MDream about Mule – Meaning and Symbolism
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Dream about Mule – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of a mule
If you see a mule in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for malicious people. They will probably cause trouble to you in the following period and try to ruin the reputation you have built for years. Even though you didn’t do anything to deserve such behavior, they will not be able to forgive you for being more successful than them and for having a brighter future. Another meaning of this dream is that people don’t appreciate your effort enough. There is a chance that you do more than what you are paid for while people who are less capable than you get better positions. You are continuously facing unjust deeds that hurt you, but you can’t relax and slack like most of your colleagues, no matter how hard you try.

To dream of walking a mule
Dreaming of walking and guiding a mule means that you are trying to make a good impression. You are someone who wants to please everyone, which is why you can’t understand how there is always someone who doesn’t like you. There is a chance that someone will ask you to say on whose side you are because it is impossible to have a good relationship with everyone.

To dream of other people walking a mule
When you see someone else walking a mule in a dream, it means that you shouldn’t let stereotypes control your life. You are someone who has clearly stated opinions about many things, but you often make judgments based on your predictions instead of knowledge and experience. Because of it, you miss the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and enrich your life with great experiences.

To dream of a mule running through a filed freely
This dream means that you will get rid of a huge problem soon. There is something that has been stressing you out for a long time. You have tried everything you could to approach that problem properly, but you are not making any progress. Now you will decide to let time do its thing, which will later turn out to be the right thing to do.

To dream about a mule escaping
If you are dreaming about a mule getting free and running away from you, it means that you are trying to take control of your life in vain. Some past events have made you feel lost and confused. You are not dealing with some situations well while the problems are piling up. You don’t have the strength to face them or think about the future. The first thing you need to do to get back on track is make peace with the mistakes you have made and start fixing them.

To dream of riding a mule
Riding a mule in a dream means that you are very ambitious. You know what you want, and you are fighting to achieve it. You don’t care what people will think about the methods you are using to get it, which is why you often burn bridges behind you. You will probably gain wealth and success that you fantasize about, but you will not have many people that you can celebrate that with.

To dream about other people riding a mule
When you see someone else riding a mule in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for poltroons. Someone from your surroundings is spending time with you just because they believe you can help them achieve their goals. That person will not be afraid to take advantage of you or even hurt you if that will help them get what they want.

To dream of a mule throwing you off its back
This dream means that you have to be careful when choosing your associates and friends. Pay extra attention to who you are talking with about your secrets, fears, and ideas because someone will try to take advantage of your trust. Talk about important things only with people close to you – your partner, family members, or close friends.

To dream of a mule kicking you with its legs
If you dream of a mule kicking you with its legs, that symbolizes disappointment in a loved one. Someone will offend or hurt you, and you will have a hard time moving past that. Only after you realize that life is too short to hold grudges, you will give them a chance to apologize.

To dream of running away from a mule
Running away from a mule means that you are underestimating your knowledge and skills. You are a very modest person who avoids talking about their qualities. You believe that deeds speak more than words, and you are not pushy. You often see other people making progress in their career even though they possess less knowledge or work less than you. If you start appreciating yourself and standing out more, you would make progress as well.

To dream of other people running away from a mule
If you dream of someone running away from a mule, it means that someone’s decisions and actions will surprise you. One of your friends or family members will do something that you didn’t expect. However, you will not ask them about it since you believe that their life is theirs and that you shouldn’t meddle in it.

To dream of feeding a mule
Feeding a mule in a dream means that you will be naïve in a specific situation. Someone will persuade you to do something that has negative consequences. You will not even think about it but let that person’s sweet talk seduces you. Only later will you realize how stupid you have been.

To dream of other people feeding a mule
When you see someone else feeding a mule in a dream, it means that you will try in vain to talk a loved one out of one idea or plan. You will believe that what they are doing will cause more harm than good. You will advise that person to give up on it because of it, but they will not listen. You will see the consequences of their actions later, but don’t tell them – I told you so because that will not help them.

To dream about calking a mule
Calking a mule in a dream symbolizes an unpleasant conversation with a partner. You have been postponing facing problems that bother you because you are afraid of the way your loved one will react to them. However, you will decide to tell that person what is going on because you are not a coward.

To dream of other people calking a mule
This dream means that your loved one will tell you a secret that you will not like. There is a chance that you will change your opinion of them because of it.

To dream of buying a mule
Dreaming of buying a mule means that you will have an important and responsible task. You will have to work diligently and for a long time on it to achieve wanted results. There is even a chance that you will be pressured to do it or that someone will humiliate or disappoint you. However, you will manage to stay persistent in your intent to succeed.

To dream of selling a mule
Selling a mule in a dream means that you will listen to pieces of advice from people dear to you and give up on one project or idea. You will come to a conclusion that what you are doing will not result in success and that you are wasting your time and strength in vain. You will probably turn to more constructive things in your life.

To dream of stealing a mule
Stealing a mule in a dream means that you want to reach the end goal by taking shortcuts. You are tired of going through life one step at a time, and you want the results to be visible as soon as possible. You will make sure to find a faster way to achieve what you want.

To dream of other people stealing a mule from you
If you are dreaming of someone stealing a mule from you, that symbolizes minor damage or expense. There is a chance that your car or one of the house appliances will break down, and you will have to pay a certain amount of money for the repair. Luckily, you have an emergency fund, and you will not have to take a loan or wait for the paycheck to come.

To dream about killing a mule
Killing a mule in a dream means that you will get rid of a cunning enemy. Someone from your surroundings will try to hurt you out of envy. They will spread lies about you with the intent to discredit you. However, you will manage to figure out who that person is on time and stop them in their intent.

To dream about a dead mule
A dead mule in a dream can have two equally negative meanings. One of them is that you will end a relationship or a long-term friendship, and the other, that you will have problems at work. There is a chance that your boss will decide to fire some people because of the bad management of the company you work for, which is why you will be afraid of losing a job.

To dream of a sick or old mule
A sick or old mule that is not capable of carrying have load means that you have to take care of other people more. One of your loved ones will probably ask for your help, and you will dedicate all of your time to them. You will not regret it since you know how much that person has done for you.

To dream of a white mule
A white mule in a dream means that you will inherit or gain wealth, but you will not be happy. Another possibility is that you will achieve great business success, but your love and family relationships will not be fulfilling.

To dream about a mule carrying a lot of loads
This dream is a sign that it is time to stop pitying yourself and finally take responsibility for your mistakes. You are used to accusing others of the failures you have experienced and play a victim or martyr. If you want to achieve something in life, stop playing that game.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a mule, it has made an impression on you.

Definition of a mule

A mule is an animal made by breading a donkey and a horse. It has an odd number of chromosomes, which is why it is infertile.

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