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Meaning of Bribe in a Dream

To dream of bribing someone
If you bribe someone in a dream, it is a warning to watch out for sketchy business deals. You have to analyze the situation before making decisions. You will not pay attention to what you are saying, which is why someone might misinterpret your words or resent you for something.

To dream of someone bribing you
If you dream of someone bribing you, it symbolizes cunningness. You always make an effort to take advantage of the situation to gain something for yourself and your family. You hang out with people that can help you because they are influential. You always manage to get what you want, which is why no one dares to question your decisions.

To dream of witnessing a bribe
When you dream of witnessing one person bribing another, it means that you don’t trust someone. You might be present while your loved ones have a conversation about someone else’s life. You will realize that they judge almost everyone based on their mistakes, which is why you will wonder if they say the same things for you when you are not present.

To dream of admitting that someone bribed you
If you dream of admitting to taking a bribe, it means that you will be honest with yourself. You have probably tried to adjust to someone but realized that you are starting to lose your identity in the process. No matter if we are talking about your partner, friends, or someone else, you will decide to stop that charade and go back to those who have accepted you with all your flaws.

To dream of someone not managing to bribe you
When you dream of someone not succeeding in bribing you, it symbolizes honesty. You have probably had a chance to earn a lot of money but didn’t want to do what someone asked of you. Even though you would have solved most of your problems that way, you have realized that honor and respect are more important to you than living comfortably, which would remind you of the principles you have stepped over.

To dream about not managing to bribe someone
If you dream of someone refusing to take your bribe, it means that you will work with honest people. You know that such people are almost extinct in today’s day and age, which is why a person who doesn’t achieve their goals by jeopardizing other people but has a conscience will surprise you. You will be glad to have a chance to meet them because the person in question will restore your faith in people who nurture the same values as you.

To dream of refusing to bribe someone
If you dream of not agreeing to bribe someone to do you a favor, it means that you are a moral person. You keep your word and rarely go against your beliefs. That brings you more harm than good sometimes, but you see that as a small sacrifice for what you are trying to achieve, which is always to be able to walk through town with your head high.

To dream of getting arrested for offering a bribe
If you dream of the police arresting you for offering a bribe, it means that your past mistakes will backfire on you soon. You have done something you are not proud of and would like to forget. However, you will quickly realize that both good and bad come around in life. You will learn how not to behave in the future through it if nothing else.

To dream of getting arrested for taking a bribe
If you dream of the police arresting you for accepting a bribe, it means that you have to be more discrete. You talk too much about your plans and goals in front of people whose intentions are not familiar to you. You have to talk about specific things only with the people you honestly trust because someone will take advantage of your trust to achieve personal interests.

To dream about accusing someone of offering a bribe
Accusing someone of offering a bribe in a dream means that you will discover someone’s secret. You might accidentally find out about someone’s bad deed and not be able to stay quiet. You know that the whole situation can have a negative effect on you too, but you will see it as your duty to bring the truth to the surface.

To dream of getting convicted for offering a bribe
A dream wherein the court convicts you to prison or amercement for offering a bribe to someone can suggest that you haven’t learned anything from your mistakes. You like to believe that the whole universe has conspired against you and that you can’t make progress because of it. However, you are the blame for it, and once you realize it and start changing some habits or a way of thinking, things will turn for the better.

To dream of getting convicted for accepting the bribe
When you dream of the court convicting you to prison or amercement for accepting a bribe, it means that you can’t make big and important decisions impulsively. You are in a complicated situation at the moment and don’t know what to do. However, you can’t make sudden moves but think about the consequences of your decisions. You can even talk about your problem with someone you trust if necessary.

Interpretations differ depending on who you have tried or managed to bribe in a dream.

To dream of bribing a police officer
Bribing a police officer in a dream means that you have made a risky move and fearfully wait to see how things will turn out to be now. You have started believing in a saying – he who doesn’t risk doesn’t make a profit, but you are not sure if some of your decisions will pay off. You feel insecure and sometimes regret not being able to turn back time because you would have done things entirely differently.

To dream of bribing a judge
If you dream of bribing a judge, it means that you will have immense expenses. One of your investments might not pay off, or you will decide to buy real estate or a car. Anyhow, you will probably have to take a loan to pay off your debts because your savings will not be enough for such a venture.

To dream about bribing a doctor
Bribing a doctor in a dream means that someone you saw as your idol might disappoint you. You will realize that the person in question has too many traits you don’t like and that you have idolized them for years. The change of your opinion will probably lead to cutting all communication with that person for good.

To dream of bribing a nurse
When you dream of bribing a nurse, it means that you are trying to predict all obstacles on your way to achieving success. You know what you want and how to achieve it, but you don’t want any surprises. Considering that life is not a flat line, you will probably face some challenges later and have to deal with them on the go. You can’t let that discourage you.

To dream about bribing a professor
If you dream of bribing your professor, it means that you will give up on one idea or project that you have been working on for a long time. Even though you have invested a lot of effort into it, the results are not visible. You will figure out that it is time to give up on it and dedicate your attention to more constructive things in life.

To dream of bribing a politician
Bribing a politician in a dream means that you will adjust to other people’s opinions to achieve your goals. You will realize that you can’t solve all your problems with your usual way of thinking and attitudes and decide to change the tune and go against your beliefs. There is a chance that you will regret your decision later.

To dream of bribing a public official
When you dream of bribing a public official in the city hall, it means that you will betray someone. You might have promised something to someone but forgot about it or didn’t manage to keep your word. You will be ashamed when you encounter that person on the street but decide to act as you have never said anything. You will become the target of gossips because of such behavior, which is why it would be better to admit what is going on than pretend that everything is fine.

To dream about bribing your boss
If you dream about bribing your future boss to hire you, it means that you doubt your own skills, abilities, and knowledge. That is probably the result of deeply rooted insecurities and a lack of self-confidence. Once you deal with that, your life will be a lot simpler, which will create numerous chances for making progress.

To dream of bribing a colleague
If you dream of bribing a colleague from work to do you a favor that will help you make progress, it means that you will owe someone money. You might borrow it from a friend or acquaintance and have a problem paying them back. Another possibility is that someone will do you a favor and expect you to return it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently bribed someone or someone bribed you, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a bribe

Bribery is a crime punishable by the law. It consists of giving a bribe to officials to get something for oneself or someone else.

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