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To dream of a mouse
If you see a mouse in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for thieves. There is a chance that you will be the victim of a robbery, after which you will be left without many possessions that you have collected. You will have a hard time accepting everything that happened and need a lot of time to start functioning again but more cautiously this time.

To dream of having a mouse as a pet
Dreaming of having a pet mouse means that you are surrounded by bad people. Your motto is – keep friends close but enemies closer. That way, you know about everything they are doing, and you have a better chance to ruin their plans. You get tired of pretending that everything is fine when you are around such people sometimes, but that is the sacrifice you have to make.

To dream of killing a mouse
When you are dreaming of killing a mouse, it means that you will beat your competition. You are someone who invests a lot in yourself and your knowledge, which gives you a sense of security that you will deal with those that want the same things as you easily. Your qualities get highlighted right away, and your superiors are always trying to have you on their team.

To dream about a dead mouse
A dead mouse in a dream symbolizes the lack of creativity and ability to solve a problem or conflict. You have probably argued with someone but didn’t have enough diplomatic skills to fix the issue. You are too stubborn to back down even when you totally agree with the other side on something.

To dream of a big mouse
A big mouse in a dream means that you have let a small problem turn into a huge worry because of the lack of initiative to solve it. That fact that you chose not to deal with it will backfire on you soon. Let this situation be an example of how not to act in the future.

To dream of a small mouse
A small mouse in a dream symbolizes your too conciliatory nature. To avoid conflict, you will give up on your attitudes and opinion, even though your consciousness gets restless for looking like a pushover. Some people are aware of your flaws and take advantage of them successfully. If you want to achieve something in life, you will have to stand up for yourself more often.

To dream of a litter of mice
If you see a bunch of mice, a nest, or a litter of those rodents, it means that you are surrounded by people who want to achieve their interests and goals through you. They are taking advantage of your influence, power, and reputation to get what they need. If you let that continue happening, they could hurt you a lot.

To dream of a mouse hole
A mouse hole in a dream is a sign that you are spending too much time and energy on trivial things. While you are dealing with little things, big problems are piling up and threatening to jeopardize you. You can’t let a benign problem draw your attention because you have to think about what to do to improve the quality of your life.

To dream of a white mouse
A white mouse in a dream means that you will have to face numerous obstacles and challenges to achieve your goal. Your success will depend on your creativity and readiness to experiment to find the best possible solution for one problem. However, it is important to be persistent and motivated since that is the way to achieve what you want.

To dream about a black mouse
A black mouse is not a good sign in dreams, unfortunately. It often symbolizes sickness in the family. Take care of yourself and the health of the people you love. Even a common cold or flu could seriously affect you if your immune system is not ready to fight the virus that is attacking it.

To dream of running away from a mouse
Running away from a mouse in a dream means that you are prone to exaggerating problems. Life is a dramatic TV show that consists of multiple episodes for you. Your loved ones are used to your behavior and reactions, but such habits could cause problems for you at work. No boss wants an employee who panics after every mistake instead of trying to find a way to fix it.

To dream of chasing a mouse
Chasing a mouse in a dream is a sign that you are not especially efficient in solving problems lately. You don’t see the bigger picture because you are focused on one thing only, which is why you can’t find a proper solution. Maybe you should ask for advice from someone you trust. A second opinion could shed new light on your issue.

To dream of other people chasing a mouse
When you see someone else chasing a mouse in a dream, it means that you will have to deal with irresponsible and unprofessional people. You will probably work with a team on one project, but not all members will show the will, desire, and effort to do the task the best they can.

To dream of catching a mouse
If you are dreaming of managing to catch a mouse, it means that you are finally ready to deal with one problem that you have been pushing under the rug for too long. You have been ignoring it because you didn’t have the strength and courage to face it. However, things change, and you will have more confidence, will, and desire to finally solve it.

To dream of feeding a mouse
Feeding a mouse in a dream means that you believe that you are better than other people in every sense of that word. You are aware of your qualities, but you also like exaggerating them while underestimating those from who you are better. Your arrogance will backfire on you sooner or later. You might not believe in karma and its power, but it is proven that what comes around goes around. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you in the future because of it.

To dream of other people feeding a mouse
When you see someone else feeding a mouse in a dream, it means that someone’s arrogance will surprise you. You will have a chance to meet someone who you have always admired, but their attitude will disappoint you. You will realize that you have idolized them and that such a person doesn’t deserve your respect.

To dream about a mouse in a cage
A mouse in a cage means that you shouldn’t gloat over your victory because it will be short-lived. Euphoria might make you feel satisfied and over the moon with joy because of it, but if you don’t continue to fight, that win will not mean a lot to you. One good battle doesn’t make war.

To dream of a mouse in your bed
If you are dreaming of a mouse in your bed, it means that it is time to get out of someone’s shadow. You are hiding behind other people because of insecurities and deeply-rooted complexes. You can’t make progress or achieve the success that you fantasize about because of it. Only after you show your qualities, skills, and knowledge to the world will you be able to count on everyone’s respect.

To dream of a mouse in your closet
If you are dreaming of finding a mouse in your closet, it means that you should avoid people who don’t instill trust in you. You have probably recently met someone whose intentions are not clear to you yet. Because of it, don’t talk to that person about your plans, fears, and ideas until you make sure that you can trust them.

To dream of a trapped mouse
A dream in which you see one or more mice trapped in a mousetrap symbolizes an improvement of your financial situation. There is a chance that you will have an opportunity to make more money or achieve success in the company you work for. Those that have private businesses could make a profitable deal soon.

To dream of setting a mouse free
When you are dreaming of releasing a mouse from a mousetrap and setting it free, it means that you will miss a good business opportunity because it goes against your moral code. You are an opinionated person who tries to do everything right. Someone will offer you a job that is not entirely in accordance with the law, but you will say no, no matter the money.

To dream of a cat chasing or eating a mouse
This dream means that you have to show your teeth to hidden and known enemies. You have let people humiliate you because you didn’t defend yourself. Because of it, everyone thinks that you are a coward who doesn’t know to hit back. You are a lot more than what other people say about you, and it is time to show it.

To dream of a snake chasing or eating a mouse
When you see a snake eating a mouse, it means that you believe that you were born at the wrong time in the wrong place. The system of values and the way society works are not familiar to you at all. Every time you experience injustice, you get depressed and wonder why something like that is happening. Your way of thinking, doubts, and fears will not bring you anything positive. You will have to adjust to the situation and learn to ‘swim’ in it.

To dream about a bird chasing or eating a mouse
A dream in which you see an eagle or some other bird eating a mouse or carrying it in its claws means that you have a powerful enemy. You have stepped on someone’s toes, and now you have to deal with it. If you are right, don’t give up on your goal. However, if you are not, back down before the battle destroys your life.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or killed a mouse, it has made an impression on you.

Definition of a mouse

Mice are mammals that belong to the species of small rodents. House mice are the most known because they live in all households in the world.

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