What Does It Mean to Dream of a Blabber?

Dream meaning

To see a blabber
When you see a blabber in a dream that implies that someone will gossip about you. It is possible that someone from your work environment is jealous of you. They always try to present you in a negative light and stab you in the back whenever they can. They can cause troubles between you and your superiors because of lies they spread about you. You feel really bad, because you have never been in this situation before. You will start searching for a new job which your family and friends will disagree with. They will want you to fight for yourself and show them who is the boss. You will have their support while solving this problem.

Dreaming of being a yenta
You will embarrass yourself publicly because of blabbering.

To have an argument with a yenta
When you dream of having an argument with a yenta, it means that you will hear that your partner is cheating on you. It is possible that you have had quarrels lately, because you gave them an ultimatum: a marriage or break-up. You have been expecting to make your relationship official for a while, but your partner keeps avoiding that subject. You will realize that they don’t have the same goals as you and that they don’t want you in their future life. All of it will be hard on you, especially when you hear that they are not faithful to you. You will try to think of it as of dishonest gossips, but you will hear new things that prove it every day. You will find yourself spinning in circles, and you will not see a way out of the situation. Even bigger problems will be caused by your family who has warned you of your partner. You will be sorry for fighting with them, but your pride will not let you admit your mistake and failure.

To kiss with a blabbermouth
Dreaming of kissing a blabbermouth means that you will discover someone’s secret. It is possible that you friend is hiding something from you. That information could be important to you, because you will know what to do next based on it. It can be related to your private or business life.

To have a fight with a blabber
This dream suggests that you have troubles communicating with people from your surroundings. Maybe some of your family members or a partner don’t understand you. You will realize that a time to put yourself and your needs first has come. Many people will not like that. Despite it, you will decide to follow your gut, no matter how much it will cost you.

Dreaming of someone else having a fight with a blabber
If you dream of someone else having a fight with a blabber, it means that you have someone who will protect you by your side. You will face a problem that you can’t solve by yourself, but you feel like you have no one to help you.

To kill a blabbermouth
When you dream of killing a blabbermouth it means that you will get rid of a burden that has been stopping you from living a normal life for a long time. After that, you will have a peaceful period in life, without serious problems and stressful situations.

Dreaming of other people killing a yenta
If you observe someone else while they are killing a yenta in a dream, it means that your hard work will finally pay off. It is possible that you will get some sort of a recognition that doesn’t have to be in a form of a material reward. It is possible that your colleague will admit to you that they have judged you wrongly, or your boss will realize that you are the right person to do an important job.

These dreams are followed by feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, but satisfaction and happiness as well.

If you have recently been in a situation where you were talking with someone who likes to gossip, or you’ve had an argument with them, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted because the impression of the situation has impacted your dreams as well.

Definition of a blabber

A blabber is someone who spreads gossips.

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