Even though we don’t dream of worms often, they are a common dream enough to justify a page on our site dedicated to this motif.

To see worms in a dream
If you see worms in a dream, that is a warning that someone is trying to ruin your plans. There are people in your surroundings who envy you on everything that you have accomplished. Even though you have always tried to help them, they will not be happy for you, but they will only wait for the reason to discredit your opinion. Your boss will recognize their intentions and pick your side in order to protect you.

To kill worms
Dreaming of killing worms implies that you will face yourself. When you start something, you usually give up quickly out of fear of failure. Negative thoughts discourage you quickly and persuade you into believing that the best thing is to give up. You have a hard time getting out of your comfort zone which makes you miserable. You are the best example of a saying that states that the biggest success is to beat yourself first.

To see others killing worms
If you see other people killing worms in your dream, it means that you will have to postpone a trip that you have been looking forward to. Objective circumstances will not let you go on that trip. You will be disappointed since you have finally made enough money and found time to fulfill your wish, but you will know that you don’t have a choice but to give up on your plan.

To dream of worms coming out of your mouth, nose or ears
This dream suggests that you will fall into a depression unnecessarily. What’s more, that depression could affect your health and relationships with loved ones negatively. You should think about going on vacation if you work too much or dedicating yourself to work if you don’t work enough.

To dream of worms getting out of other people’s mouths
If you dream of worms coming out of someone else’s mouth or nose, it means that you will take revenge on an enemy that did you wrong. You will finally find a way to show them how you felt when they hurt you. However, that action will not bring you the satisfaction that you have expected.

To find a worm in an apple
When you are dreaming of finding a worm in an apple, it means that you respect moral rules. You care more about quality than quantity and that is a principle you have always respected. You pay the most attention to details, even though that is often being criticized and misunderstood.

To look for worms in food but not finding them
This dream suggests that you are trying to find problems where there are not any in regards to unspecified things. The only problem you have is in your head and it is possible that you will feel conflicted about something if you don’t get it together.

To look for worms in food and finding them
Dreaming of finding worms in food means that you are trying to find a problem regarding some unspecified things. Even though there is a problem, you can’t find a way to discover it and prove something to another person.

To use worms as bait while fishing
If you are dreaming of fishing using worms as bait, it means that some decisions you have made will turn out to be good and successful. If you are thinking about them or worrying, that is completely unnecessary.

To dream of fish eaten by worms
This dream suggests that you will be accused of doing something that you didn’t do, possibly because of gossip. Everyone will point their finger at you. You will not know how to get out of that situation, while justifications will bring you even more problems. The best thing would be not to react to it because the situation will unfold on its own with time and the true culprit will be discovered.

Fruit or vegetable eaten by worms
This dream suggests that you will overcome some crises quickly.

Meat eaten by worms
Dreaming of meat eaten by worms suggests that you will overcome some crisis but not quickly or efficiently.

To eat a worm
Dreaming of eating worms means that you will beat envious people accidentally. You will lecture them about friendships and life without even thinking about them. Unfortunately, some of them will take it personally and be offended, even though your intentions were not to accuse them or be angry with them because of their jealousy.

To see others eating worms
When you dream of other people eating worms, it means that you will hurt someone you love with your behavior. Considering the fact that you are too sensitive lately, you will not be understanding of their good-hearted advice and critiques, so you will react violently. Try to control yourself on time, in order to not be sorry for your actions.

To feel worms crawling all over your body
The material world is not as important as you think and some things that you want to get or already have are actually overrated and trivial. This dream can symbolize uncertainty and secret fear regarding something in the real world. That feeling can be justified or unjustified depending on the actual situation.

To throw up a worm
If you dream of throwing up worms, you will have an argument with people that you can’t stand. Unfortunately, you will not be able to avoid contact with them or transfer that obligation onto someone else. There is a big possibility that you will snap and tell those people everything into their faces. However, even if you do that, you will not face any consequences.

To dream of others throwing up worms
If you dream of other people throwing up worms, that is a warning to finally go to a doctor. You have been having some weird symptoms for a while, but laziness has stopped you from making an appointment. You are probably dealing with a virus, which doesn’t mean that you should diagnose yourself or prescribe meds according to your knowledge on the topic. You will have to act more responsibly with your body so that you don’t regret your own negligence later.

To see worms in feces
This dream symbolizes an upcoming illness that could be controlled by going to a doctor so that you make sure to avoid possible complications.

To see red worms
Red worms in a dream suggest that you will overcome some problems successfully.

To see yellow worms
Yellow worms in a dream suggest that there are people who are jealous of you, your behavior and your personality in general.

To see white worms
Dreaming of white worms symbolizes gain, and success at work or in agriculture if you have anything to do with that field.

To see green worms
Green worms in a dream suggest that your new friend is too new to be reliable. Don’t ask them something that you wouldn’t do for them either.

To dream of black worms
Black worms in a dream symbolize a short period of dissatisfaction with your life. However, you will realize that your situation is not as bad as some of your closest friends’ are.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen worms, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of worms

A worm is a multicellular animal that has a soft roller-shaped body, doesn’t have limbs and it moves by crawling.

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