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Waiting for Someone Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To wait for someone in a dream

Waiting for Someone. If you are dreaming of waiting for someone, that symbolizes love pleasures. Your partner and you may not live in the same city, or one of you is often absent for work. Not being able to spend more time together is hard on you, but you trust your loved one and you know that waiting for them will pay off. If they are coming soon, you will have romantic sex and many unforgettable moments that will refresh your relationship and make it even stronger.

To dream of someone waiting for you

When you are dreaming of someone waiting for you, it means that you are under pressure. You probably have to make difficult decisions that will define your education, relationship or profession. You feel like other people are expecting a lot more than you are able to give. That will start to tire you and you will want to travel somewhere for a couple of days and clear your head in order to realize what you actually want.

waiting for someone

To dream of welcoming someone

Dreaming of welcoming someone implies that your hard work will pay off. You have started from a less-paid position in the firm you work for and set yourself as a trustworthy employee thanks to a lot of effort that you have put into your job. Your career will continue to rise which will affect positively other aspects of your life, as well, and bring you a little bit more self-confidence.

To wait for your father

A dream in which you are waiting for your father implies that you will finally realize how much family support is important. You thought that you were able to achieve everything on your own, but a difficult period when you had no one to talk to except your loved ones had come. Only they were completely honest with you, and they have never gone behind your back. This fact will wake you up and you will realize that your life doesn’t make any sense without them.

If you are dreaming of waiting for a friend, acquaintance or partner’s father, it means that you will meet people in the near future who will help you achieve some goals. You will make sure to show the qualities that you possess, in order for them to recommend you to their acquaintances or partners. You may even change your profession or a dwelling place.

To wait for your mother

waiting for someone

If you are dreaming of waiting for your mother, it means that you are worried about a family member that you haven’t been communicating with for a long time. Some trivial argument has distanced you from one another, but after you hear that they have a big problem, you will change your opinion. You will swallow your pride and make sure to be there for them now when they need you the most. You will leave that argument behind and stop stubbornness from tearing you apart.

If you are dreaming of waiting for your partner or friend’s mother, it means that a close family member will gossip about you. They will not like some of your actions, but you will not pay attention to that, but make sure to live your life the way you want.

To wait for your grandparents

Dreaming of waiting for a grandma means that you will be invited to a wedding or some other celebration where you will see your relatives from abroad. All of you will gather to make someone’s special day even more special. That will be pleasureful for you and you will finally feel fulfilled and happy.

If, however, you are dreaming of waiting for someone else’s grandma, that symbolizes anger. One of your family members will probably offend you, but you will not react to it to keep the peace in the family. You will be frustrated because of it for some time, but then you will realize that no one is worth your mental health.

If you are dreaming of waiting for your grandpa, it means that you will change your life habits on time, which will result in a long and healthy life. Some health issues will probably make you do it, so you will decide to listen to your doctor and eat healthier or spend more time in nature. Besides that, more physical activity and less stress will help your body recover.

A dream in which you are waiting for someone else’s grandpa symbolizes the lack of understanding for people you love. You often criticize family members for mistakes that they are making. You are not afraid to tell them everything that bothers you to their face. However, you are forgetting that everyone has the right to live the way they want and that you don’t have the right to meddle into their business.

To wait for your siblings

If you are dreaming of waiting for your brother or sister, it means that you believe in a saying: ‘What comes around, goes around’. You are a person who likes to help others. Besides family and friends, you have the will to help even strangers. You still believe that people are as honest and kind as many opportunities you give them to show it. You still didn’t regret your beliefs.

Dreaming of waiting for someone else’s brother or sister represents a warning to stop confiding in people you don’t know well. There are many people you can trust in your environment, so why do you have the need to talk about your problems, wishes, and plans to those you have just met. On one hand, realize that your problems don’t interest them at all, while on the other, they could use all of the things you have told them against you.

To wait for a baby

waiting for someone
Waiting for Someone Dream Meaning and Symbolism

When a woman dreams of waiting for a baby, it means that she will achieve something that she wants for a long time. The following period will be filled with peace and happiness. Use it the best you can.

If, however, a man dreams of waiting for a baby, that symbolizes his need to be a protector. You probably treat women like they need protection because you want to present yourself as a strong and courageous person.

To wait for a partner

If you are dreaming of waiting for a partner, it means that you will get an idea to start a business together. It is possible that both of you will invest your knowledge, talents and some profit into opening your company.

Considering that you are a harmonious couple in your private life, you will function as a team when it comes to business as well. Even though a lot of people are advising you not to do it since they believe that only a few love partners can work well together when it comes to business, don’t listen to them. You have a mutual idea and a goal, so why you wouldn’t make it work.

A dream in which you are waiting for a friend or acquaintance’s husband, boyfriend or girlfriend suggests that you find that person attractive. They probably possess some traits that make you go crazy when you see them. However, don’t get yourself into the danger zone, because someone will end up being hurt.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently waited for someone or something, that has made an impression on you.

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