SSpring in a Dream - Meaning and symbolism
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Spring in a Dream – Meaning and symbolism

Spring in dream

It means that you will hear pleasant news from a loved one. There is a chance that someone who you believed forgot about you will contact you. You will continuously think about the conversation you had, analyzing every word to find hidden meaning that sends a message that there is still hope for you two and your relationship.

To dream of spring starting
If spring is starting in your dream, it means that you will become more active. You will probably feel like you have woken up from a winter dream and wish to make it up for everything you have missed in the previous period. You will have numerous obligations and come home only to sleep, which will affect your mood positively.

To dream of spring ending
It symbolizes pleasant moments. There is a chance that you will end a friendship or relationship, which will be very hard on you. However, many beautiful things will start happening to you, which will show you that you have made the right decision and that a new beginning is at the end of each day.

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To dream of waiting for spring
It means that you live from memories. You have been through a lot, but you don’t manage to leave the past in the past and turn to the future. You are missing opportunities that are in front of you because you secretly hope that someone who turned to be unreliable and who you can’t count on will come back to you.

To dream of spring coming too early
It symbolizes business success. You never wait until the last minute to do something, which is why you finish your work, colleague, and other obligations early. You can’t function under pressure, and you couldn’t endure not sleeping for a few days or giving up on some habits.

To dream of a rainy spring
It symbolizes loneliness. People who have been single for a long time know that feeling very well. However, you ought not to feel like that if you are married or in a relationship, and you are not away from your partner. The dream suggests that it is time for an honest conversation about something that bothers you.

Spring in a Dream - Meaning and symbolism

To dream about a sunny spring
It represents happiness, joy, success, and good health. The problems that bother you now will get solved soon, but you have to stay persistent and patient. You are not optimistic anymore, but there is a part of you that hopes that things will get better. You will get to experience what you want if you continue to believe in yourself and what you do.

To dream of a windy spring
It symbolizes changes. There is a chance that you will go to college, find or change a job, or change your dwelling place. The transformation can be related to your love status as well. If you have been single for a long time, you could soon find an ideal partner. People who are unhappy in their relationships or marriage will finally gather enough courage to end that agony and start living their life to the fullest again.

To dream about a cloudy and gloomy spring
A cloudy and gloomy spring in a dream means that you can’t see the opportunities offered to you. You got trapped in the past, and you don’t let yourself move on. The things you can’t change stress you out, which is why you don’t notice the choices you have. It is high time to turn to the future.

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To dream of snow in spring
It means that you will face various challenges and obstacles on your way to achieving your goal. You have been thinking about what you want for a long time and tried to predict possible problems on that path to eliminate them on time. However, you will have to deal with some stressful situations on the go, so it is necessary to stay motivated and patient.

To dream of painting spring
It symbolizes the hope that one stressful situation will end to your advantage. You are going through the most turbulent phase of your life at the moment, and things are not easy for you. Luckily, you are an optimist, and you believe in the positive outcome of your effort, hard work, and devotion. Life will reward you for it sooner or later.

To dream of other people painting spring
It means that you will enjoy immense support from your loved ones. You can think of yourself as a lucky person because you are surrounded by the people who love and respect you. You have someone to turn to for help, advice, or suggestions, which is important to every individual. You have to make an effort to return the favor to the people you love and be at their service when they need it.

Spring in a Dream - Meaning and symbolism

To dream of a painting of spring
It means that you are an optimist and that people like spending time with you. You give them hope that their problems will get resolved and try to keep a positive attitude in the hardest moments. If you see a painting of spring that causes restlessness in you in your dream, it means that someone or something might ruin your plans.

To dream of a photo with motifs of spring
When you see a photo with motifs of spring in a dream, it can symbolize an upcoming trip. You might visit friends you haven’t seen in a long time, or you will finally go on vacation. Anyhow, the change of scenery will suit you and help you recharge your batteries to face new upcoming obligations as painlessly as possible.

To dream of a postcard with motifs of spring
A dream wherein you see a postcard with motifs of spring means that a loved one could visit you soon. We are talking about someone who doesn’t live in your city for a long time, but you have stayed close. You will be glad to see that person, which is why you will make an effort to welcome them to your home.

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To dream of a spring wedding
It symbolizes a change in your love status. People who have been single for a long time could fall in love soon. If you are in a relationship, there is a chance that you will get married or move in with your partner. Married people could get a baby soon.

When you dream of attending a spring wedding, it means that you will envy someone for the relationship they have with a loved one. You will want your partner to be as romantic and affectionate as theirs.

If you dream of your ex-partner getting married in spring, it means that you are lying to yourself that you are happy for that person. You hide what you honestly think about them, and you will stay a prisoner of the past.

To dream about a spring harvest
A spring harvest in a dream symbolizes new beginnings. You will probably manage to leave the past behind you and finally turn to the future. You will have enough will, strength, and courage to turn your wishes into reality.

To dream of a smell of spring
Sensing the smell of spring in a dream is a good sign. Such dreams predict big turnovers in your life. Your long-term wish might come true. No matter what it is, you can count on a positive outcome.

Spring in a Dream - Meaning and symbolism

Interpretations of such dreams can differ depending on when you had a dream about spring.

To dream of spring during winter
If you dream of spring during winter, it means that you shall not make impulsive decisions and conclusions because you will end up disappointed. It is important not to rush with some things but think about them well before you figure out what to do.

To dream of spring during spring
This dream symbolizes joy, prosperity, and a good mood. If you are down, disappointed, or mad at someone or something at the moment, that could change soon. Beautiful things will happen to you, and the quality of your life will drastically change. You can achieve a lot by having small dreams, which is why you have to be modest and realistic, and you will see progress in every aspect of your life soon.

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To dream about spring during summer
When you dream about spring during summer, it symbolizes nostalgia. There is a chance that you lament past times that you can’t turn back. You probably believe that you were happier then, but you don’t give yourself a chance to see the positive things happening to you now.

To dream of spring during fall
If you have a dream about spring during fall, it symbolizes reborn hope or the feelings that disappeared a long time ago. That especially applies to people who were in long and serious relationships before. There is a chance that you have recently encountered that person and started thinking about how your life would have looked like if you stayed together. That is dangerous if you are not over your ex. You have to ask yourself whether the emotions you feel at the moment are real or not.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If spring recently started or ended, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of spring

Spring is the season that begins on March 21st in the northern hemisphere and lasts until June 21st.

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