Starling – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Starling in dream

Starling in dream often have positive meanings. If a man dreams of a starling, it means that he will realize his professional ambitions. If a woman dreams, that symbolizes happiness and love in her family life. Interpretations, however, depend on many factors like the context in which the dream occurs and details that follow it. In the following text, read about more detailed interpretations of dreams about this dream.

To see a starling flying
If you dream of a starling flying, that symbolizes prosperity. You are probably going through a difficult phase in life. It sometimes seems to you that you don’t have enough strength to face new challenges, but the important thing is that you have your loved ones’ support. The period of improvement will soon start regarding every aspect of your life. You need to stay motivated and faithful that everything will be better.

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To see a flock of starlings
When you see a flock of starlings in your dream, it means that you will achieve success with a team effort only. Don’t lie to yourself by thinking that you can achieve everything on your own since that is impossible. Try to share work with colleagues or make agreements with your partner or family members regarding current problems more often. Keep in mind that two brains are wiser than one.

Starling – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see a starling in a nest
If you are dreaming of this cute bird in a nest, that is a warning to watch out for people who give empty promises. You are a hard-working and responsible person by nature, and you don’t have a problem with investing time in finishing a job successfully. However, people from your surroundings are constantly giving you pats on the back and saying that they will reward you, but that never happens. It might be time to start your own business to finally have some benefits from your talents and skills.

To see a starling on the roof
A dream in which you see a this bird on the roof means that you will be relieved after you find out that one of your loved ones has solved their problem. You may be worried about your friend or acquaintance’s health and impatiently wait for the news about their recovery. You will be truly happy when you finally hear that everything is fine.

To see a starling on the window
A dream in which you see a this bird on your window means that you will hear extremely good news. If you have planned a trip abroad, you may finally get an answer from the embassy. On the other hand, good news can be related to someone you know, as well. You may be gladdened by someone’s happiness.

Starling – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To see a starling in a cage
When you are dreaming of a starling in a cage, it means that a loved one who you haven’t seen for a long time will visit you. You will be happy to welcome them to your home. You will go down the memory lane together and retell happy childhood memories or anecdotes from your teenage years. You will feel truly nice after that visit.

To dream of a starling getting into your house
If you are dreaming of a starling flying into your house or an apartment, it means that you will meet someone who will amaze you with their behavior and beliefs. You will want to spend as much time as possible in their company. Even if you don’t end up in a love relationship, you will make a life-long friend.

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To feed starlings
If you are dreaming of feeding starlings, it means that you will stop your enemies from hurting you. You will recognize their plans on time, and you will know how to respond to them. You will realize that you have been pretty careless and naïve for believing that no one has bad intentions when it comes to you. This will teach you how to behave around people that you are not sure of whether they are good-hearted or not.

To catch starlings
If you are dreaming of catching starlings, that symbolizes happy moments with your family and friends. You may gather to celebrate an important date or event, and you will realize how much such moments mean to you. You will be mad at yourself for not spending more time with people you love. Don’t let work and obligations take away so much of your time. You can spend a few hours a week to hang out with people dear to you.

Starling – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To shoot a starling
When you are dreaming of shooting a starling, it means that you will finally show everyone that you have achieved your plans. You have probably made a business deal that everyone thought of as a failure. They have doubted your abilities and believed that you are only wasting your time. However, when you finally achieve everything you have planned, they will have to admit that you were right. You will be happy because of your success but even more proud of showing them that they were wrong.

Dreaming of other people shooting starlings with a gun or shotgun represents a warning that someone is trying to take over the credits for a job that you have done. However, you will discover their intentions on time and stop them from achieving their plan.

To dream of a hurt starling
A dream in which you see a wounded starling means that you are too sensitive. Some problems are probably bothering you, but you don’t want to talk about it. Because of it, you often react too aggressively to questions about your situation. You are avoiding friends, and you spend most of your time alone at home. This may be just a temporary phase, and you may be a little bit tired of people. If it lasts, however, try to find the cause of such mood, and talk to someone you trust about it.

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To kill a starling
If you are dreaming of killing a starling, it means that you will finally experience freedom. You will get rid of a burden that has been pulling you back constantly. You felt like you were in a magic circle that you didn’t see a way out of. Those times are behind you which means that you can finally live your life to the fullest.

Dreaming of someone else killing a starling means that you will probably have an argument with a colleague or an acquaintance. Different approaches to the same problem will be the cause of it. In the end, you will have to agree to compromise to finish the job.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen this bird in person or on TV, that has made a strong impression on you. The same applies if you have read about starlings in newspapers or encyclopedias.

Definition of a starling

The common starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is a bird singer from the family of starlings (Sturnidae). It is originally from Eurasia, while people have settled it on other continents, as well.

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