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What Does It Mean to Dream of a Bicycle?

To ride a bicycle
If you dream of riding a bicycle, it means that you will quickly achieve your goal. It is possible that you are not satisfied with the situation you are currently in, so you will decide to do something about it. You have great motivation to provide yourself with better life conditions and you will ignore people from your surroundings and their comments, telling you that they don’t believe in your success. You will prove that everything is achievable if you want it hard enough.

To see a bicycle
To see a bicycle in a dream implies that some days will be harder than others. The relationship with your partner will be unstable, so even you will not be able to properly name your relationship. It will seem like your chances of having a future together are being slimmer with time. Sometimes, you have a feeling that they love you more than everything in the world, while other times, they don’t even notice you.

To buy a bicycle
Dreaming of buying a bicycle symbolizes small gain. You will invest money into something that will seem pointless, at first. It is possible that you will be the first to start that business, but after other people see how well you are doing, they will start copying you. Your ideas will be original, so they will be interesting to your customers, who will be happy to pay for them.

To see a bicycle
Selling a bicycle in a dream means that you will have to give up some pleasure. You will have some additional expenses, in the following period, so you will have to make a list of priorities, in order to spend money on things that you really need. Even though you will give up something you really love, you will have an easier time with accepting it when you remember that you are doing it so that you can bestow something valuable to your family member.

To fall from a bike
When you fall from a bike in a dream, that warns you to be careful in traffic. You are not taking regulations seriously, so you are following your own rules. You always believe that nothing bad will happen to you. Someone from work will probably upset you and you will have a small car accident or you will get a ticket. Also, be careful where you park.

To see someone else falling from a bike
If you see someone else falling from a bike, it means that you are worried for a loved one’s health. You have probably invested a lot of effort to make them visit a doctor. It will turn out that your advice was great, because sometimes even insignificant symptoms can create a big problem. However, you don’t have to be worried, because they will soon be better, especially after they get diagnosed properly.

To repair a bike
A broken bicycle in a dream suggests that you want to fix something in the real world. That is probably related to a relationship with a loved one that hasn’t been the best lately. You sometimes believe that all the effort you are investing in is in vain, but your emotions are not letting you eliminate them from your life.

To steal a bike
Dreaming of stealing someone’s bike symbolizes a secret relationship. It is possible that you are having an affair or that you are dating someone who is taken. Anyhow, these dreams can symbolize restless consciousness.

To dream that someone stole your bike
This dream represents damage. You will invest money into something that will not bring you profit or any kind of advantage. Be careful when signing contracts or taking a loan.

To lose a bike
Dreaming of losing a bike means that some event has disrupted balance in your life. You are not dealing with it properly. You will have to be really patient in order to get out of that situation.

To see a cycling race
These dreams symbolize new beginnings. It is possible that you will decide to change your dwelling place, job, partner or even all of those things. You will realize that you were ignoring problems and worries for too long and that you are not satisfied with your life. No matter the reactions from people around you, you will decide to finally take your life into your own hands.

If, however, you decide to participate in a cycling race, it means that you are a competitive person. Winning is not the most important thing to you, but you enjoy in it, if it happens.

Interpretations of dreams depend on the color and type of bicycles that you dream of, as well.

Red bicycles symbolize beautiful love moments. If your bike in a dream is green, it means that you will decide to change some life habits- like exercising more or getting rid of some vice.

A yellow bicycle in a dream symbolizes nostalgia for carefree childhood days, while a white one suggests some kind of a dilemma. If you see a black bike in a dream, the following period will be difficult, but luckily, it will not last for long. A pink or purple bike symbolizes good sex, while a blue one suggests the need to escape the reality. Multicolored bikes in a dream suggest that you have fallen into a rut and that you are tired of everyday obligations.

Interpretations of dreams depend on types of the bikes that you dream of, as well.

To dream of a road bike
If you see a road bike in your dream, it means that you need to pay attention to your behavior. You often offend people that surround you with your words or actions. Your colleagues believe that you are a too ambitious person who is ready to do anything to get what they want.

To dream of a mountain bike
Mountain bikes in a dream symbolize the need for solitude. You desire to dedicate some time to yourself, to enjoy in some hobby or simply spend a day doing nothing. However, the current situation is not letting you do that, so you will have to satisfy yourself with quality sleep only. In the long run, you will have to change something in your life, because an excessive amount of stress and the lack of free time might affect your health negatively.

To dream of a city bike
Dreaming of observing or riding a city bike means that you should work on your social life. You are probably someone who doesn’t make friendships easily, while you have an even harder time with letting people get close to you. If you let it happen, you could meet a person who will amaze you with their beliefs and attitudes, in the near future.

To dream of an electrical bike
If you dream of riding an electrical bike, it means that you are a pragmatic person. You always try to solve problems looking for the easiest solutions that don’t require a lot of effort. Many people believe that you are lazy because of it, while they can’t see the bigger picture. These traits could help you a lot in your future life and work.

To dream of a twin bicycle
A twin bicycle usually symbolizes love life and it has a double meaning. The first meaning suggests that you are ready to accept your partner’s flaws and that you are determined to go through life with them by your side. The second meaning represents increased intuition that you are constantly repressing. You should maybe listen to it sometimes, because it is rarely wrong.

To dream of a children’s bicycle
A children’s bicycle in a dream usually represents a desire to have a child. If you already have children, it means that you are afraid for their future. However, be careful not to overdo it, because overprotectiveness could cost them a lot later in life. If, however, you don’t have children, a children’s bike symbolizes your desire to change that.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently ridden a bike, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a bike

A bike is a vehicle powered by the rider’s strength transformed into energy by turning pedals.

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