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Kiss and Kissing What Does It Mean to Dream of Kissing?

Kissing in dreams

Kissing in dreams almost always represents positive things, regardless of kissing with a loved one, family members of strangers. However, dreaming of kissing in inappropriate places or with inappropriate people can have negative meanings. In the following article you can find more information about meanings of dreams about kissing and kisses.

Dreaming of kissing a friend on the cheek

If you are kissing a friend in a dream, it means that you will reconcile with someone. It is possible that you and your friend became distant because of things that seem silly now, but were serious previously. Even though a lot of time has passed, you will remember adventures that you’ve experienced together and you will be nostalgic for those times. Don’t let pride stops you from renewing relationships that are truly valuable. Your consciousness is telling you that with this dream.

dream of kissing
Kiss and Kissing What Does It Mean to Dream of Kissing?

Dreaming of making out with a friend

This dream symbolizes an upcoming romantic relationship with someone who is always by your side. You haven’t looked at that person in a romantic way until now. Your relationship will be extremely successful and have a happy ending.

Dreaming of kissing a dead person

Dreaming of kissing a deceased person warns you of acquaintance’s death. It is possible that you’ve remembered someone who died and that you talked about it. That has burden you, so you’ve dreamed this dream. In that case this dream doesn’t have any specific meaning.

To see other people kissing

It symbolizes sadness. You probably like someone who is in a relationship. You are sad because you can’t be with a person that seems perfect to you. You think that they are the best choice for you. Try looking at things realistically and you might realize that you have idolized that person. There must be a good reason for you two not ending up together.

Dreaming of kissing with a loved one

It is a sign that you can relax, since pleasant moments after rough fights are coming. If you have had problems recently, you will solve them the most efficiently in bed. You will have a romantic intercourse, after which your relationship will be a lot better. Dreaming of kissing a spouse symbolizes upcoming fights in your home, caused by someone’s family.

It is possible that your family members are meddling in your marital and family relationships, which is complicating your life even more. Let them know that you are capable of solving your own problems by yourself. If you see that your partner is asking for their support, have a serious conversation with them.

Women dreaming of kissing other women

This dream suggests that you are secretly restraining from the society’s moral and ethical norms. It can also symbolize an internal struggle.

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Men dreaming of kissing other men

This dream suggests that you are secretly restraining from the society’s moral and ethical norms. It can also symbolize an internal struggle.

Dreaming of kissing with someone else’s husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend

It means that everything you do ends up being successful. If you are planning on changing a job, this is the best moment to do so. You have a possibility to go on a trip with your partner. Even though that doesn’t seem like the best decision at the first sight, you will realize that it could help you strengthen your relationship. This is your moment, so use it the best you possibly can.

dream of kissing
Kiss and Kissing What Does It Mean to Dream of Kissing?

Dreaming of kissing a stranger on the cheek

You will gain respect. It is also possible that someone will unexpectedly gain your respect.

Dreaming of kissing your parents on the cheek

An upcoming shorter or longer trip. It is possible that your parents will be worried for you for some other reason.

Dreaming of kissing your parents romantically

This dream symbolizes upcoming shame that you can avoid if you don’t act impulsively. Take some time to think about an unexpected situation and them decide what you want to do.

Dreaming of kissing your siblings on the forehead or on the cheek

If you are younger than your siblings, this dream means that they are slowly accepting that you are growing up. If you are older than them, then you are the one who is accepting that they are not children any more.

Dreaming of kissing your siblings romantically

When a dream with siblings has romantic or sexual connotations that symbolizes an upcoming public embarrassment that you will not be able to avoid.

Dreaming of kissing an animal

It means that you are a caring person and that your family and friends are extremely lucky to have you.

Dreaming of kissing a baby

It symbolizes a good upcoming party with your friends.

Dreaming of kissing a pregnant woman

It symbolizes a stable and happy life.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have kissed a friend, your wife or a husband recently that has definitely made an impression on you.

To dream of kissing a celebrity

It symbolizes a new beginning. People that are trying to build their careers will get good business offers. You can’t miss out on them out of fear of change.

These dreams suggest that you are not using your potential as much as you should. It is time to start achieving your wishes and stop setting every idea to failure even before you try to realize it.

To dream of kissing a priest’s hand

It means that you are religious. You are someone who strongly believes in the existence of higher powers that created us. You respect God’s commandments and regularly visit religious places where you find the peace you need.

dream of kissing
Kiss and Kissing What Does It Mean to Dream of Kissing?

To dream of kissing a priest on a cheek

It symbolizes loneliness and your need for protection. You currently feel like you are alone and have a hard time coping with the situations that are happening to you. You are trying to make people believe that everything is under control, but you actually feel like someone has pulled the rug underneath your feet. Luckily, that phase is temporary, so make sure to stay persistent and patient. Everything will be a lot better soon.

To dream of a romantic kiss with a priest

It means that you are someone who can’t stand any kind of constraint. You enjoy freedom, but you are also aware that all of it can be hard sometimes. People like you have a problem with authority, so changing jobs because of the conflicts with bosses is something extremely familiar to you. Besides that, you have a hard time getting attached to people and places because you believe that all of that is jeopardizing your freedom and independence.

To dream about kissing someone’s photo

It means that you miss that person. There is a chance that you don’t live in the same city or that obligations don’t let you spend more time together. If you are kissing a stranger’s photo in a dream, it means that you will soon meet someone with who you will become close quickly.

To dream of kissing an ikon

This dream suggests that you strongly believe in the success of the thing you are working on at the moment. You invest a lot of time and effort into it, knowing that all of it will pay off one day. Luckily, you don’t have a problem with motivation, while your creativity is on another level as well. If you continue acting like that, success is guaranteed for you.

To dream of blowing a kiss to someone

It means that you will change your dwelling place because of work or school. You will know that that decision is the best for you, but you will still be sad about getting separated from those you love.

If you are dreaming of blowing a kiss to a stranger, it means that you will compete with someone in real life. You will probably want to prove to your boss that you are a better employee than your colleague, which is why you will work even harder than before. On the other hand, there is a chance that you will compete with another person for someone’s affection.

To dream about someone blowing a kiss your way

It symbolizes fear from separation. There is a chance that someone you care about will travel to another city or state, and you will be sad because of it. You will be afraid that their leaving will ruin your relationship. You might be right, but you are the only one that can stop that from happening.

When you are dreaming of a stranger blowing a kiss to you, it means that you have a secret admirer. Someone from your surroundings has feelings for you, but they didn’t admit it. The reasons for it are numerous – they might be too shy, or you might already have someone. You have probably noticed some signs but decided that it is best to ignore them.

Definition of kissing

Kissing is a touch of lips that can have various meanings. You can show respect, greetings, affection or intensity of love with it.

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