Bracelet – Meaning and Symbolism

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Bracelet in dream

It symbolizes gain, which can be represented through a valuable gift, recognition or the right decision that you have made. According to statistics, women have these dreams more frequently than men.

To see a bracelet in a dream
It means that you are too modest. You are a person who would give everything to others, while you put yourself last and don’t fulfill your own wishes. There are many things that you like, but it is more important to you to buy something for your house or loved ones who rarely stop to think if you have everything that you need.

Ghost in a Dream Meaning

To carry a bracelet
It symbolizes a pleasant visit. It is possible that your relative or a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time will come to visit you. You will not have enough time to talk about everything that interests you, so you will promise each other that you will stay in contact or even see each other more often.

To see a golden bracelet
It symbolizes honor. An important date that is going to mark your success in your business or private life is probably coming. You will realize that your efforts were not in vain, because they have enabled you to reach a position that you are currently on, as well.

Bracelet – Meaning and Symbolism

To lose a bracelet
It means that you will be in chaos. It is possible that the following period will be really stressful for you and you will not be able to deal with all the obligations that are expecting you. You will be pretty disorientated and you will need someone to listen to you, not critique you.

To find someone’s bracelet
It means that you will do the right thing. You believe that people shouldn’t do to others what they don’t want others to do to them. You are always trying to act honestly because that is the only way to sleep peacefully and have a clear consciousness, which can’t be bought with material things.

To receive a gold bracelet as a gift
If you are dreaming of someone gifting you a golden bracelet, your dream implies that you like someone who is unavailable to you for many reasons. They are probably married or in a relationship for a long time. It is possible that you have also noticed some signals coming from them that are passing the point of friendliness, but you shouldn’t react to them if you don’t want to ruin your reputation.

To see a silver bracelet
It means that you will not like a reward that you have been hoping for. It is possible that you will not get a promised promotion or that it will be only symbolic. You counted on it since you believed that you deserve to be rewarded by your superior. You will be a little bit disappointed, which could affect your motivation.

Bracelet – Meaning and Symbolism

To receive a silver bracelet as a gift
Dreaming of receiving a silver bracelet by someone symbolizes joyful moments with a friend or your loved ones. It is possible that you will decide to go out on a drink or arrange a shorter trip, which will suit your body and soul.

To see a leather bracelet
It means that you are a pretty relaxed person. You worry about wrong things rarely and you are always trying to enjoy life. Many people believe that you are immature because of it, but you don’t care about those comments. You have a lot of self-confidence and you despise everything that is popular or commercialized. Your motto is the same for years- accept me the way I am or don’t.

Abdication in a Dream

To receive a leather bracelet as a gift
It implies that you change your opinions because of other people’s influence too often. You should stick to your beliefs more. Don’t let others manipulate you whenever they get an opportunity to do it. You outgrew that phase in your life when you were longing to be accepted, a long time ago, so it is time to finally accept yourself.

To see a bracelet with gems
A dream in which you see a bracelet with gems symbolizes your big spender nature. You simply don’t know how to manage money. If you have money, you can’t control yourself, so you are buying unnecessary things for yourself and others. Because of it, you have been a step from bankruptcy many times before. Luckily, your friends and family have always helped you, but you need to realize that that can’t last forever. Straight your priorities and act according to your possibilities.

Dreaming of someone else giving you a bracelet with gems means that you have a secret admirer. Someone who likes you doesn’t have the courage to admit that to you. It is possible that you are taken or that your attitude toward people is scaring them off. You are often distant, so many people believe that you are arrogant, even though that is not the truth. Pay attention to signs and you will soon realize who that person is.

To see a silicone bracelet
It symbolizes an unpleasant situation that you could experience in the near future. It is possible that someone will accuse you of doing something that you didn’t do. Even though you are not used to justifying your actions, you will put a lot of effort into proving your innocence this time.

When someone else gives you a silicone bracelet in your dream, that symbolizes jealousy. Someone from your surroundings is representing themselves as your true friend, even though their intentions are not so pure. Try to figure out who they are and distance yourself from them, otherwise, you could end up in trouble.

Bracelet – Meaning and Symbolism

To see a pearl bracelet
If you are dreaming of a pearl bracelet, that symbolizes a suitable upcoming period. You will be satisfied with your health condition and emotional and material situation, so you will radiate with positive energy. People who are not married or in a relationship could meet an interesting person that they could build a love relationship with.

When someone else is gifting you a silver bracelet in your dream, that symbolizes respect that you are getting from people around you. You are a very communicative and honest person who does their job well, which is why many people appreciate you in your town. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into maintaining your status, but you can’t let ‘fame’ to blind you. Be who you are, because many people have started to love you because of it.

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To buy a bracelet
Dreaming of buying a bracelet means that you lack attention. It is possible that you and your partner have become distant or that you are single for a long time. These dreams are caused by loneliness. If, however, you are dreaming of buying a bracelet to someone else, that symbolizes unexpected expenses.

To dream of selling a bracelet
When you dream of selling a bracelet, it symbolizes financial problems. You have probably been spending a lot more than you should have lately, and you will face a crisis now. If you rationalize your expenses soon, you will avoid the worst possible scenario. Don’t take loans or short-term accommodations because you will end up in even more trouble that way.

To dream of pawning a bracelet
It means that you strongly believe that there is no way out of the situation you are in at the moment, but you are wrong. If you can’t solve the problem alone, ask someone for help or advice. Don’t be ashamed of admitting that you are in trouble because you have people around you who will be happy to help you.

To dream of making a bracelet
A dream in which you are making a bracelet is a sign that you are a creative person, not taking advantage of their talents enough. The job you do probably doesn’t ask for such innovativeness and creativity. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that trait for a hobby. If you end up being good at it, you might even make some money out of it one day.

When you see someone else making a bracelet in a dream, it means that someone’s work will amaze you. You might read a good book, listen to a quality album, or enjoy a beautiful picture or photo. You will regret not possessing the gift to make something original yourself.

To dream about inheriting a bracelet
It means that people love you. You are someone who can make everyone’s day with your presence. People enjoy being in your company because you are positive and never complain. You are an optimist who knows how to motivate those in a bad mood.

Bracelet – Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of stealing a bracelet
When you dream of stealing a bracelet from someone, it means that you will envy someone from your surroundings for something they have achieved. If you steal a bracelet from a shop or jewelry store, it means that you will end up in trouble because of recklessness.

A dream in which you find out that someone stole a bracelet from you means that you will face minor damage. There is a chance that your car or one of the house appliances will break down, and you will have to pay a lot of money for its repair.

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To dream of breaking a bracelet
If you dream of a broken bracelet, it means that you will be separated from the people you love for some time. If you break it on purpose, the dream suggests that you are angry with someone but don’t want to show it. Dreaming of other people ruining your bracelet means that your loved one resents you for something.

To dream about throwing a bracelet away
Dreaming about throwing a bracelet away means that you will put an end to your old lifestyle. If someone else does it, it means that your loved one’s behavior will hurt you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, carried, found or lost a bracelet, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of a bracelet

A bracelet is a jewelry that adorns arm or leg wrists.

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