To dream of the Chinese
If you see a Chinese person in a dream, it means that you will go on a trip. You might get a chance to combine business and pleasure and visit a country that you didn’t have an opportunity to see on your own. You will meet many foreign colleagues and share experiences or advice that will help you do your job better.

To talk to a Chinese
Dreaming of talking to a Chinese means that someone who lives far away will soon come to visit you. Someone that you want to do business with will probably come to your home. You will have difficulties in communication, but you will try your best to overcome all obstacles and make a good impression that will bring you financial gain as well.

To work for Chinese people
When you are dreaming of working for the Chinese, that symbolizes great effort. You might get a job that doesn’t require a lot of sacrifices, in your opinion. However, you will soon realize that you can’t take breaks and that your supervisors are giving you other people’s chores, which will ask for additional effort.

To argue with a Chinese
If you are dreaming of arguing with a Chinese, it means that you lack discipline and that you are not used to working. You are someone who finishes all their obligations last minute, no matter if we are talking about studying for an exam, working, or doing house chores. It seems like your life motto is – leave everything you can do today for tomorrow. Because of it, you experience a lot of stress when you need to finish something before a given deadline.

If you are dreaming of other people arguing with the Chinese, it means that you will give up on something because of a family or a partner. We are talking about some habits that you will get rid of to preserve the peace in your home. You might cut down on spending to help those that you love, as well.

To fight with a Chinese
A dream in which you are fighting with a Chinese person means that you often do things that are not good for you. You simply can’t set some boundaries or fulfill the promises that you have made to yourself. Because of it, you often end up in trouble that is difficult to get out of. There is no other way to avoid such things happening again than to start changing.

When you see someone else fighting with a Chinese in a dream, it means that you will try to avoid the conflict with someone who will try to provoke you. That person enjoys conflicts, and they are not afraid to start them when they are bored. On the other hand, you don’t like confrontations, but you can defend yourself when you find it necessary. However, you will be smarter this time since you will not fall into their trap.

To run away from a Chinese
Running away from a Chinese in a dream means that you often let prejudice control your life. You are someone who stands behind their attitudes, and you rarely change your opinion, even when there are many reasons for something like that. You have built an attitude about someone or something based on assumptions. You don’t give people a chance to prove to you that they are not the way you think of them. Because of it, you often miss the opportunity to enrich your life with new and interesting acquaintances or experiences.

If you dream of someone else running away from a Chinese, it means that you will stand up for someone. You will notice the injustice done to them and decide to stop it. You will make some enemies because of it, but you will not care for it because injustice is something that you hate with a passion.

To chase a Chinese
Chasing a Chinese in a dream means that you think too highly of yourself and that you often believe that you are right. You are someone who works a lot on themselves, as well as your self-confidence. However, you often overdo it, so people see you as an arrogant and rude person. You have probably heard many times that you should get off of a high horse. All of the things you do are probably a defense mechanism that you have created to protect you from getting hurt.

A dream in which you see someone else chasing a Chinese is a message not to argue when you don’t have strong arguments. You might enter a conflict in which you can’t win. That will frustrate you only, so people that don’t know you will start to think that you are an aggressive person.

To hide from a Chinese
If you are dreaming of hiding from a Chinese, it means that you have a secret that you want to hide from people that love you. That might be a bad habit, an unpopular opinion, or an opinion about a specific person. You are afraid that your loved ones might judge you because of it.

When you are dreaming of hiding someone from a Chinese, it means that you shouldn’t get involved in businesses that are not in accordance with the law. You might get an offer to make good money with certain risks. However, those people will easily get away with things if something happens because they have experience with doing business like that, while you will be in big trouble.

To kill a Chinese
Dreaming of killing a Chinese means that you will finally realize that work shouldn’t and can’t be the meaning of life. You work hard and invest a lot of time into it, so your family and friends are suffering. You often skip family lunches or celebrations because you need to work. However, you will soon realize that money can’t buy love, support, and attention that your loved ones can give you.

If you see a dead Chinese, it means that one of your plans will fail. You have probably been fantasizing about a vacation on an isolated destination for a long time, but something will happen that will make you postpone the trip just when you have thought that your dream will come true.

To kiss a Chinese
Having any kind of an intimate relationship with a Chinese symbolizes the lack of enthusiasm. You would be a lot more successful in all aspects of your life if you believe in yourself, your ideas, skills, and abilities more. You often give up even before you start working on something. Try to change that. Start with small things, and you will realize what mistakes you have been making so far.

To make love to a Chinese
Dreaming of making love to a Chinese symbolizes a stable and long life or a love relationship.

To plan to go to China
If you are dreaming of planning to visit China, this dream symbolizes expenses, a lack of money, and financial problems. You will need a lot of effort to overcome this financial crisis.

To be in China
When you are dreaming of being in China, it means that you long for an exotic trip, but some things don’t let you fulfill your wish.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, talked to, or worked with the Chinese, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of the Chinese

The Chinese are the most populous community in the world, with about 1.3 billion members that mostly live in China.

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