To be sick
If you are dreaming of not being seriously ill, it means that you will not pay attention to temporary worries. You will have clear goals and you will dedicatedly work on achieving them. You will not let trivial things distract you and make you neglect everything that you have planned to achieve. If you would stress out about small things, who knows what would happen to you. It is possible that you don’t have a lot of free time, but you are used to sacrificing it for the achievement of your goals.

To be seriously ill
Dreaming of being seriously ill warns of troubles. You will be under a lot of stress, because you will fall in debt. You will have a deadline to pay them off, otherwise you will face with consequences. That will burden you a lot and affect your physical and mental health greatly.

Dreaming of being sick and then getting well
This dream symbolizes joy. You will get out of a relationship that has been smothering you for a while. You will have a feeling that you are finally breathing again and that a huge burden is off of your chest now. You will enjoy in freedom and the fact that no one is controlling you, like your ex-partner has done before. You will not want to go to the old ways, so lessons you have learned from this experience will be really beneficial for you.

To dream that your partner is sick
If you are dreaming of your partner being sick, it means that you are afraid that you are not fulfilling their expectations. You will have to work on your self-confidence, because insecurity could ruin your relationship or marriage. Try to think of the things that you are bringing into the relationship. Which traits have attracted your partner in the first place? Try to go back to the beginning of your love journey. Make sure that you find out the answer on your own, instead of bombarding them with questions every day.

To dream that your child is sick
Dreaming of your child being sick means that you are tired of everyday fight for survival. Many obligations, stress and the constant lack of money are affecting your mind negatively. No matter how serious problems that you are facing with are, you need to make sure to find something positive in all of it. Kids are the main reason for parents to never give up, even though they are tired of everything. Find energy for new challenges in them.

To dream of your mother being sick
If you are dreaming of your mother being sick, it means that you lack affection and attention. You are a person that doesn’t seem emotional because you are trying to present yourself as courageous and reliable to other people. However, it is human nature to be vulnerable and show weakness sometimes. Don’t be scared if the armor that is protecting you falls down from time to time, because you will show that you are just a human made out of flesh and blood.

To dream of your father being sick
A dream in which you see a sick father symbolizes good business opportunities. It is possible that you will get an offer in the near future that can’t be turned down. You will probably have to move to another city because of it, so you will ask yourself if the money is a good enough reason to leave those you love. On the other hand, you would achieve your long-lasting wish, so the chances are that you will accept the offer.

To dream of your siblings being sick
If you are dreaming of your siblings being sick, it means that you will soon meet an influential person who could help you achieve some plans. There is a possibility that you will start your own business, or expand the existing one. Pay attention to the situation on the market and talk to a professional about it before you make a risky move.

To dream of your grandparents being sick
If you are dreaming of your grandparents being sick, that symbolizes fear of death. It is possible that someone from your family died recently, which has made a strong impression on you. You have started to think about it and became obsessed with questions about the afterlife. Good news is that this is just a phase. As soon as you find another preoccupation, you will forget about your current worries.

To dream of your dog being sick
Dreaming of your dog being sick means that you will be disappointed with friends. You will realize that you have trusted them blindly and always been there for them when they needed you, but now when you are having a hard time, you have no one to count on. A good thing is that you can always count on your family’s support, but you will start to believe that true friendships don’t exist anymore. However, give people a chance to prove you wrong. You will recognize who deserves to be considered your friend more easily after this experience.

To dream of your cat being sick
If you are dreaming of your cat being sick, it means that you should visit a doctor. You have certain symptoms for a while, but you neglected them in the beginning. Now, you are searching for a diagnosis and medications on the Internet. You yourself know how wrong that is, but you are afraid of going to a checkup. Be responsible to yourself, because as soon as you find out what the problem is, you will be relieved.

Dreaming of your loved ones getting well
When you dream of your partner getting well, it means that the communication between you two will improve. If you are dreaming of your parents getting well, it means that your financial situation will improve in the near future. If you are dreaming of your siblings getting well, it means that you will change a job.

A dream in which your child is getting well symbolizes peace and prosperity that will come after a very stressful period. If you are dreaming of your grandparents getting well, it means that you should be more responsible when it comes to obligations. Being childish is cute sometimes, but the time to grow up has come.

Dreaming of your pet getting well symbolizes big expenses. It is possible that your car or some house appliance will break down, so buying a new one instead of fixing it will be a much cheaper option.

To be surrounded by sick people
Dreaming of being surrounded by sick people means that you should get rid of prejudices as soon as possible. Get informed about something or someone before you make any kind of a conclusion.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been sick, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of sickness

Sickness is any departure from being healthy. It affects some organs or the whole body and it is often shown through certain symptoms.

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