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To dream about tulips
If you see tulips in a dream, that is a warning not to be arrogant and reckless in real life. There is a chance that you will achieve the success that will blind you and make you have a too high opinion of yourself. You will not listen to other people because you will believe that you know everything the best, which is why you will make many oversights that will affect your reputation badly.

To dream of watering tulips
Dreaming of watering tulips means that you invest a lot of effort into your relationship. You probably have a partner that you care about and want to make every moment that you spend together unforgettable. You are a naturally caring person, so you are constantly in touch with your friends, relatives, and many acquaintances.

To dream of other people watering tulips
If you see someone else watering tulips, that is a sign that you should be more careful and affectionate with people that you love. You have a strict and harsh attitude because you want to protect yourself, but many people in your friend group would never do anything to hurt you. Because of it, get your guard down and show them that they mean to you as much as you mean to them.

To dream of bestowing tulips
When you are dreaming of bestowing tulips to someone, it means that you will declare war on someone. There is a chance that you will feel jeopardized at work or in a relationship, so you will subtly let the person that you believe is a threat to you know that they shouldn’t mess around with you. You don’t like stepping on anyone’s toes, but you don’t hesitate to show who the boss is if you believe that you are in danger.

To dream of receiving tulips as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting tulips as a gift from someone, it means that your creativity could bring you success and fame. You are someone who has a wild imagination, and it is a pity that you couldn’t have used it so far. However, the moment to transfer everything sitting in your head into a good and profitable idea has come. Don’t question what will come out of it or let the fear of failure become the obstacle on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

To dream of planting tulips
If you are dreaming of planting tulips, it means that you are still searching for true love. Everything that has happened in that aspect of your life so far hasn’t managed to satisfy your standards when it comes to love. You sometimes wonder if you are asking too much, but then persuade yourself that you deserve all of it the next moment and that you will get what you want one day.

To dream about others planting tulips
A dream in which you see someone else planting tulips means that a person of the opposite sex will declare love to you. That is probably someone for who you don’t have the same feelings, so their words will surprise you. You will wonder if you are ready to jeopardize the relationship that you currently have because of their feelings and wishes, and you will realize that the answer is no.

To dream of hoeing tulips
Hoeing tulips in a dream means that you lack excitement in your love life. Everything has turned into a rut that you don’t see a way out of. No matter how much you love your partner, you are afraid that the passion between you two is dying out. Even if that is the case, you are the ones that need to renew it, so keep trying to make your relationship better.

To dream of others hoeing tulips
When you see other people hoeing tulips in your dream, it means that your partner will admit to you that they are not satisfied with your relationship. There is a chance that you have distanced yourself from one another because of work and numerous obligations, so you don’t communicate as before. Dedicate more time to each other, and everything will get back to how things were before.

To dream of picking tulips
Picking tulips in a dream symbolizes upcoming romantic moments. You could soon experience something that you have never seen before. You are a rational and pragmatic person by nature, and you can’t call yourself a romantic, but you will have to admit that you still enjoy such moments.

To dream about other people picking tulips
If you see someone else picking tulips in your dream, it means that you are jealous of a loved one and their relationship with a partner. You have realized that they have everything that you have fantasized about, and you will start to believe that something like that will never happen to you. You can’t give up on love because you never know what can happen.

To steal tulips
Stealing tulips in a dream symbolizes an exciting upcoming period. You will be extremely attractive to the people of the opposite sex, so many of them will want to seduce you. If you are in a happy relationship at the moment, you will have to make sure not to fall into temptation and ruin the relationship that you are building with your loved one.

To dream of others stealing tulips
When you are dreaming of someone else stealing tulips, it means that you will witness a proposal or some other happy event. You will be happy for the people that are starting a new life adventure. Even if you have believed that true love doesn’t exist, they will reassure you.

To dream of buying tulips
A dream in which you are buying tulips means that the upcoming period will be full of positive changes. Every segment of your life will get improved. You will have new and better options at work, while your relationship with other people will be better and more quality. You will not be able to believe what is happening, but you have earned all of it with your effort, hard work, courage, and patience. It is time to finally start enjoying life.

To sell tulips
Selling tulips in a dream is a sign that you have to believe in yourself more. You have had many failures in the past, which you have a hard time recovering from. You need some time to heal old wounds, but that doesn’t mean that something like that will never happen. You have to work on your self-confidence, and you will see that many doors will open up for you in life.

To dream of throwing tulips away
This dream means that you will soon give up on the idea that you have been working on or thinking about for a long time. You will realize that you have lost the interest in it or that your plan has too many flaws, so you will dedicate your attention to something else.

To dream about other people throwing tulips away
If you see someone else throwing tulips away, that is a sign that you shouldn’t meddle in your loved one’s life. Your intentions are good, and you want to help that person, which is clear, but you can’t do anything about it this time except give advice if they ask for it. If you keep insisting on giving your opinion and solutions to their problem, you could only chase them away.

To dream of wilted tulips
Considering that fresh, blooming tulips symbolize new beginnings, positive changes, and the fulfillment of wishes in dreams, the wilted tulips represent the end of one chapter. There is a chance that you will end a long-term relationship or marriage, quit your job, or even change your dwelling place. That doesn’t have to bring negative consequences necessarily, but you will need some time to get used to new life circumstances.

To dream of a tulip field
A tulip field symbolizes euphoric joy in dreams. Something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time will come true soon. You will realize that all of your sacrifices have paid off and that fighting for it has brought you the thing you long for. You will not be able to hide your happiness and the inner satisfaction, so you will attract the attention of the opposite sex a lot more than before.

To dream about tulips in a pot
Tulips in flowerpots symbolize financial stability in dreams. You have probably gone through a stressful period because of expenses and bad financial situation recently, but all of it will change soon. There is a chance that you will get a good business offer or that you will get money through heritage or games of chance.

To dream of tulips in a vase
If you see tulips in a vase in a dream, it means that the situation in your home will improve. You will fix your relationship with family members that got ruined because of constant arguments and the lack of understanding. All of you will realize that you are the biggest support to one another and make sure that that fact is more important than everything that tears you apart.

To dream about a tulip wedding bouquet
A tulip wedding bouquet usually symbolizes happy moments among friends and family members in dreams. You will probably decide to get together after a long time and enjoy each other’s company. There is a chance that you will make lunch or dinner or organize a field trip or a short vacation with those that you love. That will help you charge your batteries and face upcoming challenges more easily.

Interpretations of dreams with motifs of tulips can depend on the color of the flower you see in a dream as well.

Red tulips symbolize love and passion. Yellow tulips represent eternal love, while white ones suggest peace and forgiveness. Violet tulips symbolize fidelity and spiritual or material wealth. Pink tulips represent pride, love, and inner happiness.

If you see blue tulips in a dream, there is a chance that you will soon meet someone that will amaze you with their charm and views on life. Orange tulips symbolize great happiness. Multi-colored tulips suggest new beginnings, but they are often a symbol of eternal love as well.

If you see tulips of different colors in a bouquet in your dream, that symbolizes peace, prosperity, luck in love, success at work, and good finances.

Meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen, watered, received, or bestowed tulips to someone, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of tulips

Tulips are flowers used as ornamental plants in parks, gardens, and planters.

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