Meaning of a Birds in a Dream

To dream of birds flying
If you see birds flying in your dream, it warns of danger. There is a chance that you will be in a work environment where people will not be in the mood to share experiences and knowledge, and they will expect you to fit in right away and show the knowledge that people usually acquire for years. You will have to find a way to deal with them, or you will get kicked out of the game.

To dream about a bird standing or sitting
If you see birds standing or sitting in your dream, it symbolizes sorrow. There is a chance that you will lose a loved one who meant a lot to you. You will not be aware of what happened at first, and it will be harder and harder to make peace with that painful fact as time passes.

To dream of catching or hunting birds
When you dream of catching or hunting birds, it symbolizes an immense loss. There is a chance that you will get lucky and make a business deal that will bring you respect and good earnings that you will live comfortably from. The hardest thing will be to stay modest as before and not let money change you or take control over your life.

To dream of golden birds
If you see golden birds in a dream, it means that you will be happy. You look for joy in your family which is your leading support system for everything you do in life. You will become a stable person capable of dealing with every situation you end up in and getting out of it as a winner thanks to them.

To dream of white birds
If you see white birds in a dream, it means that you will get joyful news. There is a chance that your loved one will ask you a question that you wanted to hear a long time ago. Even though you have been getting ready for it for a long time, you will be surprised and need some time to breathe.

To dream of killing a bird
When you dream of killing a bird, it symbolizes damage. You will probably hurt someone to protect yourself. You will be afraid of facing the consequences of your mistake, which is why you will decide that it is easier to blame other people for it and pretend that you have nothing to do with it.

To dream of birds flying over your head
If you dream of birds flying over your head, it is a very good sign. It usually means that you will beat an enemy, no matter who that person is. If you have a problem at the moment, and you are not sure if you have solved it, you are mistaken because you will be able to relax soon. Besides that, dreams can suggest that your wishes and goals will come true.

To dream of birds flying in an enclosed space
A dream where you see birds flying in an enclosed space means that you wish to be free and independent. You don’t make big decisions regarding your life but other people. We might be talking about your parents or your partner. Your need to be free stems from that, so you have to know that you can fight for everything you want alone.

To dream about a bird with a broken wing
It is not a good sign to see a bird with a broken wing or the one that can’t fly in a dream. Such dreams predict challenges you will have to deal with in the future. You will need a lot of time, energy, courage, and patience for it, but if you continue to believe in yourself, you will manage to overcome all the obstacles on your way to success.

To dream of a bird in a cage
If you see a bird in a cage in your dream, it symbolizes harmony in your family. You faced a serious family crisis not long ago. Your relationships and communication were very bad, which stressed you out. However, the following period will be very favorable when it comes to the atmosphere in your home, so you will solve some of the conflicts in the best possible way and finally be able to relax.

To dream of being a bird
If you dream of being a bird, it means that you are trying to run away from a problem or difficulties you are currently facing. This dream is a message to stop doing it because you will only make your life even more complicated. You have to start acting like a mature and responsible person and change the things you can control.

To dream of flying like a bird
Flying like a bird in a dream means that someone is sabotaging you in real life. There is a chance that you have an idea that you want to put into action, but your boss, colleague, or even one of your family members stops you from doing it. If you honestly believe in its success, you need not listening to what others are saying but make an effort to find a way to turn your wishes into reality.

To dream of flying with birds
If you dream of flying with birds, it means that you could soon meet someone who has an entirely different view of the world around you than you. You have been pessimistic lately and even a bit anxious. You have the impression that nothing is going the way you would have wanted. However, someone who will manage to persuade you that you are mistaken will come into your life, and you will change views on many things that are happening around you and surround you because of it.

To dream about a bird’s nest
A bird’s nest in a dream symbolizes minor financial difficulties that you will face in the near future. We are talking about unexpected expenses that will jeopardize your financial security. Luckily, you will quickly find a way to overcome that without serious consequences.

To dream of a bird’s nest with eggs
A bird’s nest full of eggs in a dream symbolizes gain. There is a chance that your boss will increase your salary or give you a short stimulus check for the effort and hard work you invest into the company. Another possibility is that one of your investments will pay off, or you will inherit something or gain money on games of chance. Anyhow, that money will come in handy to help you pay off some debts piled up because of a chronic lack of money in your house budget and buy something you have fantasized about for a long time.

To dream of baby birds in a nest
Baby birds in a nest in dreams symbolize new beginnings. You will probably finally gather enough courage to turn a new page in your life. Young people could change their job or start a family, while older ones could change their life habits.

To dream of a sick bird
When you see a sick bird in a dream, it symbolizes obstacles on your way to achieving your goal. There is a chance that one of your plans will fail. You will be very disappointed because of it, but you don’t have to worry because a new opportunity will come even before you can imagine.

To dream about an injured bird
An injured bird in a dream means that someone will stand up to you. You will probably want to present your idea to other people in the best way possible, but you will not come across sympathy from the people around you. Unfortunately, not even your power to persuade others in the rightness of your attitudes will help you go through with your plan this time.

To dream of helping an injured bird
This dream means that your humanity will get put to the test. There is a chance that you will be in doubt about whether to help or not. We are probably talking about someone who hurt, offended or harmed you in the past. If you want to be a better person than them, don’t let your vanity win but give them a hand.

To dream of feeding birds
Feeding birds in a dream means that you could hang out with young people soon. You might go to a youth camp, teach students, or babysit children. Anyhow, you will have a great time in their company.

To dream of other people feeding birds
When you see someone else feeding birds, it means that someone will motivate you to join a charity. You might find out about someone’s sad destiny, and you will decide to help that individual or a group of people as much as you can.

To dream of a couple of birds
A couple of birds in a dream usually has a positive meaning. Such dreams often suggest that someone from your family or surroundings will have a baby. There is even a chance that such beautiful news will come from relatives or friends who don’t live in the same city as you.

To dream about a flock of birds
A flock of birds in a dream means that you have to finish your chores. If you are a student, it is time to get to work and finally obtain that degree. On the other hand, if you are unemployed, you have to start looking for a job instead of waiting for someone to offer you one. You have to work on yourself and stop being lazy if you want to make progress.

To dream of birds tweeting
Birds tweeting in a dream symbolizes joy and happiness. That especially applies to people who have survived a serious crisis. If you have recently had a big problem, you will soon be able to relax because things will fall into their place.

To dream of a dead bird
A dead bird in a dream symbolizes disappointment. There is a chance that a loved one will hurt you or say something that will make you change your opinion about them. You will wonder if they have put an act for you all this time or they have always been that way. You will realize that you have actually never known them in the right sense of that word.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen birds flying or sitting, or you have killed one, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of birds

Birds are animals vertebrates that have two legs, feathers, hollow bones, and that fly actively.

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