To smoke cigarettes
When you are dreaming of smoking cigarettes, it means that you will get a good job. Your efforts will not be unnoticed and you will make progress quickly. Your boss will be satisfied with your loyalty and dedication that you approach every assignment with, so they will often ask you for help. Every conversation with you will give them a creative and efficient solution for a problem, which will lead to great results.

To see cigarettes in a dream
If you see cigarettes in a dream, it means that you will be disappointed. There is someone in your life who you see as a role model and who you have been looking up to your whole life. However, after you get to know them better, you will realize that they make mistakes like everyone else. That will change your perspective and teach you to turn to yourself and become a person that you wanted your idol to be like.

To roll a cigarette
Dreaming of rolling a cigarette means that the combination of business and pleasure will bring you success. You will want to get away from everyday obligations and routine that is starting to bother you, at least for a moment. You will find pleasure in a hobby that you used to do. It can be knitting, sewing, making something or exercising. You will want to finish working or studying as soon as possible, in order to dedicate the rest of your day to something that makes you happy.

To see others rolling a cigarette
If someone else is rolling a cigarette in your dream, that is a warning to stop destroying your life and health with bad habits or decisions. It is time to finally take your life into your hands and do something good for yourself. For starters, get rid of vices.

To see others smoking
If a smoker dreams of other people smoking cigarettes, it means that you will spend beautiful moments with your loved one or hear good news. The following period will be dedicated to pleasures, so make an effort to use it the best you can. It is even possible that you and your partner will go on a shorter trip or a vacation that will bring you closer together.

If, however, a non-smoker dreams of other people smoking, it is possible that someone is obstructing you. They are affecting the realization of your plans with their actions. Pay attention to people you are doing business with or confiding in. Someone from your environment doesn’t wish you well.

To buy cigarettes
Dreaming of buying cigarettes means that you will have unexpected expenses. Your friend or a family member will invite you to a celebration. You will have to buy a gift, which will be hard for you since your financial situation is not the best at the moment. Keep in mind that the gift is not as important as the gesture that you will make if you accept the invite.

To sell cigarettes
If you are dreaming of selling cigarettes, it is possible that you could have problems with the law soon. Pay attention to your behavior when you are in traffic, otherwise, you could be punished for serious misdemeanors.

To steal cigarettes
When you are dreaming of stealing cigarettes that symbolizes restless consciousness. You have hurt a loved one with your words or actions, but you were not aware of it until now, so your subconsciousness is warning you to find a way to apologize to them. Don’t stall with it, if you want to have a good relationship with that person.

Dreaming of other people stealing cigarettes from you means that your loved ones are worried about your health. They are constantly reminding you to go to a doctor, but you claim that you don’t have enough time for it. Listen to their advice, because you could regret your actions in the future.

To lose cigarettes
If you are dreaming of losing cigarettes or trying to find them, that symbolizes nervousness. You probably have a lot of worries that you are thinking about before going to sleep. Try to think about better topics before you go to bed next time, even though that is easier said than done. Try to read, listen to soft music or watch a movie, because it will be helpful not to think about problems.

To find cigarettes
When you are dreaming of finding cigarettes, it means that you will see someone who hasn’t been to your town for a long time, even though you were close in the past. An encounter with them will gladden you a lot, especially because you will go down the memory lane with them. You will remember some happier and carefree days and conclude that you had a beautiful childhood and youth.

To bestow cigarettes
Dreaming of bestowing cigarettes to someone symbolizes envy. Someone from your surroundings has achieved everything in life that you have always been fantasizing of. That hurts you more than the fact that you are not satisfied with your life. It is high time to start solving problems that you have and make a plan for a better future. Don’t let envy eat you out, but use that person’s success as your motivator.

To receive cigarettes as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting cigarettes as a gift, it means that you have a secret admirer. They like you for a long time, but they are afraid to approach you. It is possible that you already have a partner or that you seem unavailable. If you believe that the second reason is true, it is time to work on your attitude. Don’t judge a book by its covers and let people get to know you better.

To stop smoking
When a person dreams of not smoking, it means that the dream should become a reality. It is possible that you have been thinking about it, or you feel guilty for not quitting even sooner. If a non-smoker dreams of quitting, it means that they will replace one vice with another.

To dream of others quitting smoking
If you are dreaming of your loved one quitting, it means that you are worried about their health. You have probably already tried to motivate them to stop poisoning themselves, but you were not successful, which is why you transferred your wishes into dreams.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought or smoked cigarettes, that made an impression on you. Another possibility is that you are trying to stop smoking, so you are thinking about cigarettes subconsciously.

Definition of cigarettes

A cigarette is a firmly rolled up dry tobacco intended for smoking.

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