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To dream of a chicken or chickens
If you see a chicken in a dream, it symbolizes business success. Your superior might notice you and follow your work with an intention to promote you. You will see that as the right moment to prove yourself and let that person know that they can count on you.

To dream of playing with chickens
If you dream of playing with chicks, it symbolizes affection. You will probably meet someone who will evoke the purest emotions within you, and you will feel the need to protect that person. That can be someone who hasn’t had an easy life, which is why they will grow on you even more.

To dream about killing chicks
When you dream about killing chicks, it symbolizes disappointment in a relationship. Your partner might change overnight and throw away everything you have built for years. You will not be able to understand what happened, which is why you will ask for an explanation, but that person will do everything they can to chase you away.

To dream of eating a chicken
If you dream of eating chickens, it symbolizes poverty. One of your family members might get fired, or you will have unexpected expenses that will force you to spend your savings. You will not feel good knowing that the emergency fund you have counted on is getting smaller, and you don’t have an opportunity to make a new one.

To dream of raising chickens
When you dream of raising chickens, it means that you need a change. You would like to flee from the city into the country where you could take care of animals, have a garden, and enjoy freedom. Daily money chase, superficial relationships, and a shaky future despite working hard exhaust you.

Interpretations of such dreams depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them. Alive chickens symbolize pleasant emotions while the dead ones predict a crisis.

To dream about feeding chickens
Feeding chickens in a dream means that you could soon get a reward or recognition for your effort and hard work. Another possibility is that your gesture will attract people’s attention, and many people will admire you. Specific dream books suggest that such dreams predict new acquaintanceships. You might gain good friends soon.

To dream of other people feeding chickens
A dream wherein you see someone else feeding chickens means that someone will amaze you with their gesture. The person you don’t think highly of will probably do something that will touch or surprise you. You will realize that you were wrong to create opinions on other people’s experiences or attitudes about that person, and you will make an effort to stop doing it in the future.

To dream of a chicken nest
Dreaming of a chicken nest is a good sign, especially for people in long relationships or marriages. The dream symbolizes an end of trouble and challenges in your love life. You will probably finally manage to have good communication with your partner, and harmony will be present in your life.

The dream about chickens in a nest symbolizes a chance for single people. You might soon meet someone you can see yourself having a future with.

To dream about chickens running around the yard
If you see chickens running around your yard in a dream, it means that you are obsessed with someone who is not a part of your life anymore. That can be your ex-partner or friend, or even someone who doesn’t even know that you exist. You have probably idolized a person you have never had a conversation with but believe that they are your soulmate.

To dream of a chick in a cage
Chicks in a cage symbolize fear of getting out of your comfort zone. You have probably gotten a good opportunity, but you don’t know whether to accept it or not. It is time to stop spinning in circles and do something good for your future. You need not set some of your plans to failure even before you try to actualize them.

To dream about a chicken farm
A chicken farm in a dream is not a good sign in most cases. That is actually a warning to watch out for people who make a lot of promises. Someone might do you a favor, and you will have to repay them double. You have to be aware of false promises and stop being impulsive when making decisions. You can ask for advice from someone you trust if needed.

To dream of slaughtering chickens
Slaughtering chickens in a dream means that people you haven’t seen in a long time might visit you. We are talking about relatives or friends who live in another city or state. Even though they will not let you know that they are coming, you will be happy to have a chance to be their host. You will make sure that the people in question feel at home in your place.

To dream of other people slaughtering chickens
A dream wherein you see someone else slaughtering chickens means that you will gladden someone. You might visit relatives you haven’t seen in a long time or make your partner, family member, or friend happy with one gesture. You will also be glad to see smiles on their faces.

To dream of buying chicks
Dreaming of buying chicks symbolizes joyful moments with your family members and friends. You might finally have time to hang out with the people you love. Another possibility is that you will start your own business with a person dear to you or someone from your family. If you decide to make decisions together, your project will probably bring you good results.

To dream of selling chicks
Selling chicks in a dream can be a sign of a creative period that will soon come your way. A favorable phase of your life expects you when it comes to your business and personal relationships. You will have a lot of energy and the will to work or hang out with the people you love. You have to take advantage of that period to achieve as much as possible and get closer to those that life distanced you from.

To dream about stealing chickens
Stealing chickens in a dream means that a turbulent period expects you. You will have to work a lot without having time to rest or enjoy the things that make you happy. You mustn’t let stress jeopardize your mental and physical health.

To dream of someone stealing your chickens
If you dream of someone stealing your chickens, it symbolizes poor communication with people from your surroundings. You might have issues with family members, neighbors, or colleagues from work. A trivial thing will probably turn into a serious argument. You have to make an effort to overcome that in a civilized manner and try to show that you are ready to make compromises.

To dream of a fox taking your chicks
If you dream of a fox snatching your chicks, it means that you will suffer damage because of recklessness or a lack of caution. That especially applies to the business side of your life. You might make a big mistake at work or lose money because of a risky investment. You have to be very careful if you don’t want to end up in a crisis during the upcoming period.

To dream of a bird of prey stealing your chicks
When you dream of a bird of prey snatching your chicks, it means that you will face problems you had no chance of predicting. You need not despair but try to solve them on the go. You can ask for advice or suggestion from someone you trust if necessary.

To dream about white chicks
White chicks in a dream suggest that you will organize or attend a wedding, christening, or another celebration soon. Many people you love and respect will also be there, which is why you will have a great time.

To dream of yellow chicks
Yellow chicks in a dream symbolize prosperity and peace. People who have been single for a long time could meet their soulmates. If you are in a relationship or marriage, the yellow chicks represent joyful events. You might manage to improve your relationship with a loved one.

To dream about black chicks
Black chicks in a dream symbolize problems with your family members or partner. Different views on the future might lead to differences in opinions. You can find a good mutual solution for that situation if you don’t forget that you are arguing with the person you love and could hurt with your words.

To dream of multi-colored chicks
Multi-colored chicks in dreams mean that someone will try to take advantage of your trust and kindness. You have to be careful who you confide in because one person from your surroundings will want to achieve personal interests through you.

To dream of dead chicks
If you see a lot of dead chicks in a dream, it means that you will suffer a lot of damage. Your investment might not pay off but jeopardize your existence. You will probably have to take a loan to pay for your daily needs.

To dream about roasting a chicken on a spit
If you dream about roasting a chicken on a spit, it means that you will gather your family, friends, and relatives in your home. The occasion might be a birthday party or another celebration. Those people will make your day with their presence, which is why you will talk about that event and remember it for a long time.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, raised, played with, or eaten a chicken, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a chicken

A chicken is a hen’s baby.

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