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To see stacked planks in a dream
If you see stacked planks in a dream, it means that persistence will take you to your goal. You believe that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You try to dedicate attention to everything you do, and you do it responsibly and well. Your attitudes and personality don’t let you give up, which will help you achieve everything you have imagined.

To saw planks
When you are dreaming of sawing planks, that is a warning of trouble. The company you work for may enter a difficult period that will lead to firing people or late paychecks. You will get forced to find a couple of other jobs at the same time and find an additional source of income since you have big expenses. That will provide you and your family with good living conditions.

To buy planks
Dreaming of buying planks symbolizes money gain. You may inherit something from a relative, or you will get lucky in games of chance or betting house. You will use that unexpected influx to cover some expenses and pay off debts. Make sure to leave something aside so that you could count on it in case of an emergency.

To sell planks
Dreaming of selling planks symbolizes a warning not to waste time on something that doesn’t bring you either financial or emotional satisfaction. You have probably started a business that is not profitable, but you don’t want to give up on it since that is not in your nature. On the other hand, you may be trying to maintain a relationship with someone who has different plans.

To steal planks
If you are dreaming of stealing planks, it means that you are trying in vain to hide a secret from the past since the truth will come out sooner or later. It probably seems to you that you managed to hide your tracks and deceive the public by putting the blame on someone else, but you are wrong. It is time to admit your sin like every other responsible person. That will calm your consciousness down and show that you are not a coward that is running away from problems.

If someone is stealing planks from you in a dream, that symbolizes damage. Your car or house appliance may break down. If you manage the money you have properly, you may be able to fix the damage without taking a loan. This will teach you to have some money set aside for unexpected expenses.

To paint planks
A dream in which you are painting planks means that you would like to make the reality prettier. You are trying to make your life seem perfect. You believe that you are doing it by buying nice things and displaying photos on which you seem happy and satisfied. However, you are aware of the fact that your life is not a fairytale and that many things are ruining your happiness. You should work on the problems you have instead of photoshopping the reality.

To hit someone with a plank on the head
When you are dreaming of hitting someone in the head with a plank, it means that you want to seem more intelligent than you are. Indeed, you are working on yourself, but you need to realize that you can’t know everything. Because of it, people are mocking you when you say something that has nothing to do with the topic of a conversation. Stop proving to other people how smart or informed you are. Keep that to yourself.

To dream of someone hitting you in the head with a plank
If you are dreaming of suffering a blow in the head with a plank, it means that you should choose your words more carefully when you are in the company of strangers. Your humor and spontaneity are cute, but some people don’t like them. You seem childish and immature is some situations because of it. There is the right time and place for everything, and you should be moderate in everything.

Interpretations depend on various other details too. So, for example, an oak plank symbolizes strength, courage, and endurance. You would probably like to possess those traits. Beech planks symbolize too-faced people. Someone near you often changes their opinion.

A plank made out of an ash tree suggests that you should hang out with people who think positively more often. You are a logical person, so you often worry. If you hang out with people similar to you, you will probably be stressed out all the time. Positive people could make you laugh or put you in a good mood, which you urgently need.

If you recognize a linden tree plank in a dream, it means that you attract the attention of the opposite sex. Your positive traits are always noticeable.

To dream of a surfboard
If you see or use a surfboard in a dream, it means that you are ready to endure every challenge that life throws at you. You have a deeply-rooted survival instinct that makes you feel like you can survive any situation. The competitive spirit helps you with that, as well since you can fight for whatever you want, thanks to it.

To dream of an ironing board
If you are dreaming of an ironing board, it means that various obligations have stressed out you so much that you can’t function normally. The fact that many things depend on you is making the situation even worse. You feel exhausted and stressed out, but you are trying not to let anyone notice it since you don’t want to upset your family with such problems. That is wrong, to begin with, since you would have an easier time if you shared chores. No one would be overwhelmed with obligations.

To dream of a toilet seat
When you are dreaming of a toilet seat, it means that your bosses or supervisors are underestimating you. It seems to you that they are assigning you to trivial tasks since they are afraid that you are not ready for serious assignments. You are proving yourself constantly, but they don’t notice you. It is time to change your tactic and start being pushy instead of being in the shadows while observing others making progress.

To dream of tread boards
Dreaming of tread boards implies that you are working on yourself. You have continued learning and expanding your horizons after finishing studies. You like to be informed, and you always find time to visit cultural events. If you have kids, you are trying to direct them to the right path and teach them to appreciate true values in life.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently stacked or sawed planks, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a plank

A plank or board has various meanings. It can represent a wide and long flat piece of wood made by sawing, cutting board for cutting food, surfboard, and so on.

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