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To dream of a plug
If you see a plug in a dream, it means that you will receive a gift. Your loved one will probably find out what you need and make sure to surprise you. That can be something small, but it will mean to you because you know that someone thinks of you and does everything in their power to make you happy.

To dream of getting a cork out of a bottle
If you dream of getting a cork out of a bottle, it symbolizes a pleasant encounter. You might see someone to who you are never indifferent. Your feelings will flood back, and you will want to make it up for everything you missed. You will conclude that now is the right moment for it and will get into a new relationship.

To dream of putting a cork on a bottle
When you dream of putting a cork back on the bottle, it suggests that you will end something. That can be a business collaboration, relationship, marriage, friendships, etc. You believe the other side is not making enough effort and that you have done everything you could. Your conscience is at peace, so you will not pay attention to those who will want to make you feel guilty.

To dream of a plug next to the bottle
If you see a plug next to a bottle in a dream, it implies that you will offend someone. We are probably talking about a loved one who will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You will be very nervous or stressed out and not be able to watch out for what you say, so the person in question will get very offended.

To dream of the sound of a cork popping
If you hear the sound of a cork popping in your dream, it means that you will get involved in an open relationship. You might define your relationship at the beginning, so you will not expect anything from your lover, and vice versa. You will see each other when it works for both of you and then go your separate ways.

To dream about a plug hitting you
When a plug or cork hits you in a dream, it means that someone will get your head out of the clouds. You will probably be unrealistic and believe you can make progress overnight and become an expert in the field you do. However, someone who has more experience than you will be brutally honest with you and destroy the illusions that you based your success on.

To dream of collecting plugs
If you dream of collecting plugs, it means that you take care of your environment. You believe that everyone has to be the change they want to see in the world, so you show other people how to act by following your example. You don’t litter but recycle and walk or ride a bike instead of using your car whenever you can.

The meanings of this dream can be more trivial. If you have recently seen, popped, or collected corks, it has left an impression on you.

To dream of struggling to take a cork off the bottle
If you dream of not being able to take a cork off the bottle, it implies that you need a more creative approach to solve a problem that is bothering you at the moment. It might not be a bad idea to change your point of view. You need not be afraid to talk about it with the people you trust. Someone might offer a good solution.

To dream of struggling to find a cork
When you dream of not being able to find a bottle plug, it means that you depend on something. Your financial situation might not be favorable at the moment, and you have to count on your family members or partner. Another possibility is that you will not be able to finish one project without the help of your colleagues.

To dream about struggling to twist the cork
This dream means that you have to watch out for gossip. Be careful who you confide in because someone might take advantage of your trust. You can talk about your secrets, plans, and fears with the people who have never betrayed you only.

To dream of a cork falling into the bottle
If you dream of a cork falling into the wine bottle, for example, it suggests that your relationship with someone might worsen because of lies or secrets. You need not hide the truth from your loved ones because it will reach them either way. It would be best if they hear it directly from you instead of other people.

To dream of buying corks
Dreaming of buying corks suggests that you want to build a bright future for yourself. That especially applies to your financial status. You have probably started saving not to end up in an inconvenient situation if your income reduces. That is a wise decision, but you need not give up on everything you enjoy.

To dream of selling corks
Selling corks in a dream means that someone depends on you. We might be talking about your family members or partner. Another possibility is that you have taken it upon yourself to finish one demanding task on whose success depends not only your destiny but the faith of other people, like your work colleagues or even the whole company.

To dream about stealing plugs
Stealing plugs in a dream means that you could get exposed to unnecessary risk. Someone will probably promise easy money to you, but the job you have to do will not be per the law. You have to ask yourself one more time if it is worth risking your freedom to make a profit.

To dream of throwing a plug away
Throwing a plug away in a dream means that you will make a reckless decision or an impulsive move. You might face a situation that will confuse you. Instead of thinking things through and making wise decisions, you will be strong-headed. You will feel the negative consequences of such behavior only later.

To dream of other people throwing a plug away
If you see someone else throw a plug away in your dream, it implies that you will worry about your loved one. One of your family members or close friends has been making risky moves lately. That reminds you of self-destruction, but the person in question doesn’t want to listen to your suggestions or advice. You might have to let them learn from their mistakes this time.

To dream of throwing a cork at someone
Throwing a cork at someone in a dream means that you have to admit your feelings to the person you like. You might have a crush on someone, but you are afraid of showing it. You probably struggle with a lack of confidence, which is why you haven’t had much success in your love relationships. You have to work on that and do what you should have done a long time ago.

To dream of someone throwing a cork at you
If you dream of someone throwing a cork at you, it implies that you have a secret admirer. One person from your surroundings likes you but hasn’t admitted it yet. You have probably noticed that something is going on but have decided to ignore the signs. If you pay attention, you will figure out who that person is, and it will be up to you to decide if and what you will do about it.

To dream of swallowing a cork
When you dream of swallowing a cork, it means that you need not enter conflicts because you have been overly sensitive lately. It is especially necessary not to argue with headstrong people because such situations might easily escalate, and you will seem aggressive and like someone unable of establishing normal communication.

To dream about someone else swallowing a cork
A dream wherein you see someone else swallow a cork means that you will soon have a chance to spend some time with a quiet person. You find the situations in which communication is poor awkward ones, so you will do your best to establish a conversation. However, you will shut up when you realize that the person in question is not in the mood for something like that.

Interpretations can differ depending on what kind of plug or cork you saw.

To dream of a plastic plug
When you see a plastic plug in a dream, it means that someone will surprise you. Your partner might ask you out on a romantic dinner or field trip. Another possibility is that your friend will gift you something you have fantasized about for a long time but haven’t had a chance to afford. You could also get a raise that you haven’t hoped for.

To dream of a jute cork
A dream wherein you see a jute cork means that someone will show immense respect to you. You probably haven’t had a chance to talk to that person much, but you have deserved their admiration with your gestures or actions. The compliments will make you feel good, even though they don’t motivate you to be what you want to be.

To dream about a metal plug
If you see a mental plug in a dream, it symbolizes firm decisions that you will make in the future. If the plug in your dream is old or rusty, it implies that you need not pay attention to envious people when actualizing your ideas.

To dream of a bathtub plug
If you see a tub or sink plug in a dream, it means that you have to dedicate more time to your mental health. Even though you eat healthily and make an effort to take care of your body, it is not enough for happiness. You have to work on the spiritual and mental side of your personality as well.

Definition of a plug or cork

A plug or cork is an object used to close space to prevent contact of the contents of that space with matter outside it.

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