People who ride or love motorcycles have dreams with that motif more often than others. That is simply a part of their daily life, which is why they transfer such impressions in a dream. If you are not a motorcyclist or a fan of that means of transport, the meaning of such dreams can be a lot more complex.

To dream of a motorcycle
If you see a motorcycle in a dream, it means that recklessness will backfire on you. There is a chance that you did stupid things when you were young that will cost you a lot. You didn’t listen to good-hearted advice and believed that you are the smartest. Now you would do anything to turn back time and redeem yourself for the trouble you caused to others.

To dream about riding a motorcycle
Dreaming about riding a motorcycle means that you are an adventurist. You love adrenaline and do extreme sports gladly. You are always ready for action, which makes you very popular in your circle of friends. You believe that you have excess energy out of which you will get more by doing something physical than sitting at home and being bored.

To dream of selling a motorcycle
When you dream of selling a motorcycle, it means that you will become mature. You will probably get tired of your old way of life and want to make immense changes. An acquaintanceship with someone who will wake up the need for love and family in you could contribute to that. That person will become the center of your world, and you will neglect trivial obligations and chores.

To dream of riding a motorcycle without a helmet
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet in a dream symbolizes your rebellious nature. You are someone who has a hard time taking orders from the authorities and likes their freedom more than anything. You are prone to taking risks, which is why your loved ones often worry about your health, security, and future. They still hope that you will grow up and change, but the chances for that are very slim because you can’t go against your nature.

To dream of riding a motorcycle drunk
If you dream of riding a motorcycle under the influence, it means that you have too much work and obligations and that you should ask for help from colleagues or a family member. A day is too short for everything you have to do, which is why you are stressed out. If you continue acting like that, you could seriously jeopardize your mental and physical health.

To dream about riding a motorcycle with a partner
If you dream about riding a motorcycle with a loved one, it means that your relationship or marriage is stable. You don’t doubt each other and manage to compromise about essential things. You enjoy the company of your partner and always try to spend a lot of time together. Besides that, you couldn’t imagine your future without them.

To dream of other people riding a motorcycle
A dream wherein you see someone else riding a motorcycle means that you want to change something in your life, but you need help. Maybe you would like to get rid of vices, find another job, or even renovate your home. Besides financial aid, the support of people you love would mean a lot to you as well.

To dream of being in a passenger seat on a motorcycle
When you dream of someone driving you on a motorcycle, it can have multiple meanings. One of them is that you feel like you are losing control over your life because other people impose their ideas and decisions on you. Another interpretation is that you will have a great time in the company of a stranger. You might get invited to a hangout where you don’t know anyone else except the host. However, you will not be bored and will talk about the events from that night for a long time after it ends.

To dream about watching a motorcycle race
A dream in which you watch a motorcycle race in person means that you want to leave the past behind you and move on, but you are not doing anything to make that happen. It is time to figure out what you want, devise a plan on what approach to take, and put it into action. You will not contribute anything to a better future with such passive behavior.

To dream of participating in a motorcycle race
Participating in a motorcycle race or chase down the streets means that you have avoided taking responsibility for some mistakes you made in the past. You are capable of blaming everyone else for unfortunate events without asking yourself if you contributed to anything negative that happened in your life. You believe that the universe is against you, but that is not true. Once you accept your own mistakes, you will have a chance to learn something from them, and your life will take on a better direction.

To dream of someone chasing you on a motorcycle
If you dream of someone chasing you on a motorcycle, it means that you are running away from your problems instead of facing them. You are continuously sticking your head in the sand, hoping that someone else will deal with your issue. That will not happen, and the problem will only disappear if you dedicate your attention to solving it.

To dream of witnessing a motorcycle accident
When you see a motorcycle accident in which a motorcyclist participated or got hurt, it means that you have strong instincts that help you avoid problems and trouble. You often can recognize what’s bad for you on time, thanks to your gut, and avoid getting involved in unnecessary risks that way.

To dream about having a motorcycle accident
If you experience a motorcycle accident in a dream, that is a clear sign that one risk will not pay off for you. There is a chance that you have invested money into something that is not bringing wanted results. Let that teach you a lesson for the future.

To dream of having a motorcycle accident while there is no one around to help you means that you have to renew broken relationships. You have probably distanced yourself from relatives and friends because of numerous obligations. Now is the time to get in contact with those people again.

To dream of repairing a motorcycle
Repairing a motorcycle in a dream means that you will face numerous difficulties and challenges while putting one project into action. The obstacles will pile up if you don’t react on time. However, if you seize the day and don’t leave anything for tomorrow, you will manage to achieve your goal.

To dream about other people repairing a motorcycle
When you see someone else repairing a motorcycle in a dream, it means that you will have to ask for help from a friend, colleague, or one of the family members to solve one problem. There is even a chance that someone you have recently met will give you a hand.

To dream of buying a motorcycle
Dreaming of buying a motorcycle means that you want to buy one in real life. If that is not the case, then it means that you have fallen into a rut and want a change. Shorty, you fantasize about an adventure or party but don’t have anyone to experience it with. Those are only excuses because if you truly wanted something, you would do it alone.

To dream about getting a motorcycle
Getting a motorcycle as a gift in a dream means that you could experience fascinating moments in the future. There is a chance that you will go out with friends and have a good time. Another possibility is that you will finally travel to a place you have fantasized about for a long time.

To dream of bestowing a motorcycle to someone
If you dream of bestowing a motorcycle to someone, it means that you will finally have time to visit a loved one. Your arrival will gladden that person, and they will make an effort to welcome you in the best possible way. They will tell everyone how much you have made them happy, and you will be sorry for not doing it sooner.

To dream of stealing a motorcycle
Stealing a motorcycle in a dream means that you will get tempted to cheat on your loved one. You will have a chance to do it because that person would never find out about your adultery. However, think about it one more time. Try to imagine how you would feel if your loved one did something like that to you.

Another meaning of this dream is actually a warning to watch out for who you confide in. Someone who doesn’t have good intentions could steal the idea you have been thinking about for a long time.

To dream about someone stealing your motorcycle
This dream usually means that you doubt your partner. They have been acting strangely lately, and you can’t figure out what is going on. Before you think that they are unfaithful to you, try to have an open conversation about what is bothering you. You ought not to accuse them of something without any proof.

A dream in which someone steals your motorcycle can mean that you doubt your close friend or a business associate, too.

To dream about falling off a motorcycle
Falling off a motorcycle in a dream suggests that you are still not over a recent failure or heartbreak. You are continuously going back to it and thinking about what would happen if you acted differently. Such a way of thinking is only a waste of time. You have to learn something from it and apply it in the future.

To dream of someone else falling off a motorcycle
If you see someone else falling off a motorcycle in a dream, it means that you will argue with a stubborn person. You will try to explain that they are mistaken in vain because that person will not listen to you. It would be best to say what you mean and cut the story short. They will probably realize that you are right one day.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, rode, or sold a motorcycle, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a motorcycle

A motorcycle is a passenger vehicle with two wheels, powered by an engine.

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