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To Dream About Nails Meaning and Symbolism

To see a bunch of nails

Dream About Nails. If you see a bunch of nails, it means that your situation will improve. You have probably been making plans in the previous period that didn’t achieve. You have been slowly losing hope that this will go according to your wishes, but everything will fall into its place soon, and many doors that offer better conditions than you have expected will open for you.

To take a nail out of something

Dreaming of taking a nail out of something means that you will reveal an important secret. You have probably always had a feeling that your family members are hiding something, but you couldn’t find proof to confirm that. This information will make you question other things that they told you as well, so you will overdo it with not trusting and questioning them at some point.

dream about nails
To Dream About Nails Meaning and Symbolism

To see a rusty nail

When you see a rusty nail in a dream, that is a warning that your home is in danger. Someone from your surroundings probably envies you, and they will do anything to ruin the harmony that is present in your family. They will act like your friend, but as soon as they get the chance, they will spread lies about you and try to set you and your family members against each other.

To nail a nail

Dreaming of nailing nails means that you will avoid danger in the real world. You are aware of the world you live in, and you always try to be cautious. That doesn’t apply to material things only, but your emotions as well. You believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and that an opportunity makes a thief. Such an attitude protects you from unexpected situations, but it is also stopping you from enjoying the moment and experiencing unexpected joyful things.

To twist the nail

If you are dreaming of twisting a nail while nailing it, that symbolizes a failed investment. Something that you expect a lot from will not bring you wanted results, so you will be disappointed. On the other hand, there is a chance that your emotions for someone will not be reciprocated. You will realize the hard way that you love someone who doesn’t feel the same for you.

dream about nails
To Dream About Nails Meaning and Symbolism

To break a nail

When you are dreaming of breaking a nail by trying to nail it, that symbolizes an upcoming period full of challenges. You will face many obstacles when it comes to your private and business life. You will want to give up at every moment, but you will find strength in your family and people who love and respect you.

To sell nails

If you are dreaming of selling nails, it means that you will need a little effort and hard work to achieve the things you want. Your success will have more weight like that. You will not use shortcuts, tricks, or deceits, but you will earn every dime honestly and fairly. You will gain respect because of it from one part of the community you live in, while there will be those who will go around saying that you are not a little miss sunshine either and that you have gained everything you have undeservedly out of envy.

To buy nails

A dream in which you are buying nails symbolizes your need for change. You are probably tired of the college you go to or a job you do. The place you currently live in could smother you as well, and you can’t make peace with the fact that you will stay there forever. You can’t lose hope. If you want something, fight for it and don’t set every idea to failure even before you start realizing it. It is not late for many things if you believe that everything is possible.

To steal nails

A dream in which you are stealing nails suggests that you let small things get you out of the tracks. You are too cranky and nervous, which is affecting your communication with other people. There must be a reason for it. Find it before it jeopardizes every normal relationship with others.

To see someone stealing your nails

If you are dreaming of someone stealing nails from you, it means that you will reveal a fraud. Your superior might not be doing everything according to the law, and they are successfully hiding it from everybody else. Once you finally figure out what all of it is about, you will know for sure whether you should tell it to everyone or stay quiet to preserve your job. Your moral dilemma is completely clear – on the one hand, you would be sorry to jeopardize yours and your colleagues’ existence, but on the other, you would like your boss to take responsibility for their actions. Ask someone you trust for advice and analyze the pros and cons before you do anything.

To find nails

This dream means that you will spend beautiful moments in your old circle of friends. You may finally get together and remember memories from the teenage years. On the other hand, you might go on a graduation anniversary and encounter people that you have not seen for years. It will be weird to see school friends as parents, business people, or even grandparents. Even though you are satisfied with everything you have accomplished in life, you will want to go back to that carefree time at least for a moment.

dream about nails
To Dream About Nails Meaning and Symbolism

To lose nails

If you are dreaming of losing nails, it means that you will not let someone ruin your plans. They probably have something to do with your job or traveling. There might be some objective circumstances that will stop you in your intent, but you will make sure to deal with them on the go so that you wouldn’t jeopardize the achievement of your plans.

To dream of someone throwing nails at you

When you are dreaming of someone throwing nails at you, it means that you might be in a secret or forbidden relationship. You are trying to hide it from other people, but you would like to walk with your partner proudly through the city. If your lover is in another relationship already, your wish may never come true since they don’t intend to leave their partner for you. If you are the one who has a partner already, you should think about the fact that what you are currently doing to them is horrible.

To throw nails at someone

If you are dreaming of throwing nails at someone, it means that you shouldn’t judge other people’s actions if you have never been in a similar situation. It is easy to say that you would never do some things, but hard to take that into action when some things happen to you. Because of it, don’t judge people before you get to know them since you wouldn’t like something like that to happen to you.

To see gold nails

If you are dreaming of gold nails, this dream suggests that you are investing too much effort into something that doesn’t worth that much. There is no need to try so hard since you can finish the same job easily with less effort.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently nailed nails, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of nails

A nail is a metal piece used for nailing together two materials, usually made out of wood.

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