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To dream about wings
If you see wings in a dream, it means that you will fulfill your long-term wish. There is a chance that you will finally gather enough courage to dedicate your time to something that has interested you from an early age. Even though people from your surroundings will criticize your choice, you will not let anyone discourage and stop you from living your life the way you find suiting.

To have wings
Dreaming of having wings symbolizes a trip. You are someone who believes that traveling is the most precious experience in the life of every person. You use every opportunity to change your surroundings, even just for a day. You are interested in learning about other people’s customs, so you might even work as a travel guide for one travel agency.

To dream about broken wings
When you dream of having broken wings, it means that something will disappoint you. You have probably expected too much from your family, friends, or a partner, which is why you will feel like nothing is going in your favor. You will believe that everything you have achieved is in vain since you don’t have anyone to talk to about the things that bother you or make you unhappy.

To break someone’s wings
This dream means that you should be more thoughtful with people that you love. Make sure to support them even when you don’t agree with their decisions. You should be aware of the fact that everyone is the master of their life, and that your role in it is to be present when they need you. The foundation of every good and quality relationship is understanding, so don’t shy away from showing it.

To flutter your wings
If you are dreaming about fluttering your wings, that symbolizes good decisions. There is a chance that the changes you have decided to make will be fruitful to you. You might find a job that will make you happy and satisfied, so the peace in your life will last a bit longer.

To dream about others fluttering their wings
A dream in which you see someone else fluttering their wings means that someone else’s happiness will gladden you. You will probably find out that someone you love and respect has fulfilled their dream. You might even attend a wedding, christening, or some other celebration. Your hosts will be happy, so the good atmosphere will affect you too.

To fly using wings
If you are dreaming of flying using wings, it means that you will soon find the peace that you have longed for. You might get enough courage to try something that you have been afraid of your whole life. The excitement and impatience will affect your mood positively. You will be dashing, motivated, and full of good energy. This especially applies to those that have recently changed their job or college or have started their own business. If you continue to believe in yourself, there is no reason not to achieve your goals.

To see others flying using wings
When you see someone else flying with the help of wings, it means that you will give your loved one the freedom they need. This especially applies to caring parents who will finally realize that it is time for their kids to become independent. You will probably have a hard time getting used to that, but you will still listen to your reason and let them make some important decisions alone.

To dream about your wings growing
If you are dreaming of your wings growing, that is a sign that you have fallen in love. You like someone, even though you don’t want to admit how you feel even to yourself. This especially applies to the situations where the other person is unavailable to you for some reason, so you are determined not to admit to anyone what all of it about, especially to yourself. For those that are happily married or in a relationship, these moments can be extremely passionate. It is not totally immoral to like someone else even if you have a partner already since that doesn’t mean that you would leave them or cheat on them with that person. Relax, and the current feelings will pass quickly.

To see wings growing on someone else
If you are dreaming about wings growing on someone else, it means that you will envy other people on the love they are getting from their partners. You will probably have a chance to hang out with one couple that openly and honestly show affection for one another, so you will wish to have something like that. However, you need to know that not all people love to show their feelings in front of other people and that you have to respect that trait of your partner.

To dream about your wings falling off
A dream in which you see your wings falling off is a sign that you could disappoint or surprise yourself soon. You will probably do something that you have never thought of before. The reason for it can be your desire to prove yourself, make someone like you, or to simply get out of your comfort zone. However, you shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself. If we are talking about a mistake that can get fixed, make sure to do it.

To see someone else’s wings falling off
This dream means that someone’s public behavior will shock you. There is a chance that someone for whom you have never believed would do or say something like that will do something completely illogical or even bad. You might even not be a direct cause of such behavior, but witnessing it will hurt you. You will think about it for a long time and try to find some reasons and excuses for their actions, but all your attempts will fail. You will need a lot of time to put yourself in their shoes and make peace with the fact that they wanted to fight for something that belongs to them that way.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details that follow them.

To dream of an airplane wing
An airplane wing in a dream suggests that you will soon solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. You will stop complaining over your destiny and make sure to fix everything that you can fix. For those that are in unhappy marriages and relationships, this dream suggests that you will finally gather enough courage to end the agony that you are currently in.

To see angle wings
If you see angel wings in a dream, that symbolizes happiness. You will manage to change your way of thinking and views on many things. A new and fresh perspective will help you deal with stressful situations more easily, while a wish to be satisfied with your life will motivate you to achieve all your goals.

To dream of a bird wing
If you see a bird wing in a dream, that is not a good sign, unfortunately, since it usually symbolizes danger. You will probably face problems at work because your colleagues will not want to help you, but they will use their knowledge and experience to gain some benefits instead of helping you adjust to the new work environment the best you can.

To see butterfly wings
Dreaming about butterfly wings symbolizes business problems, unfortunately. You might have to collect old debts to get out of the crisis you are currently in. Even though that is unlike you, you will have to do something not to lose everything you have. This especially applies to people that have some kind of private business.

To dream of winged ants
Winged antes symbolize power, strength, and wealth in a dream. A high dose of self-confidence and courage to overcome some difficulties and challenges that you currently deal with will lead to the achievement of your goals. You will probably have to work hard, but your efforts will pay off sooner or later.

To dream of a bat’s wings
If you see a bat’s wings in a dream, that warns of the risk of injures. You will have to be extremely cautious in the following period, especially when it comes to traffic. Make sure to follow all traffic rules to avoid getting hurt.

To see a winged horse
A winged horse, known as Pegasus in Greek mythology, symbolizes creativity and inspiration. You are currently in a phase when your inspiration is at its peak. It is a pity that your job doesn’t require a dose of imagination since you could achieve a lot. However, you can dedicate your time to a creative hobby that could become a good source of income with time.

To see a winged lion
A winged lion, also known as the Lion of St. Marcus, is not a common motif in dreams. Religious people dream of it more often, and it symbolizes short-term fame or incomplete joy. You are probably satisfied with many aspects of your life, but you still miss something. If you do something in the public eye, there is a chance that your actions will cause controversy, so you will become the main topic of gossip magazines and people that like to meddle in other people’s lives. It is important to pay attention to how you act and to choose the time and place for putting into action some unconventional ideas a lot more carefully.

To dream of a winged dragon
A dream in which you see a dragon with wings symbolizes your strength and courage. Your desire to help those that need it will bring you a good reputation, even though that has never been your main goal in life. However, you will have to deal with people that will congratulate you on courage, success, and unselfishness wherever you go.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen wings, that has made an impression on you, for sure.

Definition of wings

Wings are organs that help birds, insects, and other animals to fly.

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