To see mud
If you see mud in a dream, it means that you will fight for survival. In the following period, you will feel jeopardized because aspirants for your work place could appear. The effort you have been investing for years, could become vain overnight. You will be aware of danger that is threatening you, but disappointment with people and overall situation will make you spiritless and unable to react. Some colleagues will probably gossip about you and show their true faces when you will need the support the most.

To fall into mud
Dreaming of falling into mud implies that you are worried for your future. An important decision that will change the course of your career is expecting you. It is possible that you are burdened, since you are not sure what school you should go to, or you need to decide between two jobs. None of those options will seem good enough to you, because they are not able to satisfy your high life standards that you have set up to yourself.

To see someone else falling into mud
If you are dreaming of other people falling into mud and you trying to help them, that symbolizes your fear of loneliness. You are a person who has a lot of acquaintances. You are always ready to help someone and you expect the same from other people. Many believe that you are a naïve person because of it, but you don’t see it that way. You will stop thinking like that, only after you get burned.

To remove mud from yourself
Dreaming of cleaning mud from yourself indicates that you will clear out your name. Someone will try to embarrass you, but they will fail. You will hear about the rumors that are circulating about you in time and you will manage to stop them.

To put mud on yourself
If you are dreaming of putting mud on yourself, it means that you need a vacation. Your body is telling you that it is exhausted and that you should give it more attention. The best thing would be to go to a spa or on the mountain, in order to fully recover from everyday obligations.

To see other people putting mud on themselves
A dream in which you see other people putting mud on themselves suggests that you have to stop putting other people’s interests, wishes and needs before yours. When you are trying to please everyone, you often stay dissatisfied. You have overcome those challenges successfully so far, but it is a matter of time when you will realize that you have lost yourself on that journey. Don’t think that you are selfish for wanting to please your needs. It is possible that loved ones will judge you at first, because they are used to having you at their service, but in the long run, if you stop with that bad habit, you will be a lot happier.

To sink into quagmire
A dream in which you are sinking into quagmire represents your current mental state. You are going through a period filled with emotional challenges and it often seems to you like your problems are unsolvable. However, you need to have a bit more faith and a lot of patience in order to get away from it. The problem could be resolved by itself, so you don’t have a reason to fall into despair.

To see others sinking into quagmire
If you are dreaming of other people sinking into quagmire, it means that your friend will constantly refuse to listen to your advice. You will try to help them do the right thing out of the best intentions, but they will not listen to you. The worst thing would be if you would have told them ‘I told you so’ in the end. Instead of that, try to be supportive of them when they need you the most.

To play in the mud
Dreaming of playing in the mud symbolizes your desire to spend more time with your family. Many obligations are stopping you from being together. You miss the time when you were often at home. It is possible that you are doing a really stressful job, so you need rest and relaxation. Try to organize your time better to be able to spend more quality time with people that you love.

To see children playing in mud
Dreaming of children playing in mud means that you will discover something interesting about a person close to you. No matter what it is about, your revelation will be important and you will not be sure how to react to it for a long time.

To see a muddy path
If you are dreaming of a muddy path or walking on it, that symbolizes a wrong decision. It is possible that you have made a decision in the past that you now regret. You are often asking yourself whether what you have done was right, or you should have acted differently. On the other hand, a muddy path can symbolize a return to the old, bad habits. You have probably got rid of a vice or decided to change your nutrition, but you’ve broken the promise given to yourself and now you feel guilty.

To swim in the mud
Considering that swimming in the mud is mission impossible, this dream symbolizes your persistence and readiness for action. You are a person who never gives up on something important to them. For you, there are no impossible wishes. Because of it, some people admire you, while others believe that you are a modern Don Quixote. However, you are not paying attention to anyone’s comments and you firmly believe that miracles are possible.

To dream that someone is throwing mud at you
This dream means that you will make sure to stop gossips that are circling about you and stop public humiliation. Someone will try to ruin your reputation, but the saying ‘What goes around, comes around’ will come true this time, so you will ruin their plans. You will have to think about every word you say and watch out who you are confiding in.

To throw mud at other people
This dream warns you to pay more attention to your health. It is possible that you have been feeling some symptoms for a long time, but instead of going to the doctor, you are diagnosing yourself via the Internet. You need to be aware how wrong that is and that nothing you read there has to be connected to your symptoms. Don’t be lazy and finally start acting responsibly with your health.

To see muddy shoes
Dreaming of muddy shoes symbolizes confusion and exhaustion. It is possible that you have been working a lot lately, so you have started to make mistakes because you are tired. Take a break in order to regenerate your body and soul.

To see muddy clothes
If you are dreaming of clothes covered with mud, it means that you need to stop pushing some problems under the rug.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen mud or got splashed with it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of mud

Mud is a sticky mixture that is made by getting dirt or dust wet. It can be curative.

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