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What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral?

What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral? When dreaming of admirals, it is possible to experience feelings of fear, tension, concern and even anxiety. If you are feeling mostly satisfaction, then the dream has a positive meaning. Dreams of admirals are very rare. If you are an admiral or have some other military title, then this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. If you have recently watched a documentary or a move in which an admiral shows up, it is possible that it has made an impression on you.

To see an admiral in a dream

When you see an admiral in a dream, it means that you feel safe. You have people that you completely trust around you. You are extremely happy because you have someone who will always be your support system. It is possible that you have had a difficult period in life, so you desperately need to feel safety. If you are afraid that everyone will leave you and that you will be alone, you can finally relax and enjoy in beautiful moments. Each day, you are more persuaded that you finally loved and safe.

to dream of an admiral
What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral?

Dreaming of being an admiral

When you dream of being an admiral, it means that you will be successful at work and among people. You will be really appreciated where ever you go. Your successes have always been attracting people’s attention and they show you respect for it. Many will ask for your advice and help in difficult situations. All of it will suit you, but you will get a feeling of great responsibility. You will try not to fail anyone’s expectations, which will take a lot of your strength and time away. You will have a hard time with separating your private and business life, but you will not have another option. It is possible that your partner or family will be mad because you are neglecting them for it. You will have to learn to say no and respect your free time more.

To meet an admiral

If you are dreaming of meeting an admiral, it means that you will get a recognition for your efforts regarding your private or business relationships. It is possible that your superiors will realize how much your work makes their business running easier, and they will decide to reward you. It is also possible that some changes will happen regarding your private life. Even though you thought that communication with your partner was not the best, which was making you sad, you can relax now, because your partner will show a lot of understanding in the following period. Try to return the favor.

If you are single, you can expect an interesting encounter. However, don’t get your hopes up, let everything develop on its own and be patient.

Dreaming of having an admiral as a superior

If you are dreaming of being in a marine where an admiral is your boss, it is possible that you have authority issues. You have been haunted by the idea that your superior in real life is incompetent and unfit for a job that has been given to them. Your assumptions have been proven many times while you were doing their jobs instead of them. You are even more tormented by the fact that your boss doesn’t accept good-hearted criticism and advices, but they believe that their decision has to be the last. You are thinking of changing a job and working in an environment where your hard work will be fairly graded and rewarded, but you are afraid of failure and a reaction form people around you, because your friends are telling you to stay quiet and continue working on the current position.

To kiss an admiral

If you are dreaming of having any kind of intimate relationship with an admiral, it is possible that you are hiding a secret because you think that people from your surroundings would judge you for it. Your fear is justified, since you have faced that kind of situation earlier as well, but if you don’t say what has been on your consciousness to someone, it will still haunt you and you will be unhappy.

to dream of an admiral
What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral?

To have an argument with an admiral

An argument with someone who has a military title and is respected in the society, like an admiral, means that you are going through a tough period for a while because of a problem you have to face with. Its resolutions carry a certain risk as well, because its consequences could be negative. If your problem is related to business, try to solve it as soon as possible because that will be the least painful. On the other hand, if you are afraid of consequences regarding certain private relationships, there is no reason for that because your loved ones will be very understanding and supportive.

To have a fight with an admiral

It is time to come to terms with the idea that you can’t control certain things. Because of that, stop trying to change other people and make sure that you become the best version of yourself. It is easier to sometimes give up, than to waste energy on wrong things.

To kill an admiral

This dream symbolizes a lack of self-confidence regarding your love and business life. It is a result of some kind of failure in life, and now your subconsciousness is telling you that you still haven’t healed from it. It is time to finally leave it in the past and start prioritizing positive traits that you have. You will appreciate yourself more and your colleagues and friends will be thrilled to accept that change as well.

Dreaming of the admiral’s suit

If you are dreaming of the admiral’s suit that usually symbolizes some sort of a recognition and honor that you will get. It is possible that you will have an unexpected gain. Worries that have been bothering you for a while might finally die down, without you having to sacrifice something in return. You will be able to relax and enjoy in your achievements, while having more time to dedicate it to your friends and family.

Dreaming of a dirty admiral’s uniform

A dirty admiral’s uniform in a dream suggests that someone is gossiping about you for a very long time. Out of jealousy and envy, they want to get you in a trap, so that other people start thinking that you are clumsy and irresponsible. However, you don’t have to worry, because the reputation that you have now cannot be ruined by mean comments.

To burn the admiral’s uniform

A dream in which you are burning the admiral’s uniform suggests that you will finally get rid of negative people from your life. You have a friend who is constantly complaining, but at the same time, they don’t show any kind of sympathy for you. Even though you know each other for a long time and you have managed to overcome many difficult periods in life together, you have a hard time of forcing yourself to see that person and hang out with them now. You have a desire to talk about beautiful and positive things, so you don’t find encounters with that person pleasant anymore. It is time to get out of that toxic relationship, because it affects your mental health. Find people in whose company you will be able to relax.

Considering the fact that you have had the same circle of friends for years now, it is not easy to find someone outside that circle. However, that is not the reason to poison yourself with negative energy.

to dream of an admiral
What Does It Mean to Dream of an Admiral?

Dreaming of the admiral’s hat

If you are wearing the admiral’s hat in a dream that symbolizes a dilemma. If the hat is only a part of the bigger context, it means that your friend will help you when you least expect them to.

To dream of drinking with an admiral

Drinking with an admiral in a dream suggests that you will misinterpret someone’s kindness. Someone might start a conversation with you out of politeness, and you will perceive it as a seduction attempt. You need not be aggressive so that you don’t embarrass yourself.

To dream about dancing with an admiral

Dancing with an admiral in a dream means you are a romantic person, but one can’t say the same for your current love partner, which is why you miss beautiful gestures and surprises. You are probably tired of always being the one who initiates such things, and you often think about looking for happiness next to someone else.

To dream of hiding from an admiralHiding from an admiral in a dream means you avoid taking responsibility for demanding chores, projects, decisions, or challenges. You probably want to live obligation-free, which your loved ones don’t like at all, so they often criticize you for it.

To dream of running away from an admiral

If you dream of running away from an admiral, it implies that you are lazy. It can be a temporary phase that has come after an exhausting and tiresome period. However, if that is not the case and such a state prolongs, it is a sign that you have to snap out of it and start working to avoid ending up in trouble.

To dream about chasing an admiral

Chasing an admiral in a dream means you have to choose your words more carefully when you are around people known as authority figures or when you are next to someone more superior to you. You need not cross the line of good taste, especially if you depend on a relationship with that person.

To dream of offending an admiral

Offending an admiral in a dream symbolizes an overreaction. Someone or something will anger you, and you will react inappropriately in front of your colleagues, friends, or even strangers.

To dream that an admiral offended you

When you dream that an admiral offended you, it means someone did the same to you, and you didn’t react the way you should, which is why you have transferred the bitter taste of that event to a dream.

To dream about scorning an admiral

Scorning an admiral in a dream means you need not criticize others for the mistakes you make, too. It is easy to preach while you push your problems under the rug.

To dream that an admiral scorns you

If you dream that an admiral scorns you, it suggests that you will make a big mistake. You will probably do a work assignment wrong because of recklessness, and the repair will take away a lot of your time and energy.

To dream of firing an admiral

If you dream of firing an admiral and taking over their job, it implies that you fantasize about having a powerful status in society, which is why you hang out with influential people that have good reputations.

To dream that an admiral fired you

This dream suggests that you are afraid of the future. The situation at the company you work for is not ideal, and you know there is a chance of getting fired. If that is the case, you need not wait for long but start looking for a new job.

Definition of an admiral

Admiral is the title of the highest rank in Navy.

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