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A move is a relatively common motif in dreams for people who don’t possess their real estate but rent. It is also present with people who live in larger communities. However, interpretations of such dreams depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them.

To dream of moving to a new house or apartment
If you dream of moving to a new house you bought or rented, it predicts changes in your life. If you are unemployed at the moment, you might get a job, but you could get let go or retire if you work. Another possibility for a change has something to do with your personal life. You might expand your family or end a long-term relationship or marriage.

To dream of moving to an old house or apartment
If you dream of moving to an old house or apartment, it means that you have to be more careful when spending money. You have to cut down on expenses if you don’t want to experience bankruptcy. Be cautious with your budget to avoid having an uncertain future.

Dreaming of moving to your old house or apartment symbolizes nostalgia. You might lament past times when you were happier and more carefree. It is natural to have beautiful memories of such period of your life, but you mustn’t fall into a trap and stay in the past.

To dream about moving to another city
Moving to another city in a dream means that you want a change. You have probably fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you. You would like something big to happen, but you are not ready for it. Nothing will change if you continue to spend every night in front of a TV.

To dream of moving to another state
When you dream of moving to another state, it implies that you are not satisfied with your life at the moment. You probably believe that you could have achieved a lot more but didn’t for some reason. Instead of regretting missed opportunities, you have to search for new ones and fight for a better future.

To dream about moving to a deserted island
This dream always has the same meaning – you are tired of work, people, and the environment you live in, so you need a new beginning. You could go on a short field trip to another city or state to recharge your batteries and clear your mind. Nothing is as tragic as it seems to you.

To dream of moving in with your partner
If you dream of moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it means that you probably fantasize about your life together but haven’t admitted it yet. You have to ask yourself why you are afraid of that person’s response and if you have a reason for it. If that person loves you, it will not be difficult for them to talk about your future together. If they have some doubts, that will be a clear sign that your relationship can’t survive because you don’t want the same things in life.

To dream of moving in with your parents
Moving in with your parents in a dream means that you lack security and support in life. You might not entirely be satisfied with your marriage or the relationship you have with your partner. Students who left their family homes for school have such dreams often. Anyhow, you have to answer your questions and sacrifice yourself even to achieve your goals.

To dream of moving in with relatives
If you dream of moving in with a family member or a relative, it means that your relationship with the people you live with is not the best. You probably can’t agree on some important matters. No one wants to let things go, so you argue often. If you showed sympathy and readiness to make compromises, the situation would drastically change.

To dream of moving in with your friend
Moving in with your friend in a dream can mean that you are afraid of losing your family member, partner, or friend’s support. You might have done something to which they reacted harshly, and you wonder if they will ever forgive you for it. You don’t have to worry because that person’s love is stronger than the anger that they feel for you at the moment.

To dream of someone moving into your house
This dream means that it bothers you when someone directly meddles in your life. That can be your parents or in-laws. You believe that there is no need for them to tell you what you should do because you are a grownup. However, the advice they give you is daily, and you can’t find a polite way to let them know that you don’t need it.

To dream of moving to someone else’s house
To move to someone else’s house in a dream symbolizes excessive ambition. You have clearly set goals, and you would do anything to achieve them. You are even ready to walk over dead bodies on your way to success, which many people criticize you for. You have to ask yourself who you will celebrate the achievements with one day if you chase all the good people away.

To dream of moving somewhere temporarily
When you dream of temporarily moving to another apartment, city, or state, it means that you will have to sacrifice something for a higher goal. You might put your moral beliefs aside to get something you want. You will feel bad because of it since you are pretty honest, but you will not have another choice.

To dream of having to move out
If you dream of someone telling you to move out of the apartment or house you currently live in, it means that you need not get involved in trivial conflicts with your partner, friends, family members, colleagues, or your boss. Arguing for the sake of arguing is not the solution to a problem you have with yourself.

To dream about thinking of moving
Thinking about moving in a dream represents some form of dissatisfaction. Something in your life makes you unhappy, restless, or worried. That might be something you can’t change or don’t dare to try, or it is out of your reach. If the latter is your problem, you will have to let time do its thing.

To dream of your partner admitting thinking of moving
If you dream of your loved one admitting to you that they are thinking about moving out of your home, it symbolizes doubt. You might have noticed that the person in question behaves strangely lately, and you don’t like it. Instead of accusing them of something for no reason, you have to ask yourself whether you have a proof for it or you are only paranoid.

To dream of someone helping you move
If you dream of someone helping you move, it means that a loved one disappointed you. You might feel betrayed by your family member or friend. You have probably counted on that person’s help, but nothing came. You mustn’t pretend that everything is fine but have to talk about it openly so that your loved one knows that they have hurt you.

To dream of helping someone move
Helping someone move in a dream means that your conscience is guilty because you have rejected someone in real life. Your friend or one of your colleagues has probably asked you for help, but you said that you don’t have time for it. Now you feel bad for acting that way because you know that you have lost their affection for good and that you can’t count on that person ever helping you again.

To dream about postponing a move
Postponing a move in a dream means that you are insecure. That problem stems from your childhood or teenage years. One event might have caused such behavior because you didn’t deal with it on time. You have to know that the only way to boost self-confidence is to learn and work on yourself to become a better version of yourself.

To dream of asking someone to move out
Asking someone to move out of your home means that you need peace. You have probably lately had many obligations and problems. You have faced various challenges, and you don’t have an easy time going through such a rough period of your life. Luckily, that will pass quickly, and you will be able to relax. It is necessary to stay patient until then and make an effort to protect your mental health.

To dream of someone asking you to move out
If you dream of someone asking you to move out, it means that you feel like you don’t belong in one group of people. You might disagree with your friends’ and colleagues’ attitudes, which is why you often have arguments. You have to let your guard down and stop fighting if you want people to accept you.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently moved or plan to do it, it has left a strong impression on you. The same goes if one of your loved ones has recently moved somewhere.

Definition of a move

A move is the movement of people from one place to another with the intention of permanently or temporarily settling in a new location like a house, apartment, city, or country.

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