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To dream of a general

General Dream Meaning. If you see a general in a dream, it means that you will end up in the company of famous people. You will probably have the opportunity to go to a seminar or some other kind of business perfecting and specialization. You will be aware of the welfare this chance can bring you, so you will use every moment to soak up the knowledge and show that you are the right person they can count on when they decide to promote someone. You will not be afraid to show gratitude, which your superiors will perceive as a positive personality trait.

To be a general

Dreaming of being a general suggests that a successful business for you is the best reward. Your main goal at this moment is to build a career and reputation that will be the best recommendation for every job. You will be careful with words and decisions so that you are not unjust, too harsh, or too mellow to anyone. Your private life and people who love you will suffer the most because of such ambitions. You will not have enough time to dedicate yourself to them, and it is even possible that you will isolate yourself because you don’t like to do anything halfway.

To become a general

When you are dreaming of being in the army and being promoted into a general, that symbolizes money gain. Your superior will probably give you a better paycheck, or they will reward you with a temporary stimulation. You will welcome the money since you have been spending a lot lately. Try to save something so that you can go on a vacation without worries this time or to have enough to stay as much as you want.

If someone else gets promoted into a general in your dream, it means that you will envy your colleague for achieving the success they wanted before you. Don’t let vanity ruin your plans, but take it as a motivation to improve your career.

To meet a general

If you are dreaming of meeting a general, it means that the person you are married to or in a relationship with needs to have a good reputation and be respected by the society. You don’t care whether your partner or friend has money or power, but other people need to appreciate them. Many people believe that you are a snob because they are interpreting your wishes wrongly. You give everyone a chance, but if it turns out that they don’t deserve it, you don’t intend on keeping them in your life a minute longer.

To talk to a general

Dreaming of talking to a general suggests that you will meet someone who will help you find a job, change it, or even start your own business. That help might come through many contacts they have or in the form of money invested in your job. You will make sure to never betray their trust and to give them back the money they have invested in you sooner or later.

To argue with a general

If you are dreaming of arguing with a general, it means that you have problems with authority, especially if it turns out that a person you are supposed to listen to knows less about something than you. You often find yourself morally and intellectually superior and more capable than most of your bosses. Because of it, you often argue with them, not only to show that you are right but to persuade your colleagues that they don’t deserve to be on the positions they are assigned. Your superiors are afraid of you because of such an attitude while your colleagues adore you.

To fight with a general

A dream in which you are fighting with a general is the result of a stressful situation from real life. You probably didn’t say everything you wanted in a fight or someone insulted you, but you didn’t react the way you wanted. Anyhow, you have transferred that unpleasant feeling into a dream. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to think of positive and successful things before going to sleep instead of battles you have lost only.

To dream of a general being your superio

This dream symbolizes your need to gain control over your life. You are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and not being able to plan the future. You would like to change that, but unfortunately, you don’t have a partner or an ally who has the same wishes. However, you can achieve some things on your own, as well, you just need to make an effort.

To kiss a general

Having any kind of intimacy with a general, whether they are male or female, symbolizes a secret that you want to hide since you are afraid of judgment. Your fear is completely justified because this is not the first time you are facing such situations. However, if you don’t tell someone what is bothering you, your consciousness will continue to haunt you, and you will never be happy.

To run away from a general A dream in which you are running away from a general means that you are irresponsible with yourself and others. You often give promises, but you don’t feel like keeping them, so you give up on them. No wonder that people don’t ask you for help anymore since they can never count on you. The worst of all is that you act the same with your obligations as well. You still haven’t made a decision that you have managed to follow through with.

To kill a general

When you are dreaming of killing a general in a dream, it means that you will lose the support of family and friends that you have had until now. Many people have supported you in achieving your wishes, but everything changed when you started making decisions they didn’t like. They have concluded that you have changed and that they can’t recognize you anymore. That is probably the reason for not being applauded for your every move anymore.

To see a dead general

If you are dreaming of a dead general, you will probably suffer a loss because of recklessness. Someone will trick you into doing something you don’t like, or that is not in accordance with the law. You will do it only to please them, but you will regret it as soon as you realize what the whole situation is about. Take this as a lesson to never let anyone persuade you into something again and to ask for advice from your reason and gut more often.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you are a general or you have recently seen one, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a general

The general is the officer of the highest rank at the top of the military or police hierarchy.

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