To dream of a trumpet
If you see a trumpet in a dream, it symbolizes upcoming love inconveniences. You and your partner don’t see each other as often because of numerous obligations, but you argue even then. You often wonder if your relationship has a future, but you are afraid to do anything about it because you think you might regret it.

To dream of listening to the trumpet
If you hear the trumpet in a dream, it means that someone will criticize you. One person from your surroundings has something to say to everyone they encounter. You don’t take them seriously, which is why you take everything they say with a grain of salt.

To dream about playing the trumpet
When you dream about playing the trumpet, it means that you enjoy your job. You are one of few people who like your job, which is why you don’t mind getting up early and going to work. You continue to learn and upgrade yourself even though you have graduated.

To dream of other people playing the trumpet
If you see someone else play the trumpet, it means that you have unfulfilled wishes. You might be dissatisfied with some choices, and you would have done things differently if you could turn back time. You believe that it is too late for you and that it would be crazy to start over, which is why you stand in place and blame others for your destiny.

To dream of buying a trumpet
Dreaming of buying a trumpet means that you will change your job. You might get a better chance that you will not want to miss. It will not be easy, and you will be afraid of the unknown, but you believe that he who doesn’t risk doesn’t make a profit either.

To dream of receiving a trumpet as a gift
When you dream of receiving a trumpet as a gift, it means that you will be dissatisfied. You probably believe that your loved one doesn’t listen to you and does what suits them only. You might feel like the person in question asks you for some things only because it is polite to do and doesn’t even try to remember your answer and opinion.

To dream about bestowing a trumpet to someone
Bestowing a trumpet to someone in a dream means that you will make someone react violently because of something you say or do. You will probably say something the person in question will not like at all. Even though they are usually calm and collected, they will have to strike back this time, which is why you will be ashamed and regretful of your words or deeds.

To dream of selling a trumpet
Selling a trumpet in a dream means that you will give up on one idea. You might realize that you have invested too much energy and time into it, but the results are not what you have expected. You will stop doing it and turn to more constructive things in life. That will be the best decision you have recently made.

To dream about finding a trumpet
Finding a trumpet in a dream means that you could get lucky in the future. You might pass an exam even though you didn’t study for it. Another possibility is that you will get a job although more qualified people have applied for it. Anyhow, you will not complain about having the goddess Fortuna on your side.

To dream of stealing a trumpet
Stealing a trumpet from a shop or store in a dream means that you will be reckless in one situation. You will regret your actions right away, but the damage will already have been done. Let that be a lesson on how not to behave in the future.

If you dream of stealing a trumpet from someone, it means that you could soon have a conflict with a stubborn and loud person. Considering that you are the same, the debate could easily turn into a heated argument. You have to watch out for what you say if you care about having a good relationship with that person.

To dream of someone stealing your trumpet
If you dream of someone stealing a trumpet from you, it symbolizes minor damage. Your car or one of the house appliances will break down, and you will have to pay for the repair or replacement. Luckily, the price will not be high, and you will get it done without stress.

To dream of someone teaching you to play the trumpet
When you dream of someone teaching you to play the trumpet, it suggests that you are a curious person. You always make an effort to learn something new, which is why you often attend seminars and courses on the topics that interest you. You still believe that knowledge is power even though society proves you otherwise from time to time.

To dream about teaching someone to play the trumpet
Teaching someone to play the trumpet in a dream means that you have taken over a too demanding and difficult project on yourself. You might have a responsible position in the company you work for, or you will lead a large group of people. Another possibility is that you will have to tell someone the harsh and ruthless truth.

To dream of a broken trumpet
If you dream of having, playing, or listening to a broken trumpet, it means that you will soon be the target of gossip. Some of your decisions or actions will cause violent reactions in your surroundings, which is why even people who don’t know you will talk about you. The worst you can do is to go around explaining yourself to everyone individually.

To dream about playing the trumpet in the orchestra
Playing the trumpet in the orchestra in a dream suggests that you will work on an important project with a team of people. Not all of your colleagues will be in the mood to make sure to finish their chores on time and properly. You will have to do their part of the job too, while everyone will take credit for the job well done in the end.

To dream of playing the trumpet at a wedding
If you dream of playing the trumpet at a wedding, it symbolizes gain. Your boss might give you a raise, or you will win the lottery on games of chance. Anyhow, even the smallest amount will help you pay off debt caused by the chronic lack of money and buy yourself and your loved ones something you fantasized about for a long time.

To dream of playing the trumpet on the street
Playing the trumpet on the street in a dream means that you will attract the attention of the people around you. Someone might offer you a business collaboration when they spot your qualities. You have to think about the offer well and ask yourself what it can bring and take away from you and then decide what to do.

To dream of playing the trumpet in a music studio
If you dream of playing the trumpet in a music studio, it means that you will make progress. You might finish a course, training, or seminar in the field that you do and that will help you in your career. Another possibility is that you will solve a portion of the problem that has been bothering you for a long time, which will be the first step to getting rid of the issue.

To dream about the trumpeters
When you dream about the trumpeters, it means that something will gladden you. You might hear good news from relatives or friends who live in another city. Besides that, you might get pleasantly surprised by something in your business life.

To dream of the trumpeters playing in your ear
If you dream of the trumpeters playing in your ear, it means that you have a problem with concentration. You can’t do anything right lately, and you often forget the obligations and promises you have given to other people. All of it suggests that it is time for a vacation that will help you recharge your batteries to face upcoming challenges easier.

To dream of singing with trumpeters
Singing with trumpeters in a dream means that you will forget your worries at least for a minute. You will have a chance to enjoy one event like a wedding, christening, concert, or play. You will not think about the problems that bother you for a couple of hours but have great fun.

To dream of drinking with trumpeters
When you dream of drinking with trumpeters, it means that you will soon face a specific problem or big project. You might wonder if you are ready for it, but your chances of success will increase if you stay patient and persistent.

To dream about trumpeters stealing from you
This dream means that you are too naïve. You believe everything people tell you. You sometimes doubt yourself because you listen to other people. You will have to learn to recognize when someone is telling the truth and when they want to manipulate you to achieve their goal.

To dream of arguing with trumpeters
Arguing with trumpeters in a dream means that you have to be louder when articulating your wishes and problems. You let people impose their opinions and decisions on you and tell you what to do. You oblige because you don’t want to enter conflicts, but that is not good for you in the long run.

To dream about fighting with trumpeters
Fighting with trumpeters in a dream means that you can’t control negative emotions. You often take out your frustration on other people. If you continue to act that way, you will not have anyone to grab a coffee with in the future.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, listened to, played, bought, or received a trumpet as a gift, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of the trumpet

The trumpet is a brass wind instrument that produces the highest tones in that family.

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