Kidnapping in dream meaning

Kidnapping in dream meaning

Kidnapping is a relatively common motif in dreams. Women and children have such dreams more often than men.

Even though it has an entirely negative meaning in real life, it can represent positive or negative events in dreams, depending on the context and details that follow them.

Planning a kidnapping in a dream

If you dream of planning a kidnapping, it implies you have difficulty articulating your feelings.

You are not brave enough to say or show it even when you like someone.

People have to squeeze words out of you, which can be exhausting. Those who know you are used to such behaviour, but that trait stops you from meeting new people and enriching your life with new experiences.

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To dream of participating in a kidnapping

If you dream of participating in kidnapping someone, it means you are under the strong influence of one person. It can be your family member, friend, or significant other.

Anyhow, most of the decisions you have recently made were imposed on you. You have to ask yourself if you want such a lifestyle.

Dream about successfully stopping someone’s kidnapping

When you dream about stopping someone from getting kidnapped, it implies you are a skilled manipulator. You never reveal your true intentions, even around people you are close with.

Instead, you use various tricks. You can persuade anyone into anything. However, you might come across a difficult nut to crack soon.

kidnapping in dream meaning
Kidnapping in dream meaning

To dream of witnessing a stranger getting kidnapped

If you see a stranger getting kidnapped in your dream, it symbolizes a lack of compassion.

You are so focused on yourself, your problems, your desires, and your needs that you don’t see other people.

You can’t say you have many friends because you often complain about your destiny.

Dreaming about watching a family member getting kidnapped

Watching a family member getting kidnapped in a dream means a lack of focus might get you in trouble.

Concentrate on what you do at work, and don’t think about anything else but what is happening around you in traffic.

Dream meaning of watching your partner getting kidnapped

If you see your significant other getting kidnapped in your dream, it means you shouldn’t take that person for granted.

Their love, affection, and patience are not limitless. The fact that you feel comfortable enough next to that person doesn’t mean you can neglect them.

Watching your ex getting kidnapped in a dream

A dream wherein you see your ex boyfriend getting kidnapped suggests you still think about that person. That doesn’t mean you are not over them, but they often come to your mind in some situations.

Another possibility is that the person in question has disappointed you so much that you no longer have beautiful memories of your relationship or marriage.

To dream of watching your crush getting kidnapped

Watching your crush get kidnapped in your dream implies you feel bad for not being brave enough to admit your feelings to that person.

This dream is a sign you should do something about it. If both of you are single, there is no reason not to ask them out.

kidnapping in dream meaning
Kidnapping in dream meaning

Dream about a child getting kidnapped

When you see your child getting kidnapped in your dream, you are worried about their future. Most parents worry about how their kids’ lives will look like.

However, if you are sure that you give them enough love, support, and attention, then there is no reason for them not to become good, honest, happy, and successful people.

If you see someone else’s child getting kidnapped in your dream, you will soon desire to become a parent or have another baby.

To dream of your friend getting kidnapped

If you dream of watching your friend getting kidnapped, it implies they will tell you a secret soon.

Your friend’s words might surprise you, but you must swear to take what you hear to the grave.

Dreaming of watching a coworker getting kidnapped

When you dream of watching your coworker getting kidnapped, you envy that person for their success, progress, or relationship with superiors. They probably possess the skills you lack.

Healthy competition can motivate you, but you don’t have to poison yourself with negative emotions. Instead, you have to work on yourself to achieve your goals.

Watching your boss get kidnapped in a dream

A dream wherein you see your boss get kidnapped means you will not get a promised raise or make career progress.

Your boss or superior has promised to improve your working conditions when some issues are resolved, but you can be sure they will not keep their word.

To dream of watching a late person getting kidnapped

If you dream of watching a late person getting kidnapped, it implies it is time to leave the past behind.

You spend too much time and energy thinking about some stressful and difficult events and can’t see your current opportunities or plan your future moves.

You can’t change the past, but you can fight for a better future.

Dream about watching a pregnant woman getting kidnapped

Watching a pregnant woman getting kidnapped in a dream means a person you have idolized for years will disappoint you.

You probably thought they were flawless, but you will soon realize the person in question possesses more traits you don’t appreciate than virtues.

You will distance yourself from them after that.

Dream meaning of a kidnapping of a celebrity

When you dream of the kidnapping of an actor, sportsperson, singer, etc., it implies you spend too much time watching TV and reading gossip sites.

You must find a hobby and introduce more physical activity into your daily life. Your life will become more fulfilled and interesting that way.

Writing about a kidnapping in a dream

Writing about a kidnapping in a dream symbolizes a creative block. You can’t solve the problem that bothers you because you haven’t looked at it from all angles.

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you trust about it. That person’s perspective might help you reach the solution faster and more easily.

To dream of reading about a kidnapping

Reading about a kidnapping in a dream means you are naïve and could end up with the dirty end of the stick.

You will probably believe someone who will exploit you to achieve their goals and interests.

You can avoid that if you approach people who have recently become a part of your life with more scepticism.

I dream about watching a documentary about kidnappings

Watching a documentary about kidnappings in a dream suggests you might become a victim of envy.

You probably possess something other people are jealous of. They will spread lies about you to discredit you and ruin your relationships with those you care about.

The worst you can do is go around and explain your side of the story to anyone who will listen. Your loved ones know the truth.

kidnapping in dream meaning
Kidnapping in dream meaning

To dream of getting suspected of kidnapping someone

If you dream of being a suspect in kidnapping, it implies you have a secret admirer. Someone likes you but is afraid of admitting it.

If you start paying attention, you will soon realize who that person is. It is up to you to decide what you will do next.

Getting accused of kidnapping in a dream

When you dream of getting accused of kidnapping someone, it means you will try to explain yourself to someone you hurt or betrayed in vain.

That person will not believe you anything. You should have thought about it earlier instead of pretending you didn’t make a mistake and feel the need to apologize.

To dream of getting sentenced for kidnapping

If you dream of getting sentenced to prison for kidnapping someone, it implies some past things will come back to haunt you soon.

Only then will you realize how stupid you were, but you will not have a chance to make things right.

The only good thing that will come out of that situation is that you will learn what you can never do again.

If you dream of getting sentenced to death for kidnapping, it means you underestimate the problem you are facing. It is bigger than you want to admit to yourself.

Dreaming of someone you know kidnapping you

When you dream of someone you know kidnapping you, it implies you are lonely. People who have been single for a long time know that feeling well.

However, it is not normal to feel that way if you are married or in a relationship.

In that case, the dream suggests you have to have a serious conversation about what bothers you with your loved one.

To dream about a stranger kidnapping you

This dream symbolizes a new acquaintance. You will soon meet an exciting person and wish to spend more time in their company. If we talk of someone of the opposite sex, we might fall in love.

Dream meaning of managing to escape your kidnapper

If you dream of escaping your kidnapper, it implies you are braver and stronger than you think. One situation will prove it, and you will never doubt yourself and your abilities again.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently watched a story about someone’s kidnapping on TV, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a kidnapping

Kidnapping is the criminal act of taking a person without their consent and keeping them captive to demand a ransom in exchange for release.

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