Meaning of Spitting in a Dream

Spitting dream meaning

If you dream of spitting at someone, it means that you will argue. Someone might annoy you so much that you will react in a way uncharacteristic for you. One can’t say that you will regret your actions, but you will know that you have made a poor judgment and should have ignored the person in question who has achieved their goal that way.

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To dream of someone spitting at you

If someone spits at you in a dream, it means that you will be lucky. You have probably had to put up with many things in your business and personal life to get where you are now. You were often one step away from giving up, but the thought about a reward motivated you and stopped you from doing something stupid.

To dream of watching someone getting spat at

When you dream of someone getting spat at, it symbolizes cowardness. You probably will not defend someone weaker or innocent of what others accuse them of. You will mind your own business and stay out of trouble, but you will know that you didn’t act per your conscience and regret it.

To dream of spitting in the distance

It means that you are bored. You probably don’t have many obligations, which is why you spend days playing video games, watching shows, sleeping, etc. You don’t see sense in anything and expect life to start unfolding on its own, creating the job or school opportunities for you.

Meaning of Spitting in a Dream

To dream of spitting blood

It means that you have to have a checkup. You think about your health when it is in jeopardy only and take it for granted. You also don’t pay much attention to physical activity, the food you eat, and other things that could help you stay healthy.

Interpretations can differ depending on who you spat at or who spat on you in a dream.

To dream of spitting at your mother

It means that you have a guilty conscience because you neglected her. Your mother is an important part of your life, but you can be harsh toward her because of differences in opinions regarding specific topics. Considering that you know that your mother has good intentions only, you have to ask for forgiveness, even though she has probably done it already since she can’t stay mad at you for long.

To dream about a mother spitting at you

This dream means that you have to listen to her piece of advice. You are in a moral, financial, or emotional crisis and don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, you will ask for help from the person you trust the most, who is your mother in this case. You need not hesitate to do what she suggests because of it.

To dream of spitting at your father

It means that you resent him for something. You probably had conflicts about some things when you were a child, and you regret listening to his advice instead of doing what you had believed was right. It is easy to blame others for personal failures. You have to start taking responsibility for your mistakes because that is the only way to learn from them.

To dream of your father spitting at you

If you dream of your father spitting at you, it means that you try hard to fulfill his expectations. He probably has high hopes for you and maybe even wants to achieve his ambitions through you. Since you didn’t choose your journey alone, you have a hard time putting up with that pressure, and you could snap at the worst moment possible. You have to be honest with yourself and your father because of it.

To dream about spitting at your sibling

Spitting at your brother or sister in a dream symbolizes bad communication present between you or a conflict. You probably compete or want to prove that one is better than the other. However, you would achieve your goals more easily if you supported and cheered up one another. The argument can be related to the division of property or inheritance, as well.

Meaning of Spitting in a Dream

To dream of your sibling spitting at you

When you dream of your brother or sister spitting at you, it means that the person in question disagrees with your life choices. They probably believe that you have chosen the wrong path to success or a bad life partner. If your relatives don’t approve of your relationship, you are probably hurt and feel like they want you to pick sides. You will have a hard time balancing two entirely different groups of people fighting over you.

To dream of spitting at your partner

Spitting at your partner is not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams predict arguments or even the end of a relationship or marriage. The rose-colored glasses stage is probably over, which has made your relationship worse. If you often wonder how your life would look like if you were not together, it is an obvious warning that you have to do something about it.

To dream of your partner spitting at you

It means that you feel like the person in question doesn’t respect you as much as you deserve. They probably minimize your effort, work, and success or take you for granted. However, your accusations could be unfounded, so there is no need to accuse your loved one of something if you don’t have a proof for it. You can solve that issue with an honest conversation only.

To dream of spitting at your friend

Spitting at your friend in a dream means that you envy that person for something. Your friend might have achieved everything you fantasize about. They have a good job, decent salary, or a relationship with a partner you would like by your side. You will not get anything beneficial by poisoning yourself with negative emotions but become bitter. It would be better to look up to that person and start fulfilling your wishes and goals.

To dream of your friend spitting at you

If you dream of your friend spitting at you, it means that the person in question gossips about you. They don’t have the courage to say to your face what mistakes you make, in their opinion, but debate about it with others instead. Your friend might be afraid of hurting you, which is why they don’t want to confront you, or that person is not your friend at all.

To dream of spitting at your colleague

It means that you are salty about not achieving progress as quickly as that person. Professors probably respect them more or shower them with benefits you can’t brag about. Considering that your colleague doesn’t even know that you compete with them, what you do is pointless. You have to make an effort to be the best at what you do and stop comparing yourself to others.

To dream about your colleague spitting at you

This dream can mean that your colleague will ask for your help. The person in question might turn to you for advice regarding passing an important exam or the job you do. You need not be vain but help the person in need.

Meaning of Spitting in a Dream

To dream of spitting at your boss

Dreaming of spitting at your boss is the most customary dream of all the mentioned above. Such dreams symbolize frustration because of unfulfilled ambitions. You probably believe that you deserve a higher salary or better position in the company you work for. If you know that you can’t make progress there, it is time to start looking for another job.

To dream of your boss spitting at you

If you dream of your boss spitting at you, it means that you could do something stupid in the heat of the moment. Someone might provoke you by minimizing your knowledge, experience, or success. Instead of responding with a smile, you will snap and help them achieve their goal and rejoice. It is best to ignore such people because they see it as their failure.

To dream of spitting at a doctor

Spitting at a doctor in a dream means that you have to take care not only of your physical but mental health as well. You need not neglect the symptoms you feel or diagnose yourself with the help of magazines or the Internet but ask for professional help.

To dream of a doctor spitting at you

When you dream of a doctor spitting at you, it means that you will work with unprofessional people. You will realize that some of them are really arrogant and wonder what grounds they have for such a way of thinking.

To dream about spitting at a stranger

Spitting at a stranger in a dream means that you have to learn to channel negative energy. You can’t take your frustrations and bad mood on the people who love you because they have done nothing wrong to deserve it. You have to deal with inner demons differently so that people around you don’t feel it on their skin.

To dream of a stranger spitting on you

This dream means that you will experience something unpleasant. You will probably witness an argument between two people you have recently met. They will not be afraid to air all their dirty laundry but try to drag you into the conflict as well. You can’t let them do it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently spat on someone, or someone spat on you, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of spitting

Spitting is the expulsion of the salivary glands’ products.

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