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Rabbit in a Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Rabbit in dreams

Rabbit in a Dream. If you see a rabbit in a dream, it means that you will get scared. Your confidence might decrease, and you will start doubting yourself. You will believe you are not capable of facing some problems, so you will stall and shove them under the rug. If you were more communicative and open, you would realize that other people have similar doubts and that it doesn’t make you less than.

To dream of a domesticated rabbit

If you see a domesticated rabbit in a dream, it warns you to watch out for false friends. You might be in trouble, and someone will show their true colors then. Those you have trusted will disappoint you, and you will become much more cautious.

To dream of a wild rabbit

It symbolizes premarital conversations. You will probably make plans with a person who has believed they will never settle down. You will be proud of the thought that your loved one changed their mind because of you and will do anything to prove to that person that they have made the right decision.

rabbit in a dream
Rabbit in a Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream about catching a wild rabbit

It means that luck is at your fingertips. You might have a few exams before graduation or have to gather a small amount of money for a trip, shopping, etc. You have to be persistent and invest even more effort so that your hard work wouldn’t be in vain.

To dream of eating a rabbit

It means that you will have a private conversation with someone. You will probably hear rumors that you will share with that person. You don’t want to meddle or spread lies, but you believe it is better to let that person know what is going on so that they can react on time.

To dream of killing a rabbit

It means that you will have a minor accident on the road. Your car might break down, you might not have enough money, or you will not feel well. You will not be able to enjoy the trip as you have planned, which will upset you, and you will hardly wait to go home.

To dream of petting a rabbit

It symbolizes humaneness. You like animals, so you take care of every single one that comes near your house. You feed them regularly and post their pictures on social media to find them a proper home.

To dream of having a pet rabbit

It means that you feel like a black sheep in your family. You probably believe you haven’t inherited anything from your parents, which is why you will not be as successful as them. You are sorry for not achieving more in life and making your mother and father proud.

To dream about other people eating a rabbit

A dream wherein you see someone else eat a rabbit means that someone will talk behind your back. You might have surprised or offended your friend, colleague, or acquaintance with your decisions or actions, which is why that person is gossiping about you.

To dream of feeding a rabbit

Feeding a rabbit in a dream means that someone might take advantage of your trust to achieve their goals. It is necessary to be cautious with the people you have recently met and talk about your secrets, fears and plans only with the people you know well.

rabbit in a dream
Rabbit in a Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of other people feeding a rabbit

If you see someone else feed a rabbit in your dream, it implies that your partner, family member, or one of your friends doesn’t seem trustworthy to you. There is something you don’t like about that person but haven’t admitted it to anyone.

To dream of cooking a rabbit

Cooking a rabbit in a dream means that you could soon decide to try out a new hobby or sport. Another possibility is that you are thinking about changing your job, college, or even profession.

To dream of other people cooking a rabbit

It means that your family member or one of your friends will tell you a surprising decision. Instead of criticizing that person, you have to show them that they can count on your help and support.

To dream of roasting a rabbit on the skewer

It suggests that someone might misinterpret your words. That person might perceive your suggestion as criticism because of your tone or manner of saying something.

To dream of other people roasting a rabbit on the skewer

It means that you need not judge other people if you don’t know what kind of situation they are in. It is easy to say that you would never do something when you don’t know what challenges life might throw at you.

To dream of pulling a rabbit out of the hat

It suggests that you feel the need to impress someone. That can be a person you like, your current or potential boss, your parents, or your partner’s friends. Anyhow, you want to show yourself in the best light when you are around those people, and you are successful at it for now.

To dream about other people pulling a rabbit out of the hat

It means that you have to watch out for manipulation. Someone is subtly trying to make you do something that will benefit them. You can listen to that person as long as their actions don’t harm you or other people. If you realize that their interests could hurt someone, you need not fall for their story.

To dream that a rabbit bit you

It implies that you have to dedicate more attention to the people you love. Nothing is guaranteed in life, especially not the person you have decided to build your future with.

To dream of a rabbit running away from you

It means that you do something that takes away a lot of your time and energy but doesn’t bring the wanted results. It is time to dedicate your attention to what you could benefit from.

To dream of buying a rabbit

It means that you will fulfill your long-term wish. You might have fantasized about something for years but haven’t had a chance to achieve it. Everything will fall into its place soon, and you will be able to gladden yourself.

To dream of selling rabbits

It means that the job you have underestimated asks for more devotion, effort, hard work, and time. You have probably believed it will go smoothly, but it will turn out you were wrong. You have to make a clear plan and stick to it if you want to achieve your goal.

rabbit in a dream
Rabbit in a Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream about stealing a rabbit

It means that one of your loved ones will accuse you of acting childishly or immaturely. There is nothing bad in making an effort to protect the child in you, but that child can’t decide on your present and future. It is time to get serious and, at least, realize what you want to be able to achieve that one day.

To dream of someone stealing your rabbit

It means that you might suffer damage. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a specific amount of money for the repair or replacement. Luckily, the expense will not be too high, and you will not have a problem covering it.

To dream of falling into a rabbit hole

It means that something interesting might happen to you in the future. A simpler night out might turn into a crazy party, or you will experience something that you will remember for the rest of your life on a trip that you didn’t expect anything from.

To dream about someone else falling into a rabbit hole

This dream means that you will envy someone for their carefreeness. One of your friends probably doesn’t like to stress themselves out with various things but lets the wind carry them. Unlike that person, you don’t manage to relax but always think a few steps ahead and project the worst possible outcomes of specific events in your head.

To dream of a wounded rabbit

It symbolizes your tendency to panic. You can make a mountain out of a molehill, and what’s even worse, you can’t hear what other people tell you in such moments because you think about the tragic consequences. You have to change for the sake of your mental health.

To dream of helping a wounded rabbit

It means that someone will not be grateful to you for your good deed. You don’t expect people to put you on a pedestal because of some humane gestures, but a simple thank you would mean that you haven’t invested your effort into it in vain.

To dream about a dead rabbit

It symbolizes a change. You might soon decide to turn the page. You will be afraid of uncertainty, but you will not regret making some decisions if you stay wise.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, chased, beaten, killed, or petted a rabbit, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a rabbit

The rabbit is a small mammal of the family Leporidae.

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