bottle filled with brandy, gin or whiskey, it means that you will direct all your energy, time and resources into achieving your personal interests. You will realize that you have been working for someone else for too long, neglecting your wishes and needs in the process.

To Dream About Bottle – 30 Meaning and Symbolism

A wine bottle
If you are dreaming of a bottle filled with white or red wine, it means that you are longing for the romantic moments with your loved one. If you are married or in a relationship, you probably haven’t spent time with your partner for a while. However, if you are single, the dream symbolizes your need for a soulmate that you will spend the rest of your life with.

A champagne bottle
Dreaming of a champagne bottle means that you are fantasizing about luxury. You would like to go on vacations to exotic destinations or drive expensive cars. Currently, you don’t have the access to it, but if you continue to work hard and be lucky, you never know, your dreams might even come true.

A water bottle
A water bottle symbolizes the new beginning. You will probably decide to change college, a job or your dwelling place. Even though you will face with many challenges and problems from the start, you will know that you have made the right decision.

A bottle of juice
A bottle of juice in a dream suggests that you will deal with many problems positively. If this is not your trait, you could surprise many people around you and even yourself. If you are a positive person by nature, then you don’t have the reason to worry. You will deal with everything that life throws at you courageously.

A thermos bottle
If you are dreaming of a thermos bottle, it means that you are trying to keep your partner by your side at any cost. You probably feel like they are distancing themselves from you and that love is simply fading. You don’t want to accept it and you are determined to make your relationship or marriage survive. However, you need to know that none of you will be happy, if you stay together forcefully.

A parfum bottle
Dreaming of a parfum bottle means that you are ready for a love adventure. Those who are married will want to taste the ‘forbidden fruit’, while the single ones will finally find the right person for them.

A bottle filled with poison
This dream suggests that you will get rid of prejudices about some people. You will realize that you don’t have the right to judge anyone for anything. You could meet someone who will make you see things from another perspective.

To see a bottle floating on the water
If you are dreaming of a bottle that is floating on the sea or river, it means that you have a hard time with expressing feelings. Even if you haven’t been burned before, you posses an innate dose of caution with everyone. That doesn’t mean that you are shrewd, but your trait is good when it comes to business.

To find a bottle with a message in it
This dream symbolizes a moral dilemma. You will probably have to make a decision that could affect your loved one’s life.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. If you have recently drank something out of a bottle, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a bottle

A bottle is a dish usually made out of glass or plastic, in which liquid is stored. It has a wide body and a narrow head or an opening.

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