To dream of a skunk
If you see a skunk in a dream, it is a warning to watch out for swindlers. Many people from your surroundings indulge you, expecting favors from you. You might become arrogant and reckless because of numerous praises, so you will not listen to the criticism of well-intentioned people.

To dream of sensing the smell of a skunk
If you smell a skunk in your dream, it suggests that you will have to face repressed anger. You are probably mad at your family members because you blame them for your failures, wrong decisions, etc. You can’t forgive those people for many things, but you don’t realize that such an attitude makes you a prisoner of the past and doesn’t let you think about the future.

To dream about running after a skunk
When you dream about running after a skunk, it means that your secret will come to the surface. You might not be able to stay quiet anymore, and you will say everything you have been holding back for a long time. Even though you will be afraid of people judging you, you will feel relief that will show you that you have done the right thing.

To dream of killing a skunk
If you kill a skunk in a dream, it symbolizes revenge. You might give someone who did something bad to you a taste of their medicine. You will not rush it but wait for the dust to settle, believing that revenge is a meal best served cold.

To dream of hunting a skunk
If you dream of hunting a skunk, it suggests that you will spy on someone. We are probably talking about a younger person that wants to hide some things from you. You will want to know where they are going, who they hung out with, etc. However, the person in question will be mad at you when they find out you have been following them.

To dream of being a skunk
When you are a skunk in a dream, it implies that you are cunning. You find out what interests you sooner or later. You believe the end goal justifies the means, and you never feel guilty or think you overdid it.

To dream of a skunk attacking you
If you dream of a skunk attacking you, it symbolizes an end of a friendship or breakup. You might realize that you have nothing in common with your current partner and decide to go your separate ways. The same could happen with one of your long-term friends.

To dream about a skunk attacking someone else
A dream wherein you see a skunk attack someone else means that a loved one will complain to you about their partner or friend. You might realize that there are many reasons for that relationship to end, but you will not say it because you don’t want to hurt the person in question. If you expect honesty from the people you care about, you have to do the same.

To dream of a skunk biting you
This dream is a good sign. If you dream of a skunk attacking you, it means that you will finally get lucky. You might make career progress, earn more money, or get rich unexpectedly. People who haven’t been successful in finding their soulmate could meet one soon.

To dream of a skunk biting someone else
When you dream of a skunk biting someone else, it means that someone’s success will gladden you. You will be proud of a family member, partner, or friend who has managed to achieve their goal. You might even throw a party in that person’s honor.

To dream about running away from a skunk
Running away from a skunk in a dream means that you make an effort to have everything under control. Many things have happened to you lately, and you didn’t even have time to process some of them. However, you need not doubt yourself because you have enough strength and patience to overcome all challenges ahead of you.

To dream of other people running away from a skunk
A dream wherein you see someone else run away from a skunk means that you will make sure to help a friend or colleague in trouble. You will realize that they have many issues and be happy to give that person a hand to overcome them. Their pride might not let them accept it just like that, but they will be thankful to you for looking after them.

To dream about feeding a skunk
Feeding a skunk in a dream suggests that you do something futile. You have invested too much time and effort into something that doesn’t bring results. It is time to give up on it and dedicate your attention to something more constructive in your life.

To dream of other people feeding a skunk
If you see someone else feed a skunk in your dream, it implies that you are trying to talk your loved one out of one decision or idea in vain. That person has a plan, and there is nothing you can say to convince them to act otherwise. They will have to learn from their mistakes this time, and you can’t do anything to open their eyes.

To dream about petting a skunk
Petting a skunk in a dream means that people from your surroundings don’t understand your decisions or actions. You probably firmly stick to your beliefs and don’t want to compromise, even though you have chosen the path less walked many times before. If you manage to achieve what you have imagined, you can say that those people were wrong.

To dream of other people petting a skunk
When you see someone else pet a skunk in your dream, it means that you can’t understand your family members, partners, or friends’ decisions. You believe the person in question is making a lifetime mistake, but they don’t see it that way. You have to let them finish what they have started because they might manage to prove to you that you have misjudged their situation.

To dream about bathing a skunk
Bathing a skunk in a dream means that you will start an interesting project whose future is uncertain. You will realize that the saying – he who doesn’t risk doesn’t make a profit is true and decide to go on an adventure. The only thing that can discourage you is constant criticism from the people who don’t share your opinion.

To dream of other people bathing a skunk
If you see someone else bathe a skunk in your dream, it suggests that you need not criticize something you don’t understand. More specifically, you often scorn people who end up in situations you have never been in. If you have never been in their shoes, you don’t have the right to judge them for the decisions or actions they have made.

To dream of a skunk in a cage
When you see a skunk in a cage, it implies that injustice will hurt you. Your colleague might make career progress or get promoted, but you believe you deserve it more.

To dream about letting a skunk out of the cage
Letting a skunk out of the cage in a dream means that you will rebel against injustice. You will have a chance to decide on someone’s future with a group of people. You will vote and make an unfavorable decision, in your opinion. You will decide to stand up to it, but you will get outnumbered and not be able to stop it from getting put into action.

To dream about a skunk in a forest
A skunk in a forest is a good sign. Such dreams predict the harmonization of your love or family relationships. Your communication with a family member or partner has been poor lately. However, that could change soon because everyone will agree to make compromises.

To dream of a skunk in a zoo
When you see a skunk in a zoo, it implies that you will waste precious time on something that will not bring you either moral or any other form of satisfaction. You will realize that you have lived in an illusion and learn how not to behave in the future from it.

To dream of a skunk in your home
If you see a skunk in your home in a dream, it symbolizes gain. Your boss might increase your salary or give you a stimulus check. Another possibility is that you will inherit something or get a reward in games of chance. Anyhow, you could use the money to pay off debts caused by a chronic lack of funds and buy something for yourself or your loved ones that you fantasize about.

To dream about a sick skunk
A dream wherein you see a sick or wounded skunk means that the reward for the effort you have invested in something will be smaller than you have expected, which will disappoint you.

To dream of helping a sick skunk
Helping a sick skunk in a dream means that you haven’t lost hope in a positive outcome of your decisions or actions, or you still believe your loved one can change.

To dream of a skunk sleeping
If you dream of a skunk sleeping, it means that you could meet someone you will start a secret relationship with soon. You might hide your love from everyone until you are sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

To dream about a dead skunk
This dream symbolizes loss, unfortunately.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen a skunk in person or on TV, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a skunk

A skunk is a wild animal that can spray its enemy with a smelly liquid.

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